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My (Brief) Phone Call with a Performer of the Year.

The Award Winner knew me before I knew him. I didn’t know it when we first shoot hands, but Cumbang is a really popular site from his part of the world, which is somewhere far, far east of Porn Valley. It’s east of London and Paris, too…I just don’t recall if it’s the Ukraine or Russia, but it’s over there, somewhere. But hey — give me credit, at least I know the difference between the two.

After we shook hands that first time, and he told me how much he loved my work, he proceeded to just kill it on set with September Reign for We Fuck Black Girls. A superb performance.

Next up, another phenomenal job, this time in an Ashley Pink gang bang.

He’s the best male newcomer I’d ever seen, and he might be the best ever to step foot into Porn Valley. He did have an outstanding coach, though — namely Rocco Siffredi; in fact, he kinda reminded me of a young Rocco when we met.

And word spread fast. I know, because every time I tried booking him from then on, I couldn’t. The date was taken. When he left his agent, I started contacting him directly…which is when his rate changed. It went up. Way up. But that’s cool, cause if anyone deserved a rate increase, he did.

Fast forward to January, and his big day at AVN’s.

Fast forward to today, when I reached out to see how far out he was booked and to congratulate him for all the AVN success…which, I suppose, I should have done sooner.

Which is when things got weird. It got even weirder when he called me…instead of replying to my text. “Hey dude!” I said, answering the phone in my nice-guy voice. “Thanks for calling. I’m not sure why you’d think I’d ever mock your rate. It’s something I wouldn’t do to a performer.”

There was a few seconds of silence. Then, in a sort of sinister, intimidating tone (I know I’m showing my age, but think Boris Badenov from “Rocky & Bullwinkle”): “This is how it’s going to be. When I call you, I do the talking and you do the listening.

Which, of course, isn’t at all how it’s “going to be”.

At all.

After I terminated the call, I thought a little bit about all the different personalties in my industry: the good folks and bad; the narcissists and the meek; the porn stars and the performers; the pervs and truly perverted; the psychopaths and sociopaths.

A long time ago, when I first started driving girls out to the glory hole, one model showed up and asked what we were shooting.

“Didn’t your agent tell you?”

She said, “no…he doesn’t communicate very well.”

After I told her what was expected in the scene, she picked up her bags and left, saying, “I’m at AVN Award Winner. I don’t do blowjobs anymore.”

I’d tell you who, but that wouldn’t make any difference. You wouldn’t remember her anyway. It took me a couple minutes poking around the site to recall her name.

Or, in other words, one minute you’re working on your mainstream TV show and the next you’re worried if you’re going to be back on a porn set..and if you can still get your rate.

As I bang this blog out, there’s AVN Awards winners and Hall-of-Famers living in the back seat of a car and there’s some jumping into their car about to start their Uber shift; there’s some sitting in a single-wide out in the middle of nowhere about to start another cam show and there’s some sitting in their single-wide smoking meth and there’s some who have died, alone, out in the middle of nowhere…in their single-wide.

And there’s some who are doing really, really well.

At any given time, every one of us is replaceable. Whether you’re in management or the work force, teacher or cop, producer or a director, male or female talent, make-up artist or production assistant, it really doesn’t matter. We’re all here, fighting the good fight, and then, one day, it ends — awards and Hall-of-Fame status mean nothing.

And don’t ever forget this: time is never your friend.

POST SCRIPT: I received a phone call — and an apology — from the subject of this blog, and we are working together again. An understanding has been had!

In Memoriam: Cherry Poppens (1982 – 2018)

Cherry Poppens hand job movies
I received the terrible news on the morning of January 25th, while I was in Vegas, shooting smut and attending the AVN’s. I was in the middle of my “morning routine” (coffee, e-mails, more coffee, confirming talent, more coffee, confirming locations…and then some more coffee). With a couple minutes of down time, and while finishing up my coffee, I noticed a Facebook DM pop up on my cellphone. You probably know you can only see the beginning of DM’s, and this one started with “Hey Billy…is it true about Cherry??” Of course I was immediately worried, but I waited a bit to open it. I was hoping it was something “good”, like…I dunno. Maybe “Hey Billy, is it true about Cherry? Did she really bang President Trump?” or “Hey Billy, is it true about Cherry? She’s making a comeback?” That’s what I was hoping, but it wasn’t good. At all. “Hey Billy…is it true about Cherry?? I just got a message from a friend of hers that she passed.”

I fought back tears and bit my lip and starting clicking all over the place: first, to Cherry’s profile; and sure enough, the RIP’s were already being posted; second, to her parents’ profiles, where I read frantically, trying to find a cause; third, back to Cherry’s profile, scrolling up from the RIP’s for clues to her demise. Nothing. All seemed well (posts of animals, which Cherry loved dearly…no weird drama or anything that would indicate any reason why she wouldn’t be with us anymore.)

A few days later, one of her friends reached out to me; at first, it seemed like foul play might be cause. Later, toxicology reports cited an accidental overdose.

I couldn’t make Cherry’s memorial service, but I think about her almost every day. She was a kind, peaceful soul who loved her friends and family and her bunnies and turtles…all animals, really.

She will be terribly missed.

One of the earliest blogs centered on my “Cherry crush”, and rereading it now just reminds me not only of how much I liked Cherry…but how difficult it is for any sex worker to maintain happy, healthy relationships. It also reminds me that I need to up my writing game — that’s for sure.

This blog’s original air date: September 17, 2005

Lately I’ve been crushing on Cherry Poppens.

And not just a crush like oh there’s Cherry Poppens on a website doing this or that and boy I’d sure like to meet her crush


I’m single and I shoot porn and I’m feeling like I wanna have a girlfriend who’s in the biz and Cherry’s a porn star so that helps and we’re friendly and that helps and maybe she might like me so I should ask her out kind of crush.


Cherry’s super cool. I’ve worked with her a ton of times. In fact, I’ve hired her for everything I can, and given her multiple scenes on some of the sites I shoot — more than once or twice.

From a marketing angle, Cherry’s awesome: she’s a true redhead (rare), has great natural body, she’s super cute, puts on a great scene…and does just about anything you can ask for…in other words, she sells.

On a personal note, she’s solid: drug and drama free, great personality, true redhead (really rare), is super cute, has great natural body…and can carry an intelligent conversation on anything from punk rock (which I love) to politics (which I love to hate).

Which brings me back to why I even started writing this: I’ve been crushing on Cherry Poppens. I took the top picture at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood a long time ago, right after we wrapped one of her first scenes. The bottom shot is from a couple years later, I took her to a Dylan show at the Hollywood Palladium.

But she’s got a dude. And he’s probably this young, cool stud with cheek bones and washboard abs and tattoos and smokes unfiltered cigarettes while he hangs out on Venice Beach all day, skateboarding or surfing and not giving a shit about anything.

Which means I don’t have a chance.

Bob Dylan Hollywood Palladium show October 13 2009

Let’s Talk About Riley Mason!

Riley Mason free hand job movies
When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records on one of those small turntables you’d get from the school’s A/V department, while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his favorite records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst of”…until now.

For a minute and a half, Riley Mason was the shit in Porn Valley. Her fan base was fairly diverse, but the “Indie Rock Dudes” nationwide took a particular liking to her…as did I. In a nutshell, anything “indie” (music, art, film) means it just hasn’t reached the masses yet. Anyone “Indie” means they stumbled upon it before you did, which, of course, makes them cooler than you.

Riley was Pure Indie, and one of the first Indie Chicks to start fucking and sucking on camera for the world to see. This drove the Indie Dudes mad, and I mean literally mad. They loved to beat off to her, and once they blew their load, they loved to shit talk her. I’ve come to discover it’s a pretty common guilt complex. Anyway, a lot of them frequented a chat board called “Hipinion“, and it’s still around, although I have no idea how relevant it is anymore. But these Indie Dudes would just rail on poor Riley, and do stupid things like post her real name, and her computer chat names, and then harass her endlessly. I jumped in to the drama a bit, and then came after me, too, proposing a variety of ill wills pointed my way. Must be nice when you have that much time on your hands. But what do you expect from a bunch of “pasty losers and alcoholics”? (Note: Urban Dictionary’s words…not mine).

Rereading this brings back all those memories, plus more, cause I mention Chico Wang here, and as you probably know he was found dead a few years ago in a cheap motel in Northern California after some particular gnarly nastiness.

Ah — those wanton days of yesteryear!

This blog’s original air date: February 11, 2006.

So I’m at Chico Wang’s, cause I booked Riley for my site — the world’s greatest hand job site — Mano Job! I’m at Chico’s shooting cause…well, I kinda like it over there. It’s dirty and depraved, just like a true Porno House in Porn Valley is supposed to be. I booked Riley Mason again cause I love her looks, and I think she’s one of the hottest girls in the game right now, and she’s a pleasure to be around.

Right before we started rolling film, we sat down for a brief chat. An impromptu interview, so to speak. It got very intense at times. I listened carefully as Riley explained some of the things going on in her life right now. I didn’t have a pen and paper, and my memory is weak, so I won’t quote her here…but these are some of the topics we touched upon:

1) The Indie Rock Dudes who constantly harass her online.

2) The “fat pic” roaming around the internet that’s supposedly her.

3) A general overview of her life in porn.

I tried to explain to Riley that indie rock dudes, as a whole, are a nutty bunch. They’re very repressed individuals, usually, that don’t get laid too much, and when they do, it’s fodder for the next 10 years of their life. Like…they’ll be at a Death Cab For Cutie show bragging about the girl they banged in 92, right after the Superchunk show. That sort of thing.

Then Riley brought up the published chat logs, most of which are fabricated, at least in part. Some of the things in these chat logs she really did type out, but most of it she didn’t.

“That’s cause they like you a whole lot, Riley. And besides, I’ve read some of those chats, and I think it’s pretty obvious when it’s you and when it’s not.”

She said that was a weird way of showing affection.

“I know Riley, but remember, this is a weird bunch of guys. They seldom talk to girls, unless they’re clerking in the used record store they work at…a job that usually pays them minimum wage; a job that’s very important to them and makes them cool people. It’s also the only time girls approach them – generally. That or when they’re at the Indie Club listening to Indy Rock and the girl spent her last sawski and only then she might approach Dude and ask him to buy her a beer. That’s about it, really.”

She’s bummed though. When they discovered her screen name, they published it all over the net, then hit her up for chat all the time, then made up some chat and turned it into her words, and then found this pic of a fat girl that somewhat resembles her, and spread that all over the place saying it was her, and on and on.

“That’s cause they like you a whole lot, Riley. And they have a whole lot of time on their hands.”

We kinda left it at that. But overall, Riley Mason likes her life in porn right now. She’s having a fun time and making good money, and life’s generally very good for her. At least that’s what it seems like to me.

Too bad the same thing can’t be said for all those Indie Rock Dudes.

Austin O’Reilly

austin o'reilly sex videos
When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records on one of those small turntables you’d get from the A/V department at the school’s library, while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst” of…until now.

The very first pay site I ever owned was Spunkmouth. I loved Spunkmouth. Very much. There were three of us driving The Spunkmouth Boat; one of us was very enthusiastic about driving the boat, and the other two hardly ever really got behind the wheel.

As my grandfather once told me, “a partnership is a sinking ship” — no truer words ever spoken.

I bailed a few years ago, but Spunkmouth is still a float.

I hold fond memories of this particular scene, cause I was so new to the whole porno game, and I shot this on my very first solo trip to Porn Valley. I say “solo trip” cause — as the blog mentions — I had just returned from my stint as Second Cameraman for Blacks on Blondes. Anyway, upon my triumphant return, I rented a cheap room for 2 days, in which I shot 4 scenes. The very first time I directed “real” porno stars in Porn Valley.

Ah — those wanton days of yesteryear!

This blog’s original air date: September 26, 2005.

The day after I shot Kitty, I booked Austin O’Reilly for a b/g scene at that same shitty hotel room.

I met Austin a year or so earlier at Dogfart’s secret mansion, and I liked her from that moment on. She was always down for almost anything, had a great attitude, and always looked great. In fact, one of the craziest scenes I ever shot was with Austin and Bella Donna; Dogfart asked me to work the camera while he took stills. It was a g/g featuring — among other things — Bella and Austin eatins each others’ asses.

I’m not a huge fan of lesbo porn, but the things these two did blew me away.

Fast forward to now. Austin walks in the room. My partner is blown away. I’m blown away. And while we wait for the male talent to show, both of us just kinda stand there and watch Austin get ready for her scene. We try for small talk, and it’s a pretty lame attempt. I think I shot this pic…although my partner might have. I really don’t remember.

Here’s what a porn girl looks like as she preps for her job. My only regret is we didn’t know enough then to hire a make-up artist…not cause Austin couldn’t do her own make-up. She just deserves her own make-up artist.

Robbie James ended up pounding Austin that day. In fact, he pounded her so hard, he ended up bonking her head against the hanging lamp above one of the tables in the room — and that’s right before he unloaded right in her face.

Pure filth.

As smutty as it gets.

Another Spunkmouth classic.

I never heard from Austin after we wrapped that day. In fact, not too long after that, Austin did what most porn girls do…and that’s vanish into thin air. No more Austin on any agent’s site, and no more Austin working the porno circuit. I guess it was just time for her to move on, and I think that’s a great thing.

Spend too much time in this biz and you’re doomed for sure.

Introducing Janie Jones

Victoria Lawson blow job videos
When I first met Janie Jones, she wasn’t Janie Jones. She was Jane Doe, and she’s from the mid-west, and she was fresh off the bus and doing go-sees that day.

(A “go-see” is Porno Speak, and it’s all about taking the girls around town and showing them off to producers and directors. It’s really nothing more than a cattle call, something akin to the Howard Stern show — when Howard and his Gang “evaluate” girls for Playboy. It goes something like this: a suitcase pimp (or an agent, if the girl is lucky enough to have an agent) stops by, parades the girls in, has them strip, and then I shoot a pic or two or three and send them to the folks at Blacks on Blondes, and if they’re approved, they get a job. And no, before you ask, I don’t Casting Couch them.)

(Casting Couch is Porno Speak for having a girl suck or fuck you to get the job. Wait a sec — this isn’t really “porno speak” at all, cause it happens every day in Hollywood. You don’t really think your favorite starlet got her first job based on acting ability…do you?)

I booked Janie Jones immediately, and the next day she was in The Manojob make-up chair, ready to do her very first scene. But she still wasn’t Janie Jones.

We usually shoot BTS, and it’s usually shot in the make-up chair. “We” being myself or The Minion, and I usually let The Minion roll on BTS, cause he’s way better at it than I. This time The Minion was off at his girlfriend’s house — which he never wants to admit. He’ll tell me things like “I’ve got a lot to do today and I can’t stop by” or “Hey Billy I gotta go get my brakes looked at so I won’t be in today”.

The Minion’s had his brakes “looked at” about 17 times since Yom Kippur ended.

And I have no idea why he won’t man-up to having a chick. Kinda weird if you ask me.

Anyway, I’m shooting BTS, and the first question I ask is, “tell everyone at home your real name.”

“Jane Doe,” she said.

Any time a porno chick gives up her real name during BTS (or shooting the scene), you know you’ve got a first-timer on your hands.

I stop camera. “Um, Jane, you don’t want to use your real name. I mean there’s nothing wrong with using your real name as your porno name if you want. Dana DeArmond and Julia Bond are perfect examples. Remember, use your stage name. I’ll start over.”

“But I don’t have a stage name.”

I love giving girls stage names. Off the top of my head, I’ve named BJ Swallows, Anna Von Trapp, Kimmy (I know…boring), Keesha Knight — and now I get a shot at Jane Doe.

This is a serious thinking process. One I don’t take lightly. And fuck the Name-Your-First-Pet-and-Street-You-Lived-On-When-You-Were-A-Kid process…although that can work out rather nicely (the process used for Keesha Knight).

My porno name would be Dino Birch. If I could add about 3 more inches to my ween, I’d be Dino Birch, and I’d be painting the town white.

But I’m not.

I looked at Jane Doe and thought hard: “You’re so mid-west…and I hate to say this…so girl-next-door, I’d really, really say you need to have a name that matches your look. For example, when I blog this story, I’m gonna call you “Jane Doe”, cause I won’t use your real name. But that’s your look. Total Jane Doe. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s really good if you ask me. I like to watch girls you’d never think do porn, doing porn. You know? The whole bleach-blonde fake titty tatted up girl that’s gone though lipo and had her teeth veneered and her hair isn’t really her hair but it’s a weave is so dumb…if you ask me, of course.”

“Well, I was thinking of naming myself Zaylen Skye.”

“Ugh. With a name like that, you’d be just another one of about 30 thousand. Besides, it doesn’t fit.”

She frowned.

I thought. I couldn’t shake “Jane”, and there’s no way “Jane Doe” would work — although Jon Doe did pretty well with that name — until he offed himself.

And then there’s John Doe, the bassist for X, a favorite of mine. Well, up til ’83 I really liked X, then they kinda faltered, and then Billy Zoom quit…and then I quit paying attention.

By the way, this was going through my head. What I just wrote. About Jane Doe and Jon Dough and then John Doe and then punk rock and how much I loved to catch X play back in the day and how much I like punk rock and how much I miss how new and raw punk used to be and how it is no longer…and then…suddenly…it hit.

“Janie Jones!”

Janie Jones looked at me. I looked at her.

Closely. “Yes. That’s a perfect name! Your new name is Janie Jones!”

“Janie Jones?”

“Janie Jones! Do you know about The Clash?”




He’s in love with rock ‘n’ roll, woah
He’s in love with getting stoned, woah
He’s in love with Janie Jones, woah
He don’t like his boring job no…

An’ he know what he’d got to do
He know he’s gonna have fun with you
Lucky lady!
But when the evening comes when his job is done
He’ll be over in his car for you

He’s in love with rock ‘n’ roll, woah
He’s in love with getting stoned, woah
He’s in love with Janie Jones, woah
But he don’t like his boring job no…

In the in-tray lots of work
But boss at the firm always thinks he shirks
Be he’s just like everyone he’s got a Ford Cortina
That just won’t run without fuel
Fill her up Jacko!

He’s in love with rock ‘n’ roll, woah
He’s in love with getting stoned, woah
He’s in love with Jaine Jones, woah
But he don’t like his boring job no…

An’ the invoice if don’t quite fit
There’s no payola in his alphabetical file
‘Cept for the government man
This time he’s really gonna show the boss
Gonna really let him let him know exactly how he feels
It’s pretty bad!

He’s in love with rock ‘n’ roll, woah
He’s in love with getting stoned, woah
He’s in love with Janie Jones, woah
But he don’t like his boring job no…
Let them know
Let them know

Janie Jones said, “I like it!”

And so we rolled BTS.

The Week in Porno.

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I get asked a lot to post who star in the newest updates are for all the sites I shoot. I haven’t much, cause it’ll make this more of a spam site than a real blog…but lately I’ve got nothing to say, so I guess spammy is better than nothing, right?

Carla Cox is this week’s update at the world famous Blacks on Blondes. She’s about as hot as they come.

Newbie Faith Star took a trip to the Gloryhole.

I don’t even have any real good dirt to dish on either girl: Carla’s huge in Europe, and she’s doing a trip around the US Porno Circuit. She’s great to work with on set, and she loves what she does, and she puts on a great scene.

Faith is brand new. I think I shot her 4th or 5th scene. I do have a funny story about Faith. Well, I dunno if it’s “funny” like hee-haw funny, or more of just a tale from Porno Land: I shot Faith for both Gloryhole and Blacks on Blondes. Her BOB scene included some A. “A” is porno for anal. Faith wasn’t sure if she wanted to do A, but she was new, and wanted lots of work, so she took the BOB booking — and the A. After shooting her Faith Star interracial anal scene, she declared it off her dance card — at least for the time being. As she walked off set she told me, “No more A for me!”.

“Why?” I asked.

She just looked at me like I was a dope for even asking.

Dogfart writes on the Carla Cox Blacks on Blondes scene: Superhot Euro-babe Carla Cox is visiting LA from the Czech Republic. Unfortunately Carla is experiencing an extreme rarity in LA, rain, and lots of it! To get over her misery, she decides to sample some of the local dick offerings, especially some of the dark meat that is so rare in her own country! Carla isn’t shy about giving it all up for a good time, so the two lucky dudes that get to shake and bake with her get all her hot options…her pretty mouth, her sweet pussy, and even her luscious ass, individually, and in a blistering DP! Carla manages to turn an unfortunate vacation into ecstasy as she gets hammered everywhere by these 2 huge dicks before letting them take target practice with their jizz cannons and her open mouth!

I don’t think I coulda said it any better.

Big Black Dicks interracial sex videos

Katja Kassin Has Left The Building.

JKatja Kassin interracial sex movies
From Adult DVD Talk:

Hello everybody,

I wanted to take the time to thank everybody in the porn industry and also my fans for the support over the last (almost) 7 years. I decided 2 weeks ago to retire from the adult industry and from sex/adult work in general. The reason is that I have done all that there is to do in the porn/adult/stripper/escort universe.

This year I have finally bought my own house in the SF Valley, a fixer upper foreclosure that I renovated. I remember in March 2003 when I first came to the US with 200 bucks in my pocket (in the year 2010 I can apply for citizenship) – I have come a very far way since then and now I just want to make sure that in another 7 years I can look back and still say that, “wow, have I come a long way in the past 7 years”.

I am very grateful for everything that I have gained by being in this industry. It has taught me a lot about myself, made me a lot of money, got me a lot of free time, made it possible for me to achieve what I wanted to do in almost a blink of an eye compared to how long it takes regular people to to the same. I have met amazing friends and had many good times. But also of course you gain a little, you loose a little so there is a price that I paid for that. I will always have that past. I will always have to deal with judgments until I die. I will have to explain myself to new people I meet and their families. Now is the time in my life where the gain-loose priorities change. I have put the gains to good use in my life and now I am looking at the other side of the calculation and I am realizing I have grown up and moved into a different direction.

When you are 23 you don’t give a fuck about much. You are hating on your parents anyway, you think you don’t need anyone and people talking shit about you makes you feel more important. Now that I am 30 years old it does matter to me what people think of me because I owe it to myself to create different, new things that I can be judged by. Next time my mom goes to get her hair done I don’t want her to have to lie anymore. I want her to say with a proud tone in her voice: “my daughter teaches German classes in L.A.” or whatever it is I am doing.

I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in relationships anymore because of what I do. It is hard for any man to date a porn star, even maybe after you retire. But it is simply impossible to have a relationship while you are making a living fucking other people. It’s been a great ride and a part of my life that I will always look back to with no regrets and lots of funny, weird and crazy stories. It was something that was fun and fit into my life at a younger age but now I want different things for myself.

It was part of my journey and made me who I am today but when I look forward I do not see myself sucking and fucking to pay my mortgage. I see myself working a job that maybe doesn’t pay insane amounts of money but that fulfills me and takes care of my bills that need to be paid. I see myself enjoying a routine, showing up at the same office or place of employment every day at the same time. I see myself building new, stable relationships. I see myself taking on new responsibilities, committing to one person, getting married, starting a family together, making cup cakes and carving pumpkins for Thanksgiving with my kids.

I know I don’t owe anyone any kind of explanation at all but it was important to me to make this statement to show you my reasons.

I have been known in the industry for being professional, reliable, on time and organized and these things haven’t changed so since I am looking for a new challenge and a new job if anyone has any offers or suggestions for me I can be reached at – I am very good working at an office desk but also organizing production and I am a good camera girl too.

Thanks again to everybody and especially to Mark Spiegler. Mark, I know you don’t realized it, maybe because I have never told you so, but I owe a lot to you. You were a great mentor and teacher to me and I am still thinking about what you would say in some situations in my life when I need advice. Thanks for your guidance! I will forever be grateful for having had you in my life at some point.

Thanks to all my co stars. There won’t be any juicy remarks now because I have always looked at working with you all as this: work and I think this is why many of you liked shooting with me.

I’ve never been a big attention whore and loved reading people’s comments on how great I am but if you have something good to say about me, if you have enjoyed my work over the last 7 years, please let me know. This is the time and place to do it! I have been looking forward to this very day when I would be writing this statement and now I am very happy but also crying. It’s always hard to leave something you know you’re good at.



What makes a girl do porn?

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From time to time I have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

It was two years ago this month Mr. Wang was found dead in a motel room in Northern California. As I was poking through my old posts, figuring out what to re-post, I stumbled across this. My initial reaction was to leave well enough alone…but the more I thought about it, the more I thought to go with it.

This blog’s original date was February 21, 2006.

Billy writes: I spoke to Chico Wang tonight. Chico is one of the directors at Anabolic/Diabolic, and he’s responsible for titles like “No Swallowing Allowed” and “Down the Hatch.” He also invented The Minion. We spoke about a bunch of things – mostly porn related – then he showed me a post he wrote for an adult chat board. It was actually a re-post…Chico had written/posted it originally, and then someone re-posted it, and called it the “best post about porn ever”. So I asked Chico if I could re-post it one more time here, cause after I read it, I think it does really sum up THE most frequently asked question I get. Thanks Chico.

(And if you’re wondering, the girl in the pic here is Jaime Elle…dick sucker #57.

Chico Wang writes:

Here’s what a whore is and its relation to the adult business.

A whore is any girl who fucks for money.

I would say 90% of the girls in the industry hate what they do and fuck only for money.

I would also say that 99% of the girls in the industry hate getting assfucked but do it only for the money.

I would also say that 99% of the girls in the industry have serious issues such as but not limited to previous bouts with rape, incest, molestation, drug abuse, pimp boyfriends, etc.

Most have an IQ of room temperature. Most do not have automobiles. Most do not have bank accounts. Most do not and cannot acquire a credit card. Most squander all their porn earnings almost immediately. Most will end up penniless and return to the business because their job skills relegate them to a lifelong search for a drug dealing sugardaddy or public assistance. Most have complete lack of self-esteem. These are societal problems and cannot be blamed on an adult industry which neither cares or should care.

The fact that I could call a new porn girl a ‘fucking whore’ and, when I explain myself, they shower me with hugs as I tell them that they should suck as much dick as possible to get ahead tells you alot. Yes, I coach these girls too on how to be the best whore they can be. It’s more of a longevity and monetary issue as opposed to a derogatory one.

Here’s an interesting story. I usually have whores running rampant around my abode. When a friend asks me how he can get blown by these whores, I tell them to go up next to them and pull out their peckers. It’s the easiest way. Why? These girls are conditioned to suck dick. When there’s a dick in front of them, they look like a deer caught in the headlights and don’t know what to do. It’s instinct for them to suck it until it coats the back of their throats with nut butter.

Now tell me this. Do you think the girls in the industry love what they do? Nearly every scene ends in a facial. Can you really fathom how truly degrading this act really is? Can you really fathom how truly degrading it is to suck off 5 complete strangers and gulp down their ball snot and have to pretend they loved every minute of it? Can you really fathom how truly degrading it is to suck on a dick that’s been pulled out of your own asshole which smells like complete shit? They do it for the money and that’s what makes them whores.


I think alot of you forget after watching so many DVDs exactly what the reality is. You fall into a trap of fantasy land thinking these girls love what they do. If there was no paycheck involved, the female talent pool would drop to nothing. They don’t do it for the sheer love of it. They get drilled in the asshole, they take a mugfull of cum, they fuck complete strangers, because of one reason only.


Get out of fantasyland and really think about it.

Jaime Elle blow job movies

Spunkmouth Kaya

When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst” of…until now.

Lately people have been asking about being male talent in this industry. I thought I’d reflect upon my experience.

This blog’s original air date: September 19th, 2005

A lot of people ask me “whatever happened to (fill in the name of the porn girl here)?” so I think I’m gonna start a new category devoted solely to this.

Today I look back – fondly, I might add – at Kaya. I was lucky enough to shoot this Asian hottie two times, both in the same abadonded warehouse in a funky part of town. The first scene was a boy/girl scene with this cat named Sean; the second time Big Dick Nikle jumped into the action with Sean.

The first time I met her was at the warehouse – just minutes before we started shooing. In those days I always met the girls before I shot them, just to make sure I really wanted to work with them. For some reason Kaya couldn’t meet me, and Dick Nikle was going nuts over her, so I said sure, let’s do it.

When she walked in that warehouse, my jaw just about dropped.

She’s only 5 feet tall, which makes her D tits look even bigger than they already are. Her body was flawless, and her skin looked really smooth, and you could tell it was before you even touched it. I knew when I saw her this was the first true hottie I would shoot in my porno career. Not only was she hot, but she was really cool, too. And unlike most amateurs, she had this very keen sense of business. She knew the LA rates for scenes, cause I said, while we were shaking hands, “I want to shoot you as many times as I can” and she giggled and said “I’ll do two guys next, but I need $1000!”

I can’t believe these shoots went down almost 3 years ago. I can’t believe my stills were so awful. When I look at that picture I posted, I just shake my head. Oh well…there’s a learning curve for everything.

And I can’t believe Kaya was cool letting a few of my pals stand around and watch her get fucked while my camera was rolling. I’ll call it “The Peanut Gallery”.

And finally, I can’t believe she just vanished, but she did. I never saw her after that last scene. Word came to me from Dick Nikel that “her family discovered she was doing porn” and part of me believes that…and part doesn’t. Maybe she realized fucking on film wasn’t for her.

Not too long ago my pal Ryan, who works at one of my favorite record stores, had some exciting news. He went out to eat the previous night, and guess who waited on him? Yea…it was Kaya. I asked Ryan, “Did you tell her you’re a fan of her work on my site?

He didn’t. And that makes him a smart man.

Come Together: Colleen Del Rio is Serena Taylor is Heather Summers.

Ashley Jane
I dunno what I like more: my brand new Beatles box (mono-riffic!) or Serena Taylor. I’ve blogged them both before, so why not again?

My very favorite Beatle song is “Across The Universe”, but it’s not the one in the mono box, cause there’s no “Across The Universe” contained therein; forget about the version on the original Let It Be, too; you want to listen to “Across The Universe” off Let It Be (Naked). In fact I could go on and on about Let It Be (Naked), cause it’s my favorite Beatles album, and sure, Revolver and Rubber Soul and The White Album are awesome and probably “better”, but damn: “Two of Us” and “Dig a Pony” can bring me out of a blue funk anytime.

My very favorite Serena Taylor scene shows up on the world famous She was still Colleen del Rio, and not Serena Taylor, and certainly not Heather Summers. This is a more lo-fi Serena Taylor, as opposed to the later hi-fi version, and certainly not the polished, audiophile Heather Summers.

“Come Together” coincides with one of my very earliest childhood memories, thus making it my second favorite Beatle’s tune. I was a kid, and I was sitting in the passenger side of a van. Whether or not it was a van isn’t really important. My Uncle was behind the wheel. It really was my Uncle driving, and he is important, because he was a big influence on what I listened to, and this particular memory musta taken place when I was 6 or maybe 7, and as I sat there in the van or car or whatever, and, as the 8-track of Abbey Road played, he defined “Toe Jam Football” for me. I just wish I could remember what he told me it meant.

Serena Taylor’s second handjob sceneis a real doozie. She works a huge load from Stunt Cock, and she’s more Serena Taylor than Colleen Del Rio…whatever that means. I mean I know what it means, but I’m not sure that clarifies anything up for you.

I dunno if you can relate to “In My Life”, but it really speaks to me, so I’ll chart it as my #3 all-time Bealtes fav: All these places have their moments / With lovers and friends I still can recall / Some are dead and some are living / In my life I’ve loved them all for Lennon meant Stu Sutcliffe. And for me? Hmmm. Well…I’ll just leave it at Spring Thomas. Oh. And Barbie Cummings. And Jayma Reed. And Adrianna Nicole. And Audrey Elson.

In addition to giving hand jobs, Serena Taylor is a dick sucker. But that’s as far as she ever took it. I guess that’s where she drew the line in the sand. There’s a few girls who play this game. Maybe “game” isn’t the right word. They’ll jerk and suck on camera, but no pee-pee in the V-Jayjay. Makenzie Wilson and Ashley Jane immediately come to mind. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but hey…whatever is best for you is best for you. Serena’s scene at The Dick Suckers rocks.

You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I’m gonna stick “She’s Leaving Home” here, not really cause I think it’s the 4th best Beatles song I’ve ever heard, but because I can write about it. I mean in the sense that it brings back a distinct memory for me, this being the summer of ’77: I spent it at Grandma’s house, and she still had some of my Uncle’s 8 tracks there, and the one I played over and over was Sgt. Pepper’s while I built model cars in her basement. It’s weird, cause I never built a model after that summer. It was just something to do that particular time in my life, I guess. Granny drove me up to the hobby store, and I picked a few out, and I remember the one I worked on the hardest was a souped-up pick up truck that had beer barrels in the bed, and as I worked on it I really listened to Sgt. Pepper’s, and I could identify most with the girl in the song, mainly cause it was at the age I was starting to question my parents and their rules. Not that I’d ever run away…but still, it’s fun for a 14 year old to think about after getting in some trouble.

In addition to her trip to the Gloryhole, Serena Taylor having her glasses splattered in jizz is a real hootenanny. Isn’t it funny that Serena would never do a boy/girl sex scene, but she’s suck off an anonymous black cock through a hole in the wall? Or suck off two creeps until they rendered her reading glasses unusable?

Speaking of Sgt. Pepper’s, I gotta go with “A Day In The Life” to wind this down, and I’m not gonna say much, other than it really is in my top 5 Beatles’ songs, and, there’s nothing more I like to do that turn you on. After all, it’s my job.