Spunkmouth BJ Swallows

BJ Swallows

BJ Swallows shot her first scene with the dude over at Amateur-Allure. He called her Eva, or Eve, or something boring like that.

I came up with the name BJ Swallows. A lot like Howard Stern’s character BJ Hunter, I know…but hey, it works. We first met at a Japanese place for lunch near the library on Central Avenue. She had contacted me from an ad I placed in the local weekly rag; the ad read “Porn Stars make more money in one day than most people make in a week.”

Which is true, by the way.

So BJ shows up in a little, beat-up Toyota, and she’s cute. Really cute. And she’s got some ethnicity going on, which is always a big plus in the Porno World. Dudes love seeing a latina girl, or an asian girl…I think it’s sexy, too.

BJ gets out, we meet and greet, and I buy her a Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. I have the same, plus some California Rolls, too. Lunch was very good. Since there were a lot of people in the tiny place, we really couldn’t talk much about porn. So we had nice, lunchtime conversation.

Afterwards, as I’m walking her back to her car, we got down to the nitty-gritty. I start by saying “the name of the site is Spunkmouth” and she interjects right away: “Oh! That’s not a problem…I’ll swallow cum, gurgle on cum, whatever. I love cum all over my face. Just have the guys blast away!”

I’m not kidding. That fast.

Usually girls kinda cringe when you tell them it’s going in their face. Oh sure, they know it’s porn, and most of the time the money shot is in the face, but that doesn’t mean they like it. In fact, most don’t, even though they might pretend. Especially amatuers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a first-timer and say something like “OK you’ll blow him, he’ll fuck you in a few positions, and then blow him again till he cums in your face” and they wince and kinda plead “does he have to cum in my face?” and that’s when I remind her what the name of the site is, and what porno niche we’re marketing to, and stuff like that.

See – use fancy words like “niche” and “maketing angle” and they’ll nod in agreement.

BJ wanted the jizz in her face. She specifically requested to get blasted in the face. She didn’t want it on her tits, her ass, or anywhere else – in my face, please. I think she says it like that on the video. And before her first video, she pulled me aside and asked if I’d “look at something.” I got worried- cause I didn’t bother to ask to see them nude back then (big mistake) – and she pulls me into a room and shows me some small stretch marks on her tits and tummy.

It’s easy to see she’s nervous, and like all porno girls she’s lacking in the self-esteem department, so I remind her how beautiful she looks and she smiles and is ready to go.

My kinda girl. We shot her twice, and a friend of mine was starting a POV site, so he hired her, too. (The site never came to be, so don’t ask me what it is). After my friend shot her, I never saw her again. She called me about a week later, desperate for money, but I had shot her out. She wanted to come do a private, but I declined. She sounded stoned, or drunk, or something, and suddenly I heard this dude’s voice in the background. That creeped me out. Besides, I’m not much for fucking these porno girls. It’s just not my style.

I never heard from her again.

3 thoughts on “Spunkmouth BJ Swallows”

  1. hola soy de chile y quisiera saber más de ella porque me encanta…me gusta lo natural que es y lo hermosa…quieisera saber de ella,sus peliculas y donde conseguir cosas de ella como su verdadero nombre,edad,hobbies,etc….saludos y un beso grande bj…

  2. This was an interesting read, I’ll be honest I was wondering how come such BEAUTIFUL girls end up having sex on camera, it baffles the mind.
    I genuinely hate porn but I sometimes unfortunately fall into the temptation of it, with a couple of tries and constant practice I will free myself from it.(I’ve done it before and I will do it again)
    Anything is possible if you out your mind to it
    However I am always curious about the background story behind each human being in these videos.
    The part where you talk about the guy behind her during the call also scared me.
    It did because I have noticed that many of the women who do these kind of things (including prostitution) tend to have some violent male as a gaurdian or “pimp” for lack of a better term.
    The fact she wanted to do a PRIVATE could have spelt danger for you, they could rob you or even murder you.

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