A Conversation with Allie Addison

Allie Addison hails from the Great State of Michigan. She’s petite and a delight to have on set. As Allie smoked a joint, we spent some time talking about the industry, how she got into the adult industry, music and parties and and answering the fans’ questions that ended up in her DMs after she tweeted “ask me something for Billy Watson!” and  everything else I could come up with in the short time we had before Mr. POV stepped on to set.


Behind the Scenes with Lexi Lore

Wha wha whattt? He’s posting again? You know me; I’ll keep this up through…the weekend?

I sat down with Lexi Lore right before we shot her for ManoJob. Lexi had taken some time away from Porn Valley, and I managed to book her on a (somewhat?) come back tour. She’s great talent, and I hope to shoot her some more.

Enjoy my brother.

An Interview with Brooke Haze

Brooke Haze
Brooke Haze on set for ManoJob.com

Whenever I have a model in my studio I’ve never shot before, I generally do the whole “primer / 101” thanaang…which means that’s one of the things you’re gonna hear in this interview: a Brooke Haze Primer.

Brooke Haze 101.

So take notes. Brooke Haze isn’t new to Porn Valley, as you’ll find out. She’s a small-town Florida girl from a conservative place. Brooke’s had a “relatively normal life”, who didn’t watch a whole lot of porn before she jumped in. Her segue to porn? Grace Evangeline. Grace helped Brooke learn about the industry: porn isn’t just sex, and scripted porn has been

What can’t you book Brooke for? No “giant anal gang bangs”. So click play and listen in!

An Interview with Natalia Queen

Natalia Queen
Natalia Queen on a ManoJob.com set!

Natalia West. Blonde. Barely-legal. And awesome to work with.

Natalia swung by this summer to work for ManoJob.

Feen For The Queen.

I grabbed my camera as Natalia was creating content on her phone for her Snapchat.

The one thing Natalia gets is long money. Not an easy concept to wrap your brain around when you’re 18. But I won’t go there. Here’s where I will go: I asked questions about Natalia’s entry into sex background, her career (so far) in Porn Valley, how’s she’s handling the sleaze balls and hustlers and sycophants and psychopaths who populate the sex industry…as well as the lessons she’s learned from porn.

Oh yea…one last thing: I gotta fetish for vintage panties. But not one where I beat my meat thinking about them, or thinking about a girl wearing them; it’s just more like they’re super rare to find (I’m a collector of weird and wonderful things) and I love finding them and then having models try them on as I make pictures…the pictures I call “arty-fartys”. So when I came up dozens and dozens of beautiful, unworn, vintage panties from the 50’s at a used clothes shop in the Arts District of Las Vegas recently, I bought up as many pairs as I could afford. $500 bucks or so.

Someone help me with my self-control, please.

And now, Natalia.

I gotta memoir cookin’ in my braaaain….

Pornstar JoJo Kiss Porn Star
Selfie time for Jojo Kiss

What a commitment. The more I think about attempting a memoir, the more I think about not only the work and time involved but the really hard part: how much of my personal, personal life goes into this? That’s a scary part, I think. Revealing all the dirty details that encompass this Billy Watson persona I’ve cooked up over the past 17 years. If I got this done, what would my family and friends think? It’s not about the people I don’t know…but the people I do. I think there’s something like 1200 posts here that go back to when I started it, which, I can’t believe, is right about 13 years now.

Anyone care to let me know how time works? On that, I’m all ears.

Oh, that’s JoJo Kiss making a selfie when she was over the other days making a handjob movie. Gotta love the fetish films.

Super Fun Comments: My Favorite Performer Brooklyn Chase

Sexy Brooklyn Chase
Brooklyn Chase “The Confessions of Brooklyn Chase” for The Dick Suckers.com

Mr. Ecchi writes:

Brooklyn is definitely my favorite performer! When I got my first laptop (and starting watching a lot more porn) is also around the time when she was establishing herself. She did recently shoot her 20th scene with Dogfart (1 more and she’ll have the record) It felt odd not hearing you for the BTS!

Not sure if this will get a response but now that you’re independent and no longer with Dogfart maybe you can answer some questions I have.

Brooklyn is arguably one of the most popular models you’ve ever shot for Dogfart and that helped her become a fan favorite for IR fans. Do you think this has somehow prevented her from being booked for Dogfart’s rival(s)? (Blacked and Blacked Raw)

Contract girls are rare and most who aren’t will happily shoot for multiple companies/studios but I’m wondering if unofficially being the face of Dogfart has somehow prevented Brooklyn from being booked by those well known IR brands (maybe just the fanboy in me but seems strange she still hasn’t been booked by them ye despite fan requests…)

On that subject did it ever bother you (or management at Dogfart) that Blacked kind of came out of nowhere and stole a lot of your thunder after being the undisputed leaders of IR for so long? There are other studios that have IR content of course but hard to deny that Blacked has quickly gained a lot of attention (even mainstream) and recently a lot of new girls are now choosing to shoot their first IR with them…

FWIW I always preferred Dogfart’s hardcore style but would be lying if I didn’t admit Blacked/Blacked Raw seems to have higher production values.

Also while you worked for Dogfart were there ever any attempts to try and book these women:

Kendra Lust, Lilith Lust and Gemma Massey?

Final thing (sorry for the long ass post lol), Nikki Benz’s cuckold sessions is one of my favorite scenes. Because of her situation a while back it seems a lot of companies have black-listed her (fair or not) Don’t suppose there’s any chance you might consider shooting her for your own sites in the future?


Hey Mr. Ecchi!

Brooklyn might be my favorite performer, too. She’s certainly top 3, and that’s saying a lot after spending 17 years of my life shooting smut. Crazy how time flies. 17 years literally to the day….crazy!

I can’t really comment on Blacked nor Blacked Raw and their business practices, not due to my career with Dogfart, which I loved very much — I just don’t have that insight; however, if Porn Valley’s taught me one thing, it’s never to dismiss anything, even a ridiculous practice like hey let’s not book the awesome Brooklyn Chase cause she’s worked for Dogfart a whole lot. 

Which is to say I wouldn’t put anything past anyone in the lovely Valley o’ Pornoz.

Following up on Blacked & Blacked Raw, to me, Dogfart and Blacked are like that old cliché, Apples and Oranges. Or maybe Oranges and Blood Oranges. While those sites certainly forced me to up my production game, other than black dudes banging white girls, there’s really nothing similar about them; in fact, I could make a fun argument Blacked Raw came from their desire to emulate Dogfart. But like I said, that’s a fun argument, with no disrespect aimed at anyone.

Finally, no one likes a liar, and sure…their production is way higher, as are their shoot budgets, which is fine me by. Look, almost anything I say about Blacked and Blacked Raw and Mr. Lansky that sounds the least bit critical makes me sounds like a whole bunch of sour apples…to continue with the fruity metaphors. Honestly, I’ll take a DF scene over anything over there, and it’s not cause I made it.

At all.

But I’m sure there’s people shaking their heads now, reading this, that’ll say oh boy Billy Watson is a whole bunch of sour apples. And really, that’s not the case. I stand by each and every scene I ever made with Dogfart, and I’ll put them up against any other company’s IR scenes, and that’s pretty much that. Was each and every scene I made perfect? Absolutely not. Some didn’t work at all, but every time I stepped up to the plate, I swung, and I swung hard. With loyalty and respect to everyone on my set up to The Producer.

Finally, you’ll never, ever see Ms. Benz anywhere near any of my sets, ever again. It’s really one of the great things I love about being my own boss: no more hiring handfuls. Speaking of handfuls, there’s some models out there that, for various reasons, declined Dogfart gigs. I won’t delve into any of that, either, other than to say just because they declined the gig doesn’t make anyone a handful, and one of the great things about Porn Valley is you don’t have to take any gig you don’t wanna take, which is a beautiful thang.

Your pal — Billy Watson.

An Interview with Allie Addison

Allie Addison
Allie Addison loves her some vinyl.

Allie Addison. I’ve been smitten since I first laid eyes on her. I was having lunch with my pal Thomas, who owns and operates the iconic Amateur Allure,  when I first saw Allie. It’s a thing we smut peddlers do:  eat and talk about things like where we think the industry is heading and recall the good old days and, most importantly, hey bro…any hotties you’ve seen lately that I should be aware of?

That’s when he showed me the pic Allie’s agent had sent to him. Well…at least that’s how I remember it all going down.

At a follow-up lunch a few weeks after I shot the Allie Addison ManoJob scene (as well as the interview below), I thanked him again for the Allie hook-up. He looked at me like I was crazy. “Show me a picture,” he said. So I pulled out my phone and showed Thomas a few of the pictures Allie and I had made the day of the shoot.

Allie Addison on set
Porn starlet Allie Addison on location.

He looked down at my phone and back up at me and said, “Never seen her before in my life.”

This, my friends, is how my old-man brain works. Well, really…I’m not old. Really I’m not. But I can’t figure out how I discovered Allie…so yea, not recalling how I found someone as cute and bookable as Allie is some serious old-man shit I woulda never pulled off in my 30’s. Probably not in my 40’s, either. In fact, I still kinda think maybe it was Thomas’s old-man brain at work, but hey…I’ll take one for the team.

Allie Addison
Allie Addison looking at Polaroid pictures made on location.

So there’s a  Billy Watson interview over at Jim Beemiss’s blog, and I said a few nice things about Allie in my interview, cause I meant them. I think she’s on her way and can have a great career in adult, if it doesn’t eat her up alive. And we all know sex work is perfectly capable of doing such things — just like most anything we do in this life.

An interview with Riley Nixon

Don’t believe the hype: I did not interview Riley Nixon in August of 2019, as the beginning of the video states. It was earlier in the year (maybe even late 2018?), but hey…does it really matter when? I’m just happy any time I get to sit down with Riley Nixon to spend some time catching up with her. This interview was conducted right before she jumped on the ManoJob set with Mr. POV. 

Riley Nixon strikes a pose!
Riley Nixon on set making Polaroids

I guess  you can call Riley “controversial” because of a haircut. I guess…it’s a style she’s kept ever since I met her, and I’m pretty sure ever since she jumped into the porno game a few years ago. Any agent would advise Riley to her grow her hair out; in fact, I’m sure most would pass on representing her because of her hairstyle. But Riley’s fiercely independent and her own person.

Riley Nixon photography
A photograph of Riley Nixon as shot by Billy Watson.

And I love making the artie-farties with Riley. We’ve had a few days in my studio together, collaborating on ideas as photographer and model. I’m big on that, too: it’s great when photographers have a vision and that’s that…but I’ve always worked best bouncing ideas off the models I’m working with, listening to what they have to say — and then making pictures together.

Or pornography. Either/or.