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Spunkmouth Kimmy


This is a true story, like all the stories I tell here.

Doctor Z, this cat I shot a few years back as male talent for some of the Spunkmouth scenes, called me one day. He was excited. Z said he was on a chatline, or maybe in an online chatroom, and he found this chick who called herself Kimmy, and Kimmy loved sex. She loved blowing and fucking and all that, and did I want to meet her and maybe hire her for a scene?

Well, I’ve heard this song and dance before, and the girls always turn out to be 300 pound circus freaks.

Not Kimmy.

I had to pick her up for her very first scene, cause she didn’t have a car, and she made sure to time my arrival after her mom left for work. She was still living at home, barely 19, and when I pulled up and saw her standing in the driveway, my jaw dropped.

We chatted it up on the way to set – which back then was a hotel room – and boy, she sure did talk. She had a lot to say about nothing, but that’s ok…I was thinking then she was probably nervous, and the banter just calmed her a bit. Her very first scene was a very amateur interracial sex scene, and I knew it would be worth its weight in gold. Turns out I was right. Man, she loved getting pounded in front of a camera. I was in awe, cause most girls put on this phony sort-of front, cause that’s the natural thing to do when you’re starting out, but Kimmy just lost her mind the minute Dr. E. starting licking her snatch. And when he jammed it home, she wailed so loud I was afraid the hotel security would toss us. And Kimmy made these fuck faces I’ve never seen before – or since – I’ve been making dirty movies. Those faces she makes are real, and that makes the scene even hotter.

A few month later Kimmy called me, and she was desperate for money. That’s usually the case, and I hooked her up for another scene, this time with Big Dick Nikel, who was still around. I decided to shoot an amateur creampie scene, and at first it wasn’t even really intended for Spunkmouth. We had shot her for the site, but I kinda wanted to help Kimmy out, so I shot the scene with the idea of selling it as content to some other site in the future. Turned out so good we decided to keep it, and it’s still one of the highest ranking Spunkmouth scenes.

When I started up Jizz On My Glasses not too long later, Kimmy was one of the first girls I called. She was totally down, and since I was still without studio, I decided to try something kinda risky. Well, really risky. In fact, downright stupid. We met at this medical office building cause it was right by both out places, and since it was a Sunday, the place was deserted.

“Wanna do this right here?” I asked.

“Why not?” Kimmy said. We went up to a top corner of the building, it was totally empty, and Kimmy ended up with a massive facial.

Then, just like they all do, Kimmy dropped off the face of the Earth. Cell phone disconnected – the works. Fast forward maybe a year or so, when Noah, our customer service rep, gets an e-mail from Kimmy. She wanted some work, and she lost my number, and bladda-bladda-blah, which means I’m broke and really desperate, so I hired her, or course, cause she’s one of my very favorites.

A few days later we reconnect, and it’s like we never really quit talking to one another, and the same old things in both our lives were still going on, and I found out all this on our way to one of the secret gloryholes I know near the airport. Kimmy, like most the girls I drag out to these places, was totally grossed out – as well as kinda turned on – and she did a great scene.

But she wasn’t done.

A week later I shot her for Blacks on Blondes with none other than BOZ The Animal. What a fucking scene. It’s one of my favorite scenes ever. I’m being serious. Kimmy had ever encountered anything like BOZ’s massive dong, and she took it the best she could. I mean it’s amazing to see how she reacts to 11 inches, and if you ever see this scene, you’ll walk away know that “size doesn’t matter” is just a myth…kinda like the same myth that all black guys are hung, or all black guys fuck like animals.

Boz does, however, fuck like an animal.

There’d be one more time with Kimmy, this time in another gloryhole, and if you click on her picture up top you’ll see the scene.

Oh, wait!

Two more times; she also worked for another site called The Dick Suckers; go ahead, click on her small pic below.

Anyways, that’s about it. We still talk; she comes over every once and a while for a popscicle. Kimmy won’t do any more dirty movies. Hasn’t for a long time…about the same time, I’d suspect, since she started dating her boyfriend. Which is totally cool.

But something tells me she’ll be back for more.


Taryn Thomas, Part 1

Here's Britt!

OK, I admit it. Every once in a while, I’ll jump in and POV a scene. I haven’t done it a lot, but that really doesn’t matter. Once you do it, you do it. My ex thinks I’m crazy for having my dick “all over the net”…and I retort with “but the only person who knows that is you – and whoever I choose to tell.” She doesn’t say anything after that. Oh well.

Sometimes it’s a POV by plan, and sometimes it just happens.

When I booked Britt, it just happened.

Britt was brand new, really hadn’t done anything to speak of, and her (then) agent assured me that if I hired her, she’d put on a good scene. He promised she was cute, too, so I went ahead and booked her without seeing her picture. (note: if you ever plan to make pornos, don’t ever do this. it’s really a bad idea).

Her agent also arranged for male talent.

Everyone shows up, and I’m very pleased with Britt. She’s cute and has a great personality. Male talent, however, is a bit of a let down. Mainly cause he was hung like a cocktail weiner. Now I’m not one to brag – but damn. Dude was seriously packing about 4 inches. Maybe 5. Thing was, I couldn’t tell – cause he couldn’t get it up.

After about 15 minutes of nothing, I call Dude out to the front room and tell him I think it’s time to call it a day. He agrees. And then he follows up with “she doesn’t know how to suck dick, bro. Trust me.”

Men’s egos are fragile things. We all know this. I’ve had male talent get wood problems in the past, and I’m always understanding. Suckin’ and fuckin’ with a camera on ain’t like makin’ love in your bedroom; if you’ve read my blog at all, you’d know I’ve said this more than once. So I patted Dude on the back, told him “no sweat”, and sent him home.

My turn.

Do I need to tell you Britt sucked a mean dick? That she gave me 100% in the scene, and took the load without a problem? Do I need to tell you not too long after that scene, Britt moved to Los Angeles, got herself a new agent, and started calling herself Taryn Thomas?

And when she came back, I booked her for Spunkmouth?

Oh sure, I could walk around now and tell people I shot Taryn Thomas way back when, and she sucked my dick, and blah blah blah blah blah. Instead I’ll just keep it to myself…and now, you guys.

And I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for her in Vegas next month, when they announce the winner of Best New Starlet for ’05. I don’t think I need to tell you who my money’s on…

Top 5 Spunkmouth scenes – #1: Boo, Brandon Iron, and S.S.

Here's Boo!

We had shot Bella Donna a couple times, so she was hanging around Dogfart’s Secret Mansion every now and then. One day she strolled in with this blue-eyed brunette that simply blew me away. She had these piercing eyes and was wearing a skin-tight brown sweat suit and she was a B cupper – maybe even an A cupper – and her ass was big and firm and perfect. My God! She looked like the hottie at the bank that took your deposit…or the super-heet grocery store gal that just rang up your total. That sort of thing.

Did I mention I’m a sucker for blue-eyed brunettes?

Turns out her name was Boo D. Licious, but everyone called her Boo. She had just done her first scene and was looking for more work. Thing was, she didn’t do IR…and that was fine by me. Spunkmouth wasn’t launched yet, but I already knew – just by taking one look at her – that Spunkmouth’s finest was standing just a few feet away from me.

I decided to approach Bella Donna and ask her about Boo. Turns out Bella would book the scene for me…but who did I have in mind for male talent?

No one really knows this, but for a while we were shooting these crazy anal scenes for a web site that, to this day, has never materialized. When I tell you these were the most extreme anal scenes I’ve ever seen – let alone even shot – I’m not lying…or bragging. I can’t even get into a descriptive narrative on these scenes, except to tell you there were brutal. And they bordered on disturbing. Bella had given us an anal scene for the site-that-would-never-be, and it was the kind of scene only a talent like Bella Donna could give.

My point is, Brandon Iron was male talent for a lot of these anal scenes. He was hanging around that day. And he had noticed Boo as quickly as I had.

“Wanna do a scene with her?” I asked Brandon.

He looked at me like I just asked him the dumbest question in the world.

“Dude, I want to fuck her so bad I’ll do your scene for a huge discount. Just book it!”

I knew I was on to something: Boo D. Licious and Brandon Iron. What could be better? How about throwing another dude in the mix? S.S. came up to me…or I approached him…and he was so excited to fuck Boo he did the scene for free.

Dogfart agreed to take stills, while I rolled tape, and Bella Donna directed. Well…she didn’t really direct too much, but she watched and nodded in approval as Brandon and S.S. pounded poor little Boo silly. Here’s the inside scoop: since S.S. really hadn’t shot a lot of scenes, he had some minor wood problems…which is common for amateur male talent. I didn’t mind, cause just his banter with Brandon on the set was worth having him around. But what S.S. lacked during the scene, he made up with his massive cum shot. He just about blinded Boo.

Not too long after, Dogfart would leave the mansion. I went home. S.S. moved on to grad school and making real movies. Brandon is still alive and kicking and churing out great smut. Bella got married and pregnant and shaved her head. And Boo? Well, I saw her once do a Shane’s World thing…and then, not too long after, her agent listed her as only doing solo/g-g work.

And then she just disappeared, like they all do…

Here's Boo!

Top 5 Spunkmouth scenes – #2: Spring Thomas and Dr. Z

Here's Spring!

I met Spring Thomas before she was Spring Thomas…when she was still Serina – or Ryan – depending on what dirty site you were visiting. She was maybe a month past her 18th birthday, and she was ready to jump into the game…head first. I arranged a meeting with her downtown, at a breakfast joint, and when I caught a glimpse of her looking for a parking spot in her purple car, my heart skipped a beat or two.

It was Serina in that purple car.

I knew the Serina scene, and I knew Serina was one of the hottest chicks on Amature Allure. And since I was still a beginner at this whole porno game, it made things that much more…exciting.

Amature Allure was the other show in town, and in a goofy kind of way, I always felt like Spunkmouth was in some sort of porno competition with AmAllure…which, looking back at it now, is really silly. Still, I wanted to book hotter chicks than he did, and his Serina score was a big one; if I booked Serina, the score was tied, as far as I was concerned.

Like I said…silly.

Spring and I hit it off right away, and I remember talking to her about things I didn’t really talk about in interviews…like what I did before I got into The Biz. I felt comfotable around her, and I’m assuming she felt the same around me. I didn’t even wait to ask my partner if we should book her…I just did.

Dr. Z was the lucky dude. He fucked Spring Thomas for the very first time on camera. Spring did the bj scene for AmAllure a few weeks before, as well as some topless/girl-girl stuff for Sweet Apples.

But we got her on camera taking a dick into that tight teen pussy for the very fist time. In fact, when she jumps up to do Z in cowgirl, she admits to the world it’s the very first time in her life “on top” of a guy! I don’t remember much beyond that. Except she had a nervous giggle throught her scene, and she admitted to a foot fetish as she sucked Z’s toes…and Z shot the load all over her face. I snapped these quick pics after she cleaned up and was on her way out.

I guess I remember more than I thought I did…hence, this scene rates #2 for all the Spunkmouth episodes.

We booked Spring again, before I introduced her to the Blacks On Blondes folks, up on the top of that hill at Dogfart’s secret mansion. It was in that mansion she went from Spring to Spring Thomas.

And as they say…the rest is history.

Here's Spring!

Top 5 Spunkmouth scenes – #4: Envi and Jean Val Jean

Here's Envi!

Once upon a time, there was a barely-legal girl who decided to leave her home on the East Coast and make her way west – to Porn Valley – and become a star. She had just finished up high school, where she was a cheerleader. You know that had to put her in all the right cliques, almost insuring her popularity…especially with all the high school boys.

She got fake boobies and made her way west. When she got to Porn Valley she met up with a typical slimeball agent, began calling herself “Envi”, and started looking for work right away. She also met a new friend named Eva Angelina, and they became roomies.

Before he fucked me over, I used to book some of the girls Mr. Slimeball repped. When he told me a new heet named Envi was looking for her first scene, I booked her. So yea…I shot Envi first.

That and $4.85 will get me a venti Iced Caramel Macchiatto with soy at Starbucks.

And honestly, it’s not the the 100% truth I shot Envi first. I think she had a BJ scene under her belt before me…but that’s about it. Or put it this way – after her Spunkmouth scene, all the boys back home knew what she was up to in sunny California.

Jean Val Jean is in need of a good industrial accident. Don’t get me wrong – I like Jean a lot – but he’s too good looking for his own good.

And Eva Angelina has become the hottest chick in porn – even if she still thinks I’m a creep for the cummy hairdo.

Do I need to tell you not long after I shot Envi she changed her name to Eve Lawrence? And I shot her again, a few years later, cause she’s still fucking smoking hot, and she’s still in the biz, and she’s still one of my favs? I mean she’s 4th on the top list for Spunkmouth, damnit…out of like 100 or so episodes to date.

(For the second Spunkmouth Eve Lawrence shoot, we dressed her up like a street hooker, took her to a dirty back alley, and had a john fuck her silly on a filthy matress. Typical porno shit.)

I kinda want to go steady with Eve. Buy her a promise ring. Make some love with the lights off. Hold hands at the mall, while I’m buying her some presents. Take her to San Francisco and get a penthouse suite at the Mark Hopkins and never even leave the room…just drink expensive champagne and feed each other strawberries and smooch all night long. Then, when we return to Porno Land, I’ll be forced to suddenly end our relationship…cause Spring Thomas just left a voice mail saying she’s finally come to her senses and decided to fall in love with me.


Here's Envi!

Back to Work…

Katie-Ray and Ruth

I returned to The Dark Side today around noon, on a flight out of Phoenix. I’m now referring to Los Angeles as The Dark Side, for a three reasons, just off the top of my head:

1) There’s so much smog in the air when my plane landed, it looked we were about to land in a bowl of diarrhea soup.

2) It’s the Porn Capital of the World.

3) It took me an hour to drive 3 blocks to the grocery store to buy some food.

Anyway, after the place touched down, I hurried to my studio to prep for the two scenes booked; one’s a site I can’t talk about yet, and the other is a Gloryhole. Besides dressing the set, I had to clean, which I usually don’t have to do…but Axel Braun shot here the last few days, and the place was a pig pen.

No need to digress any further.

Instead, take a look at Katie Ray and Ruth! They’re in the dressing room, getting ready for the first scene, – the site I can’t talk about. All I can say is I think the site’s gonna be huge, and as always, I’m trying to direct the dirty, nastiest scenes I possibly can. In fact, I will tell you today Katie Ray ate a pussy full of cum…does that qualify as nasty in your book?

Never heard of Katie Ray? Well, she’s a barely-legal, I think she’s a heet, and she loves black dudes. Ummm, she’s sweet and nice and loves sex. She smokes a whole lot, and she’s from the mid-west, and you’ll hear more about her soon, I’d imagine.

After Katie Ray cleaned up from scene #1, it was on to the secret Gloryhole! Sure enough, there were dudes all over the place, and it went down without a hitch. I guess you’ll just have to check her out on the site, once her scene goes up…should be about 5 weeks, give or take.

Lots happening this week during my stay at The Dark Side – Spring Thomas flies in Wednesday, and there’s her little sister’s new site, which is almost up, and the secret site I can’t talk about yet. And, of course, Gloryholes. I’m sure by Sunday I’ll want out, but I’m fresh and rested and ready to go. Who wouldn’t be, with all this pussy around me?

Oh…since the blog looks kinda skimpy today, here’s some free Spring Thomas movies. Since I talked about cuckolds yesterday, why not show you some more today! (And you thought I was kidding about cuckolds…yea, right). Anyway, this movie is interesting, cause it’s one of the few times a white guy has ever busted a nut on Spring…so enjoy, you fuckin’ pervs!

And here’s one last peek at Katie Ray and Ruth, before it all went down…

KatieRay and Ruth

Spunkmouth Mackenzie

Rainbow Brite

Mackenzie writes about her Halloween:

Hey! I’m Fucking Rainbow Brite! I had people yelling at me across the street that my costume was so good, and plenty of compliments the rest of the night. This is no doubt the best Halloween costume ever…How funny….I was actually going to suggest for IShootPorn putting some crazy ass story about me; either the 7 or 8 guy scene I did (when I unexpectedly got off MAD loud on the pool table) or one of the other ones we did (there are plenty!). Of course, you could always title it “You can be smart and retarded at the same time”. Haha. Of course, I’d be happy to be surprised with any story that came from you since I know it would be 100% true. You have my complete permission to post something about me with the pic (but please, be nice at least!). I suppose you probably have plenty from the stories I’ve told you, and the fact that I am the industry’s BIGGEST oddity in the business. Who else never masturbates before they’re on film and have sex only once before? Little naive me….. Porn was so good for me.


Makenzie is one of the industry’s biggest oddities, that’s for sure! She’s being serious about the “masturbates before they’re on film and have sex only once before” statement. Here’s another oddity: she’s actually using the sex business to her advantage and paying for a very pricey grad-school program…and she’s kicking ass and getting good grades!

Imagine that, all you Porn Haters…”porn was good to me”. And good grades from a porno girl? Imagine that.

Oh, and get this – the scene she’s referring to was on my site, Spunkmouth. We had to remove it for a re-edit. The scene was one of the highest rated in Spunk Mouth, so we pulled it down to polish it up a bit, add a full-length version, and increase the bitrate setting…so when it’s up, you’d swear you’re watching a DVD instead of a crummy little computer file.

The members have to wait to see cute little Makenzie suck off a whole bunch of guys. It was a super hot scene. Makenzie told me, during her initial interview, she would never have b/g sex on camera. That’s where it all ends for her…vaginal sex on camera. This kinda bummed me out, cause I wanted to shoot her bad…and all the scenes on Spunkmouth feature b/g sex. Well, all the scenes on Spunkmouth except Makenzie’s.

While thinking of an alternative to b/g sex, I don’t recall if Makenzie said “How about I suck off a bunch of dudes around a pool table!?” or if I came up with the sceanrio. But it went down. And she performed like a champ. Big dicks, small dicks, black ones and white ones, she went to town.

A few weeks later we dragged the poor girl out to a new house, still under construction, and she did a JOMG movie for us! How about that? In the middle of a new house, with workmen all around. And damn those pesky real estate agents!

So I dunno…maybe you can be smart and retarded at the same time…I guess it just depends on how you define “retarded”. For me it’s having an IQ at or below 80. For some, it’s doing something naughty in a dirty movie.

I’ll stick with the IQ thing. It makes more sense.

And Mak…you’re lucky I wasn’t around you on Halloween night, running around in that Rainbow Brite get up…I woulda been all over your shit.

Your pal,


Gloryhole Brooklyn


The first time I met Brooklyn was on Dogfart’s porch. It was a sunny day, she was at the Mansion to do a Blacks On Blondes scene, and we hit it off pretty well.

We had something in common. In an earlier life, we were both jocks. I knew she was a jock from the second I laid eyes on her. She’s a 6 footer, easily…and she’s not awkward. Sure enough, I found out she played basketball and volleyball. Maybe softbal, too…I don’t recall.

So she did a blowbang scene for BlacksOnBlondes, and then we went and found a Gloryhole. But here’s where the story gets interesting. It was a Thursday, and the end of our shooting week, and I wanted to get home…and home isn’t Los Angeles. So I made Brooklyn a deal: we go shoot the gloryhole, and then she takes me to the airport so I can fly back. I was ready to offer her some gas money, or something…but she agreed.

Willingly agreed.

Isn’t that nice? So we shot the Gloryhole, packed up the gear, and hauled ass to Burbank airport, where I caught the last flight home.

There wasn’t much more of Brooklyn after that. I think she’s on Frank Wank’s site…and that’s about it, as far as I know. She came back to the mansion to shoot one more BlacksOnBlondes scene, and then she retired from porn.

I hope she’s doing well.

Spunkmouth BJ Swallows

BJ Swallows

BJ Swallows shot her first scene with the dude over at Amateur-Allure. He called her Eva, or Eve, or something boring like that.

I came up with the name BJ Swallows. A lot like Howard Stern’s character BJ Hunter, I know…but hey, it works. We first met at a Japanese place for lunch near the library on Central Avenue. She had contacted me from an ad I placed in the local weekly rag; the ad read “Porn Stars make more money in one day than most people make in a week.”

Which is true, by the way.

So BJ shows up in a little, beat-up Toyota, and she’s cute. Really cute. And she’s got some ethnicity going on, which is always a big plus in the Porno World. Dudes love seeing a latina girl, or an asian girl…I think it’s sexy, too.

BJ gets out, we meet and greet, and I buy her a Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. I have the same, plus some California Rolls, too. Lunch was very good. Since there were a lot of people in the tiny place, we really couldn’t talk much about porn. So we had nice, lunchtime conversation.

Afterwards, as I’m walking her back to her car, we got down to the nitty-gritty. I start by saying “the name of the site is Spunkmouth” and she interjects right away: “Oh! That’s not a problem…I’ll swallow cum, gurgle on cum, whatever. I love cum all over my face. Just have the guys blast away!”

I’m not kidding. That fast.

Usually girls kinda cringe when you tell them it’s going in their face. Oh sure, they know it’s porn, and most of the time the money shot is in the face, but that doesn’t mean they like it. In fact, most don’t, even though they might pretend. Especially amatuers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a first-timer and say something like “OK you’ll blow him, he’ll fuck you in a few positions, and then blow him again till he cums in your face” and they wince and kinda plead “does he have to cum in my face?” and that’s when I remind her what the name of the site is, and what porno niche we’re marketing to, and stuff like that.

See – use fancy words like “niche” and “maketing angle” and they’ll nod in agreement.

BJ wanted the jizz in her face. She specifically requested to get blasted in the face. She didn’t want it on her tits, her ass, or anywhere else – in my face, please. I think she says it like that on the video. And before her first video, she pulled me aside and asked if I’d “look at something.” I got worried- cause I didn’t bother to ask to see them nude back then (big mistake) – and she pulls me into a room and shows me some small stretch marks on her tits and tummy.

It’s easy to see she’s nervous, and like all porno girls she’s lacking in the self-esteem department, so I remind her how beautiful she looks and she smiles and is ready to go.

My kinda girl. We shot her twice, and a friend of mine was starting a POV site, so he hired her, too. (The site never came to be, so don’t ask me what it is). After my friend shot her, I never saw her again. She called me about a week later, desperate for money, but I had shot her out. She wanted to come do a private, but I declined. She sounded stoned, or drunk, or something, and suddenly I heard this dude’s voice in the background. That creeped me out. Besides, I’m not much for fucking these porno girls. It’s just not my style.

I never heard from her again.

Blacks on Blondes Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott

It’s October 16. Here’s what’s gone down so far today:

10:50 am. Hillary Scott shows up for her 11 am Blacks on Blondes shoot. (That’s her in the make-up chair). Even out of make-up and dressed in street clothes, she’s looking hot. It’s very cool she showed up early, too…it’s uncommon in Porno Land. Especially for anything that happens before noon.

Make up girl shows about 10 minutes late. No biggie! I’m on my way!

1/2 hour later, no male talent. And his agent isn’t answering the phone. Ugh. This is not good. 10 minutes later agent answers phone and lets me know he told the talent where to be – and when. But there’s more. Male talent phone number is disconnected. This is really bad news, and I take appropriate action.

As I’m starting the mad cell phone dials, male talent for my night shoot walks in – Boz The Animal. I tell Boz he’s about 8 hours early, but that’s a good thing. No, it’s a great thing; Boz is now my morning talent.

Hillary Scott now done with make-up and looking spectacular.

Then, the male talent for the morning shoots walks in. He’s an hour late. We talk; I tell him he’s been replaced, but he’s hired for the night shoot. All is cool, and I shoot the Hillary Scott Blacks On Blondes scene. It rules. All anal. A.T.M. Swallow.

That sort of thing.

4pm next, and the scene is for my newest site, It’s not up yet, so don’t bother trying to find it. I’ve got great female talent; she’s naughty as shit and I know she’ll toss this guy’s salad better than Julia Child. And I’m trying out a new dude, and he’s here, so we’re ready to rumble. Until female talent is out of make-up, and nude, and telling me to come over, cause she’s “got something to show me.”

Boils. And they’re everywhere. On her legs. All over her ass. On her hip. In other words, she’s unshootable.

Staff infections are going around Porno Land like wildfire. But it doesn’t end there. Staff is going about LA County like wildfire. It’s all over the place. My fem talent doesn’t know she’s got staff, and when I tell her, she’s really embarrassed. And apologetic. Ready to pay the make-up girl (which I don’t accept).

Cause I gotta kill the scene.

Kill fees: $50 to the male talent. And the make-up artist gets her $150, whether or not the scene gets shot. Now I’m reading the Sunday Times, waiting for my 7 pm talent to get here. It’s another scene for Blacks On Blondes, and it’s gonna be a doozy.

7 pm: New girl Bailey is here! Barely-Legal Bailey. And she’s just as hot as Hillary Scott, but in very different ways. And she’s going to do a double creampie scene.


And for the most part, the scene went well. One guy I’ve never shot before, and I can tell he’s nervous. He ended up nutting early, then had trouble finishing the scene. But you know what? He got the shit done, and that’s all that counts.

It’s 11.09 pm. I started 12 hours ago. I think it’s time to call it a day.