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Masterpiece of Ass Theater starring Penny Pax reading from lesbian pulp novel “Strange Street”.

I have a collection of vintage paperback smut.  It’s pretty impressive, if you’re into vintage paperback smut. I started buying them when you could still get interesting titles for $5 a piece or so.

“Interesting”, to me, means a cool cover. Because we all know to judge a book by its cover…right?

Secondary would be the book’s title. Strange Street, by “William Spain” (the author’s name in quotes because…you know) the book Penny Pax is struggling to read as we amp up the Sybian she’s sitting on, is a great title. Lesbiana, as far as content goes with vintage smut ANYthing, is absolutely terrific, too. And the cover’s cool; hence, a keeper when I stumbled across it in a used book shop in Coos Bay, Oregon…I think it was Coos Bay. Might have been Eugene.

So here’s the deal with Masterpiece of Ass Theater: I’d pay models a little extra before their ManoJob scene to read some of the cheesy-porno-goodness printed in these old, dirty paperbacks while sitting on what is the most powerful vibrator ever manufactured and marketed — The Sybian — with the end game being watching said model try to read, outloud, all that terribly written text whilst orgasming.

At least that’s the idea. Not sure all of the models actually orgasmed. I don’t think Penny Pax did — you be the judge.

I’d have my editor, The Minion, add a silly, PBS-style intro with some corny canned laughter to the start and finish and WAH-LAH!

Masterpiece of Ass Theater!

I uploaded them to my Billy Watson YouTube channel years ago, and needless to say, no more YouTube Channel. (According to YT, I severely violated my YouTube TOS agreement…but I could never get a solid answer from them as to exactly why — So I started a new one called Deep Inside the San Fernando Valley.)

Masterpiece of Ass Theater episodes haven’t been seen since maybe 2012 after recently finding them on an old hard drive! Woot!

(On that same hard drive are my Andy Warhol inspired “screen tests” starring some of the performers from that era…more soon!)

So here ya go. Just don’t go sayin’ I never gave ya something for nothin’.

Oh! And speaking of Penny Pax and YouTube channels, check out Pax Party Productions!