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Zoie and Tonya – The Russian Porn Sisters

Zoie and Dingo
When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records on one of those small turntables you’d get from the A/V department at the school’s library, while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst” of…until now.

I have no idea what became of Zoie and Tonya and Solé after our day together. Like most of the girls and suitcase pimps in this biz, they disappeared not long after I shot them. If you ever wonder what happens to girls after porn, I’d say most stay in the sex biz, mostly escorting or stripping, but some manage to move on to other things. As a matter of fact, someone claiming to be Zoie left a message here a while back, and I kept it up…just so you could e-mail her and hook up a tryst at her brothel.

Let’s just hope it’s really Zoie.

This blog’s original air date: April 23, 2006.

It’s not everyday that two teen sisters get on their knees, jack my winkie until I make a mess, then nibble it off each others hands like a tasty treat, but such was the case not too long ago.

Who knows, maybe I do have a great job; I should quit complaining so much.

I booked Zoie for a full day: first, we’d get in the white van and head out to Abe’s adult book shop and one of the secret gloryholes I use from time to time, then it was back to the studio to fuck Mandingo and his 15 inch dong for the world’s greatest interracial website, Blacks On Blondes.

Zoie showed up, right on time, with her suitcase pimp Solé (pronounced soul-lay) and her big sister Tonya. I was a bit nervous about Solé, as all suitcase pimps could cause potential problems — but he turned out to be a cool cat.

I had only booked Zoie; I didn’t know Tonya was in the biz, so when I saw her, and discovered they were, in fact, sisters, and Tonya was down to get dirty, my pervy mind began to wander.

Solé and Tonya went with us to Abe’s, which isn’t really called Abe’s, so don’t go running to the yellow pages looking for Abe’s under the adult bookstore section of the yellow pages in a silly attempt to get your ding-dong blown.

The yellow pages. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Let’s rewrite that, mainly cause I’ll try and sound more like i’m living in 2006 — and not 1976. Solé and Tonya went with us to Abe’s, which isn’t really called Abe’s, so don’t go Googling for Abe’s in a silly attempt to get your ding-dong blown. (In fact, if you’re EVER at a glory hole – ANY glory hole – I’d seriously think twice about sticking your weiner through the hole, unless you’re gay or bi-curious, cause I’m telling you it’s a dude on the other side; in other words, there is no “chick guarantee” that comes with a glory hole.)

Zoie blew a black dude while I shot the scene and Tonya and Solé watched/kept lookout. Zoie likes black guys (duh) and she too was amazed at how seedy and dirty gloryhole dick sucking can be.

Then, it was back to the studio…and Mandingo’s enormous dick. I think, for a paragraph, I’ll tell you about Mandingo. He’s got the biggest dick in porn, hands down, and maybe the biggest, consistently functional dick ever in the history of porn. That’s a big statement – I know – but it’s true. For a while there was a cat named “Mr Biggz” who had a longer dick, but it hardly ever worked, and he was in and out of the biz quick, just as “Dick Rambone”, a one-or-two-timer from the 80’s…and sure, there’s Jack Napier and Shane Diesel and The King John Holmes…but for my money Mandingo wins. Take a look at Spring Thomas and Kelly Wells and Mandingo just to see what I mean.

In porn, dick size is everything, and I’ve seen people say that Mandingo’s dick isn’t real, or it’s been surgically enhanced, or other such bullshit. None of those claims are real; Mandingo’s cock is real, and that’s the only reason I just spent three minutes writing about a dude’s dick…cause No Way Am I Gay.

Anyways, Zoie takes one look at Dingo’s 5XL-sized dong and really doesn’t know what to do. I mean she’s amazed by it; she’s cautious, and at least she didn’t throw up the white flag and walk off set. (I’ve heard of that happening, by the way). She did a great job, too, and the scene turned out great, cause as far as I’m concerned any scene with Mandingo is a great scene, and that’s why he’s the highest paid guy in the game right now.

But here’s where it got fun for me. Mandingo gets paid and hauls ass, and I ask Tonya if she feels like working. She does, of course, cause as long as it’s after 2 in the afternoon almost any porn girl feels like working, so I grab Zoie and Tonya, and I ask them how would both of them like to give me a handie for my new site, ManoJob, and I ask making sure Solé can hear my offer, cause that’s kinda how it works with Suitcase Pimps.

“But I don’t really give good hand jobs,” Tonya stuttered in her broken English, which, of course, almost had me jumping up and down like a game show winner…cause it naturally lead me to my next pervy question: “Um, how about Zoie kinda teaches you how to give a hand job while I roll the camera?”

Then, I look at Solé and say “kinda hot having little sis teach big sis how to jack a dude off.”

Solé loved my idea.

So I jumped up and down like I won the motherfucking double showcase right then, and as I jumped up and down, the Russians laughed, and Solé The Suitcase Pimp thought I was a freak, which is OK…cause I am.

Mano Job

Veronique Vega’s Verofication.

Veronique Vega blowjob videos
Calling herself “Vero Vega” and referring to herself as a “WRITER / CYNOSURE / EXHIBITIONIST INTROVERT / EXISTENTIALIST / EX X STAR / KIERKEGAARD ACOLYTE”, Veronique Vega has started her own blog — Verofication.

It’s a blog with only one entry, but I liked “Rain Waltz” so much I thought I’d toss her some traffic. While you’re there, poke around and check out some of the books our Ex-Porno Princess has been reading. Wow! It reads like a syllabus from a class at Reed you’d eventually drop — or a short list of the pile of books currently next to Sasha Gray’s bed.

Whether or not she will update her blog is yet to be seen (duh), and I’m not trying to take anything away from Veronique…it’s just this blogging gig can get kinda tedious after a while. And things get way harder if no one is reading it. So bookmark it and keep your fingers crossed. She might have something interesting to say.

What do I have to say today?

Well, I’m drinking my coffee black for the first time ever cause I didn’t get to Trader Joe’s to buy my organic half-and-half last night; reaffirming “Rain Waltz”, it seems to me when it rains in LA only the idiots come out to play; and, with the exception of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”, Tuesday night’s Dylan show at The Palladium was just OK (unless you’re in to $20 parking, $14 beers, $15 per ticket “service fees”, and a second-rate Blues Band featuring an iconic lead singer); but they really fucking hit it when Dylan sang That Song.

Spunkmouth Kaya

When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst” of…until now.

Lately people have been asking about being male talent in this industry. I thought I’d reflect upon my experience.

This blog’s original air date: September 19th, 2005

A lot of people ask me “whatever happened to (fill in the name of the porn girl here)?” so I think I’m gonna start a new category devoted solely to this.

Today I look back – fondly, I might add – at Kaya. I was lucky enough to shoot this Asian hottie two times, both in the same abadonded warehouse in a funky part of town. The first scene was a boy/girl scene with this cat named Sean; the second time Big Dick Nikle jumped into the action with Sean.

The first time I met her was at the warehouse – just minutes before we started shooing. In those days I always met the girls before I shot them, just to make sure I really wanted to work with them. For some reason Kaya couldn’t meet me, and Dick Nikle was going nuts over her, so I said sure, let’s do it.

When she walked in that warehouse, my jaw just about dropped.

She’s only 5 feet tall, which makes her D tits look even bigger than they already are. Her body was flawless, and her skin looked really smooth, and you could tell it was before you even touched it. I knew when I saw her this was the first true hottie I would shoot in my porno career. Not only was she hot, but she was really cool, too. And unlike most amateurs, she had this very keen sense of business. She knew the LA rates for scenes, cause I said, while we were shaking hands, “I want to shoot you as many times as I can” and she giggled and said “I’ll do two guys next, but I need $1000!”

I can’t believe these shoots went down almost 3 years ago. I can’t believe my stills were so awful. When I look at that picture I posted, I just shake my head. Oh well…there’s a learning curve for everything.

And I can’t believe Kaya was cool letting a few of my pals stand around and watch her get fucked while my camera was rolling. I’ll call it “The Peanut Gallery”.

And finally, I can’t believe she just vanished, but she did. I never saw her after that last scene. Word came to me from Dick Nikel that “her family discovered she was doing porn” and part of me believes that…and part doesn’t. Maybe she realized fucking on film wasn’t for her.

Not too long ago my pal Ryan, who works at one of my favorite record stores, had some exciting news. He went out to eat the previous night, and guess who waited on him? Yea…it was Kaya. I asked Ryan, “Did you tell her you’re a fan of her work on my site?

He didn’t. And that makes him a smart man.

Beaue Marie — Now You See Her, Now You Don’t.

Beaue Beau Marie

I got a call from David Cruz, one of the more mysterious agents playing the porno game. Don’t mistake “mysterious” for anything more than it is…he’s just a dude I’ve never met, nor has anyone else I know has ever met; Cruz simply calls directors from time to time, asks if they have time to meet a girl, and — if I do — we hang up, and literally an hour or so later, there’s a knock at my door.

Porn Whore!

Beaue Marie was a David Cruz referral.

And when I opened the door my jaw dropped. Kinda funny, huh? I’ve been around a lot of great looking porn whores, but I still get all geek-boy horny when I first meet a hot one. After niceties, I asked her to take off her clothes, so I could take a front and back nude, even though I already new I was gonna book her.

Kinda creepy, huh?

While she stripped, I got a boner.

Kinda creepy, huh?

I dunno if it was her super-hot voice (not enough people pay attention to the sound of a girl’s voice), or her natural, strawberry-blonde hair, bright blue eyes, or the Dali tat that ran down her side.

I don’t recall now, but I think she hadn’t shot a scene up to that point.

“Maybe we should start slow,” I told her. “Wanna give a Manojob?”

She did. Here’s some free handjob movies starring Beaue Marie. Now don’t say I never gave ya nothing. (I think that’s the second time I’ve used a triple negative in a sentence, but I’m not sure. They don’t even exist, but since I tossed “nothing” into that sentence, I’m gonna go ahead and invent the triple negative right now. And thank goodness I’ve got loyal readers turned editors to leave comments every time I fuck up my grammar).

Then came The Dick Suckers; she’s dick sucker #115, to be exact. For her scene I sat Beaue Marie down on the sybian.

She liked the sybian very much.

I case you don’t know what a sybian is…well, it’s a $1200 vibrator that Howard Stern uses on his female guests, and it’s an almost-guaranteed orgasm for whomever sits on it. Well, as long as it’s a girl, I guess.

Anways, after Beaue came a zillion times, I had her blow the stunt cock I hired; I had no idea she’d wind up marrying him a few months later…but I’ll save that later.

I hired another stunt cock drop a second load on Beaue’s pretty face. But here’s something kinda funny I thought you might appreciate: Beaue charged me an extra $50 for her facial. The reason why that’s so funny? Well, sometimes porn whores don’t care if they swallow or take the facial, but most of the time they take the facial over the swallow…and if they’re gonna charge more for anything, it’s the swallow.

Beaue hates facials.

She feels a facial is degrading.

Which is to say Beaue’s never taken a facial before.

Of course I shelled out the extra fiddy!

Fiddy — a bargain to get Beaue’s only facial on film!

And after Beaue Marie’s Fiddy Dollah Degradation, Beaue confessed she had never done a black guy. But by the time we wrapped the second shoot, she felt comfortable enough with me to jump in the white van and head to the dirtiest, filthiest adult book shoppe in porno valley to blow a stranger through a hole in the wall.

Free gloryhole movies starring Beaue Marie.

“That was so exciting!” she said. “I can’t believe how naughty that was!”

Yes mam.

Then she cooed, “I’d be willing to another interracial scene for you.”

Yes mam.

“But only a one-on-one. Nothing crazy…like a gang bang.”

Yes mam.

Free interracial movies starring Beaue Marie.

Right after her Blacks on Blondes scene (one of only 2 IR scenes in existence) I started shooting Cumbang. One by one The Rednecks would show up at my door, and one by one I’d let them in.

One of the last Rednecks to show up had a girl wrapped around him — Beaue Marie.

The Redneck said, “We’re going to Vegas right after this to get married!”

I said, “how long have you two been dating?”

The Redneck said, “who cares!”

Beaue Marie just smiled.

And that was the last time I saw either one of them.

Beaue Beau Marie

Summer Verona Is One Crazy Ho’!

Summer Verona

Or is she?

A while back, I shot a newbie named Summer Verona. Barely-legal. Incredible tits. Nice ass. She wound up as Dick Sucker #83 and jerked off our stunt cock for Manojob.

Brian Surewood had referred her to me. Actually, Surewood had given me the number of her “manager”, and I set things up with him. The Manager wasn’t really a suitcase pimp…not in the traditional sense. Most suitcase pimps are either knuckle-head ex-cops or mischievous Negroes; Summer’s manager was neither. He claimed to be a photographer, and he shot for all the stroke mags, and had been — for something like 30 years. The Manager was an OK dude, and he told me he was a “friend” of Summer’s, and that she wanted to do porn, and he would be documenting the whole she-bang for Cherry magazine. All in all our day went well, so I booked Summer again.

I shot her a few weeks later, and watched — in awe — as Ruth Blackwell converted her.

Then, I forgot about her for a while, until she turned up on The Howard Stern show. I’ve been listening to Stern, on and off, since I lived in Texas. Howard’s always got an angle, whether it’s Anal Ring Toss or setting someone’s Grandma on The Sybian. Summer’s deal for Howard was that her “father” waxed her pussy before she’d do a porno scene.

As I listened, her “father” — who I assumed was The Manager I met months earlier — didn’t sound like The Manager at all. I also had to give Summer kudos for dreaming up a story as dumb as “My Dad Waxes My Pussy Before My Porno Scenes” to land on Stern and promote whatever she had to promote. I secretly hoped she’d mention either Manojob or The Dick Suckers; of course, she didn’t.

But The Manager didn’t really sound like The Manager. I called The Manager as I listened to Stern, but no answer. I listened and she did her gig and that was that…and again, I forgot all about Summer Verona.

Gia Paloma watches a lot of bad television in between make-up jobs on set, and the other day it was Tyra Banks. It’s usually Oprah, but that particular day it was Tyra. I can’t confirm this, but I’m sure they’re not on the same time slot, which would be the only reason Gia would be watching Tyra instead of Oprah.

Oprah, Tyra. Tyra, Oprah!

Guess who was on Tyra?

It was Summer alright, and this time she wasn’t a porn star — but a whore. And sure enough, there was dad, supporting her career choice, and waxing her snatch before she’d turn a trick.

And I was right — The Father wasn’t The Manager. I’m quite sure her The Father isn’t her dad, but who knows.

Who cares?

Tyra did her best to humiliate Summer in the same passive-aggressive way The Media loves to harangue people they don’t see eye-to-eye with, and sure enough, before it was all said and done, Summer was in tears.

But damn, can that girl promote herself, or what?

Oh, Summer’s “boyfriend” was on Tyra’s set, and he proposed to her…after letting Tyra’s audience know he didn’t like her whoring ways, and he wanted her to stop selling herself and spend the rest of her days with him.

She accepted.

And I’m quite sure she’ll follow through with that promise, until she needs money, or he loses his job, or both…and then, that sweet, teen, pink Summer Verona pussy will, once again, cost $400 (or so) an hour to bang.

Which is about the same price a decent lawyer will charge you — but less that a good CPA.

I wonder if I can get her to mention Manojob or The Dick Suckers when she returns to work?

Summer Verona

Super Fun E-Mails: “The Wonderous Jenni Lee”

Jenni Lee Jenny Lee

JJ From Da UK writes:

Dear Mr Billy, Sir,

What can you tell your devoted readers (this one anyway) of the wondrous Jenny Lee? I think you’ve shot her a coupla times. Share, please…


Dear JJ From Da UK, Sir,

I’ve been criticized a bit for my blog; specifically, I Shoot Porn takes the “fantasy” out of porn, and that I should just keep my mouth shut when it comes to things like talking about the girls.

I disagree.

Insightful tidbits, like what I’m about to lay upon you, are an Aid To Whacking, and they should be wholeheartedly embraced. With that said, I’ll tell you this: like most porn whores, Jenni’s about as kooky as they come.

If you follow the chat boards, you probably know Jenni’s a mainstream model, and she’s got a website up under her real name, but I’m not gonna post that here. Like I said…if you read any chat boards, you already know about her mainstream site — or you’ll soon discover it.

The first time Jenni swung by my studio to make a dirty movie, it was for The Dick Suckers. Here’s some free blowjob pictures featuring Jenni from that shoot. She wasn’t too kooky that day, but she did end up being a “cum dodger”.

Time to digress: cum dodgers are exactly that. They know they’re gonna get a face full of jizz, and they don’t like it…not one bit. Sometimes they’re obvious; sometimes they’re not. Take a look at the bottom pic of Jenni doing her best to dodge The Stunt Cock’s XXXL sized load. That’s an obvious cum dodge. The Not-So-Obvious cum dodgers will do things like raise themselves up higher than the spurting cock, in an effort to catch the load on the chin, neck, and tits…instead of the face.

I hate cum dodgers, which doesn’t mean I hate Jenni Lee; in fact, I like Jenni. So much so I booked her again, this time for a manojob. She’s on the red sofa, about to jerk a wiener. Look at her ass! Jenni Lee gave a superb Manojob, and she didn’t really try and dodge this time. Score 10 more points for Manojob.

I haven’t really talked too much about Mr. POV, but now’s as good a time as any. This dude is another kook, but he’s cool. He’s a fan of my blog. He’s a porno fan. Super Porno Fan. So much so he’s started his own gig. He’s probably e-mailed me 100 times, asking all sort of questions about everything that is porn. Next thing you know, he’s shooting his own scenes and selling them to me (among other places). He’s even got his own blog. Anyway, he’s a big Jenni Lee fan, and he ended up shooting her, and I ended up buying the scene from him. Here’s Mister POV and Jenni Lee.

Jenni came back a few more times to my studio, and each time she seemed more and more detached from porn. It was all about a paycheck for her, and hey…what can I say except oh well. First, it was Manojob, and then came the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen a porn whore do.

I booked Jenni Lee to eat some ass. She showed up on time, had her make-up done, and walked on set. And the minute she walked on set she started speaking in an English accent. No heads up. No warning.

Top o’ the mornin’ to you, mate! Where are the kippers and tea?

I shit you not.

Oh Crikey! Never mind the bullocks. There’s nothing more I love than crumpets and Shepard’s Pie!

“Um, Jenni. Are you OK?”

Of course I am, Mate! Care for a fag?

I’ve been on set once or twice when the girls disassociate themselves from whatever it is they’re doing that they don’t like. I could never figure this out, really. No one’s holding a gun to anyone’s head, no matter what Linda Lovelace said. These girls are here to do a job they’ve agreed to do. Maybe it’s like getting on the jumbo roller coaster ride, and you don’t think you want off until you’re at the top, strapped into the little roller coaster car, and there’s no turning back. Maybe Jenni’s English accent was her way to remove herself from the task at hand, which in this specific case, was eating a man’s bung hole.

I have no idea.

I shoulda just told her to knock off the bullshit, but I found it somewhat amusing, and totally fucking weird, so I rolled with it for a while, but then it got boring, and I finally told her to knock it off.

My mistake. I shoulda never let the camera roll with that silly accent. My saving grace was The Stunt Cock’s tremendous pop shot. Easily one of the biggest I’ve had the pleasure to capture for eternity’s sake. Peter Northian in both size and stature.

There was no dodging for Jenni this time. She was between the sofa and The Stunt Cock, and man, did she get plastered. She didn’t like it one bit.

A porn whore not liking (or taking) a load to the face is a lot like a race car driver who doesn’t like to drive fast.

After the English Accent Incident, I had my fill of Jenni, and apparently she’s had her fill of porn, too. She’s no longer bookable.

Until she runs out of money.

Jenni Lee Jenny Lee

Jayma Reed and Julia Bond: Dicksucking and ManoJobs All The Way Around

Julia Bond and Jayma Reed

This time last summer I was hanging out with Jayma Reed and calling her my “girlfriend”.

Silly thing to do, hooking up with porn stars and referring to them as a “girlfriend”. Trust me on this. It’s sounds cool as hell, and you’ll instantly earn “Hero” status with all your pals, but let’s face it: Porn Stars as girlfriends is a lot like the #4 at McDonald’s, only super sized. Or the Wendy’s Triple. (They don’t even have the triple on their menu anymore; you have to request it).

I have no idea what any of that means, but bear with me.

Jayma’s a kook. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I really, really like Jayma. She’s sweet and intelligent and slutty and gives a 5 Star Blow job and can carry a conversation on everything from politics to The White Strips to theology, but she’s a fucking kook, and she’ll be the first to tell you that — once you get to know her a little bit better.

So we’re hanging out in my studio one afternoon, thinking of something to do, when Julia Bond rings me up.

Julia Bond is a kook. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I really, really like Julia. She’s somewhat sweet and somewhat intelligent and super slutty and I have no idea what kind of Blow job she gives cause she’s never sucked my dick, but she gives a 5 Star lap dance and she’s fairly quiet but an excellent actress.

Guess who the biggest kook of all is. Hmmm. That would be me: I watch people fuck all day long for a living but never get laid; I work a job that I can’t really tell anyone about; when I do tell people what I do for a living they usually flee…or treat me like I’m a sideshow act; I don’t really have any friends; I live in a porno studio in Los Angeles and a house in Phoenix I’m never at; I’m 43 and never been married and can’t really maintain any sort of intimate relationship with a woman for longer than, say, a year, and I don’t have any kids and when I do manage to get laid the girl is at usually 1/2 my age and it runs me $400 (or so) an hour.

Wait a sec — I’m either a kook or a genius…you decide.

Anyways, Julia calls looking for work, and me and Jayma were bored, so I suggested that Julia come over and do a scene with Jayma. I mean really…what else do you think us porno folk do when we’re bored?

“What kind of scene?” Jayma asked. “You don’t have any girl/girl sites.”

I told her I had an idea, and I did, so I called my pal Johnny Fender over, and asked if he’d like Julia Bond and my girlfriend to suck his dick while I rolled tape. “I’ll pay your rate, too!” I said.

Imagine that: getting paid to have Jayma and Julia suck your dick.

Or, imagine this: holding a camera and filming your gal sucking some dude’s dick.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Hey, did I tell you I’ve known Julia for a long time, and, in fact, I shot a Julia Bond Handjob movie and a Julia Bond Interracial movie and a Julia Bond dirty movie?

Or that I shot Jayma Reed Handjob movie and a Jayma Reed Interracial movie (with load dumpers) and a Jayma Reed dirty movie?

Where am I going with this?

Oh yea…so Julia comes over and together with Jayma they please Johnny Fender orally and Jayma, being the good whore that she was, took the load all over her face while Julia held it (her face, that is) and then they kissed, sharing Mr. Fender’s jizz, and all in all it turned out to be a dandy scene.

Soon Julia would star in a Jerry Springer episode and Jayma would go the way almost all porn whores go, which is as far away from porno as humanly possible.

Meanwhile, I’m still right in the middle of it all.

Julia Bond and Jayma Reed

Super Fun E-mails.

Ruth Blackwell and Bailey Bliss

Bailey Bliss writes:

Hey Baby!

Just checking in.

Hey, now that I’ve had the chance to get a real good look at my scene and pictures on Ruth Blackwell, I was wondering why are the pictures so different than the scene. I mean I know you took tons of pictures and video, so I guess it probably has to do with the editing. It’s just that many of the pictures on the site are not in the actual video. Just curious.

Hope everything is still going well Billy.

PS: The thought has crossed my mind to fly out there for a week or so to make a little extra money for school this fall – if I can get work. I really burned my bridges with my agent.


Bailey Bliss!

My very favorite now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t porno girl! What a rack you have, too!

It’s good to hear that you remember that scene, cause I don’t. Oh sure, I remember you, and I hope you don’t feel that cause I really don’t remember the scene doesn’t mean it’s a bad scene, cause reviewing it now, it really turned out good! I shoot a lot of scenes, and I can’t really remember them all; however, I do remember all the girls I shot.

For the most part.

Anyway, you did a great job realizing — and understanding — the Power of Black Dick. Ruth converted you, and it’s too bad you didn’t stick around in Porno Land long enough to make a real name for yourself.

But that’s the nature of this business.

I wonder what the actual stats are: I’d say 8 out of 10 girls do a handful of scenes and then flee Porno Land.

Maybe I’m off. Who knows.

Don’t worry about burning your agent’s bridge, either, Bailey. Every “adult entertainment” agent I know have since lost all their bridges and now function with a moat around them.

Lemme know when you want back in; my door is always open.

Your pal — Billy

PS: I consider stills and video to be two separate things, even though they still belong to the same scene. Sometimes I’m a stickler when it comes to my video following my photos, and other times I just kinda “wing” it. Does this make any sense at all?!

Ruth Blackwell and Bailey Bliss

Super Fun E-mails.

Spring Thomas

Will D. writes:

Dear Billy,

I was just wondering, what do porn whore’s usually do when they are done with porn?

I enjoy reading your blog, but after reading some updates I was left with this question in my head.

I mean do super whore’s like Ruth, Barbie, and Spring ever want to setle down?

Write back as soon as possible please,I hate being baffled. lol

Will D.

Heya Will D.

Excellent question. I’ve always kinda wondered that myself…especially before I got into this biz. And I must admit…it’s almost as much of a mystery to me now as it was then.

I guess the short answer to your question is “yes” — super whores do settle down; however, I can’t tell you exactly when this happens. Again, it’s another mystery, akin to, perhaps, the existence of Sasquatch…or Nessy, The Loch Ness Monster.

Did I tell you that a few years ago I met Seka at AVN’s in Vegas? She’s bookable, too! Nina Hartley is, too! I’ve seen Ginger Lynn around more than once at porno meetings of one sort or another, as well as Christy Canyon.

I think, for the most part, once a Porn Whore retires from in front of a camera, most stay in the sex business, cause the money’s so good. It might not be the thing they spend the most time doing…but they dabble in it, so to speak: escorting and feature dancing immediately come to mind.

Some end up behind the camera, or doing make-up on porn sets, or PA-ing, or running a talent agency.

Some end up with their Sugar Daddy. Or they straight up marry a dude who has met the Porn Whore through some sort of sexual tryst, cause, for some reason, there’s dudes out there who love to “save” a whore.

I’ve heard of these dudes referred to as “Captain Save-a-ho”.

Others go back to school, which is usually where they came from. In other words, they were a college student, and they needed a little extra money, and they made a dirty movie, and they realized there was way more money in dirty movies than there was in whatever career choice they were studying in college, so they left college to make dirty movies all the time, and then, after a while, they got burnt out making dirty movies, so they wind up back in school, ready to move on to a “normal life”.

And finally, Will D., some simply just disappear and go on living their lives completely away from the sex business, cause they want their alter-ego Porn Whore Identity to go away forever…and since porn has such a short shelf life, they do, in fact, achieve this.

Hope you’re no longer baffled.

Your pal — Billy

Ruth Blackwell and Katie Thomas

There’s Something About Barbie, Part 1

Barbie Cummings

Ever wondered what a porn whore looks like cookin’ up some late-night chow and flashin’ her thong?

Not a whole lot different than, say, your gal cookin’ up some late-night chow and flashin’ her thong.

Barbie’s ass might be a tighter, and look better. Maybe not. But there she is, just like your gal, flippin’ food (probably a bit tipsy) at 2 am after a night out on the town.

When I wasn’t in porn, I loved pics like this. I still do, too… but not as much as I used to.

Thought you’d like a peek.

One last thing — Did I mention how much I love Barbie’s blog? Now…don’t get me wrong: she’s not going to win any awards for her writing, or the syntax or punctuation or grammar found therein…but damn, there’s nothing like a writer who tells it like it is, no matter what it costs…and shows dirty pictures to boot.

And dirty pics are way better than grammatically correct sentences, right?