Claire Robbins in Masterpiece of Ass

Pornstar Claire Robbins is featured in this episode of my short-lived video shorts I lovingly named Masterpiece of Ass Theater.

I know i’ve told you I have an obsession with paperback smut. I have an obsession with most old stuff, but  anything that pertains to my industry? I’m really obsessed.

The reason my series was short lived? YouTube nuked the channel. They never could specify which of their excessively ambiguous clauses that live in their TOS I violated.

But I get it.

Enjoy the lovely Claire Robbins as she powers through a reading of Satan’s Harvest by Sandford Aday. I shot this right before we went to set to shoot “Hand Luv’n” for the glorious ManoJob.

And finally, of course — for this reading Clair Robbins will be sitting on the most powerful vibrator invented to date: the Sybian.


I recall once time on set Alexia Skye told me she was part of a stick-up crew called  “The Barbie Bandits“. When I sat down to write this, I discovered it wasn’t true.

I Googled that shit.

But that doesn’t mean Alexia lied. Maybe she was part of another crew? Who knows. What I do know is my industry is loaded with pathological liars, sociopaths, and narcissists.

Which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

One day on set I asked, “Hey Alexia, wanna sit for a living portrait?”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I’m ripping off Andy Warhol. He used to make “screen tests” in his Factory during its heyday.”

She gave me a quizzical look.

“Just sit in the corner for 3 minutes while I roll camera. Do whatever you want. Just stay seated.”

“OK,” she said.

Porn Star Screen Test — Shane Diesel

If you’re familiar with Andy Warhol’s 3-minute “screen tests”, then you’ll understand my “porn star screen tests”.

I made 35 or so around 2011ish, and I just found them on the same hard drive I found my “Masterpiece of Ass Theater” videos.

Warhol called them “moving portraits”, and I think he nailed that description, too.

I’ll be posting more porn star screen tests — from Ginger Lynn to names-you-probably-don’t-remember.

Or probably never heard of.

BTW it’s still great to see Shane Diesel active on twitter and, of course, Big Daddy Shane is still the undisputed King of The Cuckybois.

Masterpiece of Ass Theater starring Penny Pax reading from lesbian pulp novel “Strange Street”.

I have a collection of vintage paperback smut.  It’s pretty impressive, if you’re into vintage paperback smut. I started buying them when you could still get interesting titles for $5 a piece or so.

“Interesting”, to me, means a cool cover. Because we all know to judge a book by its cover…right?

Secondary would be the book’s title. Strange Street, by “William Spain” (the author’s name in quotes because…you know) the book Penny Pax is struggling to read as we amp up the Sybian she’s sitting on, is a great title. Lesbiana, as far as content goes with vintage smut ANYthing, is absolutely terrific, too. And the cover’s cool; hence, a keeper when I stumbled across it in a used book shop in Coos Bay, Oregon…I think it was Coos Bay. Might have been Eugene.

So here’s the deal with Masterpiece of Ass Theater: I’d pay models a little extra before their ManoJob scene to read some of the cheesy-porno-goodness printed in these old, dirty paperbacks while sitting on what is the most powerful vibrator ever manufactured and marketed — The Sybian — with the end game being watching said model try to read, outloud, all that terribly written text whilst orgasming.

At least that’s the idea. Not sure all of the models actually orgasmed. I don’t think Penny Pax did — you be the judge.

I’d have my editor, The Minion, add a silly, PBS-style intro with some corny canned laughter to the start and finish and WAH-LAH!

Masterpiece of Ass Theater!

I uploaded them to my Billy Watson YouTube channel years ago, and needless to say, no more YouTube Channel. (According to YT, I severely violated my YouTube TOS agreement…but I could never get a solid answer from them as to exactly why — So I started a new one called Deep Inside the San Fernando Valley.)

Masterpiece of Ass Theater episodes haven’t been seen since maybe 2012 after recently finding them on an old hard drive! Woot!

(On that same hard drive are my Andy Warhol inspired “screen tests” starring some of the performers from that era…more soon!)

So here ya go. Just don’t go sayin’ I never gave ya something for nothin’.

Oh! And speaking of Penny Pax and YouTube channels, check out Pax Party Productions!

A risqué interview with River Lynn Alabama’s Rising Adult Star!

Adult actress River Lynn makes a selfieLooking for a risqué interview with porn star River Lynn? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Come along with Billy Watson as he sits down with River Lynn, one of Alabama’s most popular adult actresses.


Billy sat down with River right before they shot her scene for ManoJob!

At just 22 years old, this beautiful blonde has already made a name for herself on the Only Fans platform. Adult Video News included River in their “Fresh Faces” interview series.  And now you can listen to her candid insights about her career and more – don’t miss out! And if you’re looking for more River Lynn, here’s the River Lynn blog;  this is the official River Lynn Instagram; if you’re a Super Fan, why not send her something from the River Lynn Amazon Wish List?; and yea man…you can follow River Lynn on Spotify!


Introducing Myra “Moans” Glasford – The Florida Heat With a Sexy Twist!

Myra Glasford pretty prettyMyra Glasford is an 18-year-old amateur model from Florida who is determined to make a big splash in the adult modeling world. Miss Glasford always been interested in art and beauty. It was only natural for her to pursue a career as an adult model. She’s not afraid of pushing boundaries and embracing the risqué. Her approach to modeling is daring, bold and unafraid to challenge societal norms.


Myra "Moans" Glasford on set for ManoJob.comMyra has a unique blend of confidence and vulnerability that makes her highly desirable as a model. She loves taking risks and stepping outside of the box when it comes to posing for risque shoots. She enjoys working with photographers who push her limits, allowing her to explore different aspects of sensuality like never before.


Myra’s goal is to show people that beauty isn’t limited by age or gender; everyone should be able to express themselves without fear or judgement — no matter their age or gender identity. Myra has always believed that everyone should be allowed to express themselves freely without any pressure or stigma attached. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, Myra believes that everyone deserves respect and admiration for their physical beauty and their individual expression of femininity and masculinity.

Look at pretty Myra Glasford!Myra stands out as one of the most daring models on the scene today; she’s confident enough in herself and her abilities as a model that she’s willing to take risks other models wouldn’t dare attempt. With her unique approach, Myra hopes to change everyone’s mindset about traditional concepts of beauty. In addition, she wants to inspire adult models everywhere to embrace their bodies with confidence as they pursue their dreams.

Check out this 33 minute long, #NSFW behind-the-scenes content featuring Myra with adult film director Billy Watson. Again, it’s very not safe for work…especially the last few minutes!

Australia’s Hottest New Adult Actress: Charlie Forde

Australian porn actress Charlie Forde sexy sex!If you’re a fan of adult entertainment, you’ve probably heard a buzz about Charlie Forde. This Australian beauty is quickly making a name for herself in Porn Valley with her stunning looks, impressive talent, and fiery passion. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of The Charlie Forde Experience, let me give you a rundown of who she is and why you should definitely check her out.

Porn Actress Charlie Forde takes a selfie

Thirty-three year old Charlie Forde hails from Brisbane Queensland. Charlie began her adult career with some of the Australian companies before transitioning to the European.

Before adult? Charlie was a veterinarian! (You can listen to the behind-the-scenes video interview below to hear more about Charlie’s experiences being a vet.)

As a burgeoning porn star, Charlie Forde is quickly gaining a following for her captivating, natural beauty and fierce sexuality! She brings it every performance! Forde’s popularity quickly spread beyond Australia, too! She’s making waves internationally, with a growing fan base that’s clamoring for more! Are the AVN’s next?!  I mean…don’t forget, back home she’s already been knocking it out of the park with her 2021 AAIA award!

Beautiful porn star Charlie Forde!

One of the things that sets Charlie Forde apart from other adult performers is her down-to-earth personality. While she can turn up the heat on set, she’s also refreshingly relatable and genuine in her interviews and social media presence. Her natural, girl-next-door persona is evident in many of her scenes, where she exudes a playful, sexy energy that’s impossible to resist.


Adult Actress Charlie Forde sure is horny!

Despite only being in the industry for a relatively short time, Forde has already proven that she’s an incredibly talented performer. Rather than relying on over-the-top theatrics or fake moaning, she brings an authentic sensuality to her scenes that make them all the more captivating. Whether she’s performing solo, with a partner, or in a group, Forde’s raw passion and enthusiasm shine through and keep audiences coming back for more.

Charlie Forde’s appearance is another thing that is sure to captivate male viewers. She has a natural beauty that shines through in every frame, with sparkling blue eyes, luscious lips, and a toned, curvy figure. Moreover, she’s not afraid to experiment with different looks, whether she’s rocking a short pink wig or going “au naturel”. Whether you’re into blondes, brunettes, or everything in between, Forde is sure to have a look that will appeal to you.

In short, Charlie Forde is a rising star in the adult entertainment industry that is definitely worth checking out. From her captivating looks to her impressive talent, there’s something about her that sets her apart from the rest. With an ever-expanding portfolio of work and a growing fan base, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this talented Aussie. Don’t wait any longer! Add this #NSFW Charlie Forde BTS video below to your viewing queue and get ready to be impressed! It was filmed right before Charlie stepped on set with Mr. POV for The Dick Suckers!

Maria Kazi: The Adult Film Actress Who Stole the Show!

Maria Kazi undressing! Adult films are no longer taboo today, thanks to the increasing acceptance of adult content around the world. From OnlyFans to Pornhub, for better or worse, adult content creators are being accepted more and more. In “Porn Valley”, there are few “newbies” who have made a name for themselves due to their talent and popularity. Maria Kazi is one such performer. And, in this blog post, we’ll be looking at why she is one of the most outstanding “newbs” in the industry today.

Maria Kazi made her debut in November of 2021 over at the popular site Backroom Casting Couch. She’s immediately became one of the “bookable newcummers”. Some have even called out Maria’s resemblance to Bree Olson. Maria is known for her smoldering good looks and the ability to hold her own in a scene. She loves using social media, and was quoted recently as saying “I used Tinder to promote my Snapchat.” Maria’s talent in performing in different fetishes is already being talked about amongst her “minions”. (Maria lovingly refers to her fans as minions!) Maria Kazi is also known to be approachable and down to earth.

Maria Kazi sexy sexy!

Maria impressed producers and viewers alike with her energetic performances and incredible, blonde, barely-legal looks. Her performances have made her increasingly popular, and soon she will became a household name amongst adult film fans. Maria had works well with directors and co-stars. Plus, her awesome appearances in adult films earned Maria many fans who were attracted to her raw power on and off-screen.

Due to her outstanding talent and performances, Maria Kazi will soon be recognized. Our prediction? Look for awards from XBiz, AVN’s, and the XRCO’s! This speaks to her exceptional abilities as an actress and will cemented her place in the industry.

Maria Kazi loves JOI

Maria Kazi has always had a strong outlook on life, one that she brings to her performance in adult films. Maria is known for being a private person with a positive attitude towards life. She has maintained a spotless public image throughout the start of her career and will be a been a role model for adult film performers to follow. Maria has always been very transparent in her approach to life and work, and it is one of the things that make her popular with her “minions”.

Only the future will reveal what Maria’s next venture will be, but we are sure that whatever she puts her mind to, Maria will excel. For now, the Maria Kazi Minions can enjoy watching some of her impressive scenes and look forward to the day when new ones drop!

Maria Kazi naked and perfect!


Maria Kazi, in a short time, has shown her talent as a performer! She’s already won the hearts of porno fans all around the world. She is a woman who simply knows how to attract viewers with her abilities on and off-camera. There is no doubt that she will inspire adult actresses to follow her as well as firmly established her future as one of the best in the business. In the short amount of time in “Porn Valley”, Maria Kazi’s fan base — her “minions” — just keeps growing worldwide. Listen in as she talks to Billy Watson about a wide variety of topics, and remember — this is the #NSFW version of this behind the scenes video!! Be careful where you watch it!

The Rise of Emma Hix: From Amateur Videos to Professional Stardom

If you’re a fan of adult entertainment, then you’ve most likely heard of Emma Hix. She’s become a fixture in the industry, with her natural good looks and down-to-earth personality quickly making her a fan favorite. From amateur videos to professional stardom, Emma Hix has left her mark. In this blog post, we’ll delve into her biographical data, age, astrological sign, and her rise to fame. Finally, there’s a full length, uncensored behind-the-scenes video of Emma on set with director Billy Watson. But beware! It’s NSFW!

Emma Hix, born on October 25, 1997, in California, is a Scorpio by astrological sign. The 23-year-old star began her career in the adult entertainment industry in 2016, at the age of 19 years old. Before venturing into the adult industry, Emma worked at a frozen yogurt shop and as a nanny. However, she found herself going down the route of the adult entertainment sector as she says that she was always intrigued by it.

Emma’s debut in the industry was in amateur videos, which became very popular online. Some of her videos went viral and had millions of views. Recognizing her burgeoning potential, Emma was soon approached by professional studios to work in the adult entertainment industry. She signed her first contract with Twistys in 2017 and has since worked for many of the biggest studios in the industry. Here’s her latest studio release at!

Emma’s performances have earned her nominations and awards such as Best Supporting Actress, Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene, and Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, among others. Her fans and followers appreciate her for her authenticity and down-to-earth personality. Take, for example, this hand job fetish video in which Emma gets caught using pornograhy! One of her fans has been quoted saying that Emma’s talent stands out because she’s not just performing for the camera; she’s doing it because Emma Hix loves porno.

In addition to her on-screen performances, Emma has also tried her hand at producing and directing. She launched OnlyFans, and it’s already amassed a huge amount of loyal followers. Emma’s also been vocal about her experiences in the industry, advocating for better regulations to protect individuals working in it.


In conclusion, Emma Hix has firmly established herself as a force in the adult entertainment industry. From her humble beginnings in amateur videos to now being one of the most sought-after actresses in the business, Emma’s authenticity and love for the industry have driven her success. As she continues to grow her career, it’s exciting to see where Emma will go next. With her talent and dedication to her craft, it’s clear that Emma Hix is a star that will shine for years to come.

Aria Valencia: From Newbie Porn Star to Adult Actress Extraordinaire!

Aria Valencia sure is beautiful! Aria Valencia is a familiar name in the adult film industry. This gorgeous, petite Persian has captured the hearts of many male fans with her seductive looks and impressive performances. Although Aria Valencia is relatively new to the adult industry, Aria has already made her mark as one of the most talented actresses out there. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Aria’s life and career, and what makes her stand out from the rest.

Cute, barely-legal Aria Valencia takes a naughty selfie

Aria Valencia was born in Southern California. She was raised in a tight-knit family and grew up with a love for music and dance. At the age of 18, Aria was scouted by an adult film agent from a social media platform. Her petite form and sultry demeanor made her stand out, and soon she was getting offers from some of the biggest adult production companies in the business.

Pornstar Aria Valencia gets ready to milkSince then, Aria has accrued a big fan base in the adult film world. She has appeared in numerous scene and has won over the hearts of many men for her amazing performances. What sets Aria apart from other actresses is her ability to connect with her audience. She exudes confidence and sensuality on screen, but also has a down-to-earth personality that fans find appealing.

Aria Valencia lubes it up!Although Aria has been in the industry for a relatively short time, she has accomplished a lot. In addition to her numerous scene credits, she has also been adding many followers to her social media platforms.

Here’s a few Aria Valencia #NSFW scenes you need to check out:

  1. The Dick Suckers scene with real-life bestie Tatiana Blow.
  2. Aria Valencia first appearance at ManoJob.
  3. Aria Valencia teams up with Mia Kay to drain Mr. POV!

Aria Valencia is a true star in the adult film industry. From her humble beginnings to her rise to fame, Aria is about to become a role model for many aspiring porn actresses. Despite the challenges that come with the job, Aria has remained true to herself and has never compromised on her values. Her talent, drive, and passion for her craft have made her a favorite among fans and industry insiders alike. Below is a #NSFW, 30+ minute behind-the-scenes interview with director Billy Watson. As she continues to make waves in the industry, Aria Valencia remains an inspiration to perverts everywhere.