Veronique Vega’s Verofication.

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Calling herself “Vero Vega” and referring to herself as a “WRITER / CYNOSURE / EXHIBITIONIST INTROVERT / EXISTENTIALIST / EX X STAR / KIERKEGAARD ACOLYTE”, Veronique Vega has started her own blog — Verofication.

It’s a blog with only one entry, but I liked “Rain Waltz” so much I thought I’d toss her some traffic. While you’re there, poke around and check out some of the books our Ex-Porno Princess has been reading. Wow! It reads like a syllabus from a class at Reed you’d eventually drop — or a short list of the pile of books currently next to Sasha Gray’s bed.

Whether or not she will update her blog is yet to be seen (duh), and I’m not trying to take anything away from Veronique…it’s just this blogging gig can get kinda tedious after a while. And things get way harder if no one is reading it. So bookmark it and keep your fingers crossed. She might have something interesting to say.

What do I have to say today?

Well, I’m drinking my coffee black for the first time ever cause I didn’t get to Trader Joe’s to buy my organic half-and-half last night; reaffirming “Rain Waltz”, it seems to me when it rains in LA only the idiots come out to play; and, with the exception of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”, Tuesday night’s Dylan show at The Palladium was just OK (unless you’re in to $20 parking, $14 beers, $15 per ticket “service fees”, and a second-rate Blues Band featuring an iconic lead singer); but they really fucking hit it when Dylan sang That Song.

3 thoughts on “Veronique Vega’s Verofication.”

  1. wow, that’s funny. I went to Reed, and I like this girl. I’ll check her blog. Even nerds need porn. Thanks for the tip on this.

  2. Veronique Vega is so hot and just makes me proper horny. Why the hell did she have to go and get her perfect natural breasts enhanced for? lmao!

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