Hi! I’m Billy Watson. I shoot porn!

My name is Billy Watson.

I Shoot Porn.

A lot of people ask me how I got into porn, and, to be honest, I just kinda fell into this gig. Or, as the old adage goes, it’s not what you know — but who you know. You can read my Substack, which is shaping up to be a memoir. I’m 20 years in as a professional smut peddler — to which I say I am a career pornographer. Crazy.

I started this blog in 2006…but maybe earlier. There’s lots of interviews and stories from my life as the director for Dogfart, my sites, and just some personal stuff, too. I abandoned the blog a few years back when I thought it had lived its life, to to speak. But I’m about to give it another whorl.

If you’re a dude looking to get into the biz, either in front of — or behind — the camera, DO NOT ASK ME FOR A JOB.


Sorry I had to shout, but it seems that’s the only way to get through to people…and it still doesn’t work.

Follow me on Twitter! Poke around the blog! My archive runs deep. Leave comments! Oh yea! don’t forget my Substack! Subscribe right now!! Only cause things like this make my day.

I am Billy Watson.

I shoot porn.

30 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Billy Watson. I shoot porn!”

  1. Billy-
    Is there any way you can add these clips to Itunes in the form of podcasts? That would rule…I know I am asking for too much but I have loved this blog for years…


  2. Just wondering about a few things Billy:
    1. What’s with all the spitting?!? Even when the pussy/ass is obviously wet, guys/gals feel the need to hock a huge wad of spit. Last time I checked, there is plenty of saliva already in the mouth and on the tongue- so if you’ve just finished a nice boxed lunch or treated yourself to a ripe banana, it should already be adequately lubed. I realize it’s a fetish thang, but it’s kinda getting old.
    2. Cumshots- I love em, but it seems that almost every scene ends with the guy jerking off in the girls mouth or holding her head/hair during climax. Wouldn’t it be great if the girl actually jerked off the guy and if she actually looked like she wanted his cum in her mouth. Half the time she’s got her eyes closed and mouth opened up like a PEZ head. Oh yeah, and maybe we could actually get a cumshot in other places besides the mouth. (Two asides: 1. Personally, if it’s a threesome bgg, I’d love to see a 69 with the two girls and the guy cums on the top girls asshole and let’s it drip down to her pussy while the bottom girl just goes apeshit oral on the top girl and the dick (from below, obviously). 2. Perhaps a bbg where the two guys lay on their backs, ass to ass/dick to dick, and the girl takes both in her mouth at once and they both cum at the same time.)

    Is it me or is the industry very cookie cutter (not unlike mainstream films) when it comes to these issues? Just wondering. Thanks for your time.

  3. how u billy my name is moses,my dream is to be a porn star soon to be 22 year old.i lived in the Boston area so if u can please email me a let me know what i can do

  4. Billy why doesn’t the male talent ever cum in the girls nose or ear canal? I’ve seen it when the male talent will cum in the girls eye, face, vag, ass or where ever but never in the nostril or ear. Maybe you could get one of those auto funnels and have the men nut in a cup then pour it in her nose. Then she could suck it out through the back of her throat, into her mouth, show it too the camera then swallow. I know its brilliant!!! Feel free to use it. I have some other ideas for you but I dont want to post them all in public. Have a good weekend!


  5. Billy – Love this site. I find the interviews with the up and coming actresses really enlightening and your other anecdotes help paint a better picture of what the world of adult video is all about.

    That same curiosity is taking me to the AVN expo / awards thing in Vegas in January. Do you attend? I’ve only seen the excerpt show on Showtime (?) but it looks like a mix of trade show and God knows what else. Any tips on how to get the most out of it? While I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the girls up close (just to appreciate size/shape/personalities for real) I’m not an autograph hound or star worshiper. I’m more interested in getting to know the reality of the business from the seedy to the serious craft/business.

    Thanks for your time.


  6. am I live in Morocco amine j 22 years I’ve attend a casting for porn I want to become a porn star I want to help you to achieve my dream and thank you Please help me please You know that in Morocco there is no company for film x

  7. Hey billy, i want ask why you dont make longer scenes for mprov? also it would be better if we can see whole girls body.

  8. Hey Billy, can you help me remember the name of a porno?

    It’s from the early-mid 90’s. 2 guys, they are scientists or something and develop a mind control machine that allows them to have girls suck their cocks when they snap their fingers.

    In one scene, the older guy shows the young guy how it works and he clicks his fingers and says “aces boy, aces” and the girl starts blowing him.

    Any ideas?

  9. Billy- So I’ve got some money to spend (not rich but I do ok) and decided to get a woman off backpage. To my surprise a lot of them had “no black men” or “no blacks under 30” and my favorite “no black thugs”. So while I’m not offended (I’m Black) I was disappointed because some of those chicks were hot…assuming that was their real pic. Anyways, my question is do you have any insight as to why these girls discriminate against green money?

  10. Mr. Watson I’m sure you get idiots like me all the time, yet here I am about to ask something dumb. I do wanna marry a pornstar. Here it comes do you think you can pass my text # off to some possible bride to bes? It’s worth a shot the worst that can happen is you don’t. I think having a porn wife would be perfect. Amyway id let you film the honeymoon lol

  11. Re: Girls rubbing their clits throughout most of the scene?

    As someone who films porn, Do you discourage the girls from playing with their pussies throughout the scene? It’s always good to see that the girl is into it but when the star of the scene (the pussy) is covered by their hand the entire time, It ruines it for me.

    Any thoughts on this?

  12. Hi Billy,

    Love your blog. I understand you recently shot Gauge’s long awaited comeback scene for the Mr POV site.

    Any chance of you making an entry here dedicated to that scene? Was Gauge easy to work with?
    Are you planning working with her again? Do you think she would consider working with you on a Dogfart shoot?

    All the best,



    Billy, one of the things I like best about your shoots is something that I call “After Jizz.” You let the camera linger on the woman after the guy nuts. There’s nothing sexier than cum on a woman’s face – especially if she’s pretty. She doesn’t have to say anything, just keep filming it. You’re one of the only directors who consistently does this. Is this just a fetish of mine? Why don’t other directors do it?


  14. Billy…i want to know the name of bj swallows … where I can get video of it … it’s beautiful … thanks

  15. Hi Billy,
    Long time reader of your site. Sorry to here of the news of Cherry Poppens, wasn’t she from Oregon? That’s were I’m at.
    Question, any news on Violet Blue AKA noname Jane? I saw she was pregnant and did at least 1 video during her pregnancy. I still wish you could bring back Nikki Lynn from a few years ago!

  16. I was wondering if you would maybe be interested in writing a blog post about the many different film sets (e.g. the adult video store, the bar, the swimming pool, the living room & the master bedroom) that you use to shoot Dogfart scenes. Are the bar & the adult video store for example actual businesses or just sets? And what about the house where a lot of the Dogfart scenes take place?

  17. Hi Billy,

    Big fan of your work. You probably get this all the time, but what are Ruth B/Erin Moore, Spring Thomas, and/or Barbie Cummings. I’d pay significant money just to worship the feet of any of them.


  18. I still watch alot of your old Dogfart content. Cumbang to be exact. I really wish while the black chick had her eye jizzed closed a black dude came in and jizz on her too. I know it plays up her getting banged by white dudes but it would still be fun. Like if it was the black guy she was talking shit about.

  19. Billie have to agree Allie Addison cant get enough of her! You bring out her best qualities. Would be really great to see her doing your classic manojob stroking and sucking her thumb for the tease and after getting that cute face plastered! That the hottest!

  20. Can’t say I thought this one through enough. Never thought I could say the words “I respect your site” to a pornography site… but mainly because I have not seen any others done like you do it. So, I guess I have to. Kudos man. I just wanted to send you a message because I was compelled, and because you are frankly good at it. O.K. Mission accomplished. I hope no one else will get my email, and I’ll trust you on that one. I’m 65 and winding down my life now. No drama is my rule. But I’ll probably join your site soon, at least for 3 months, to check out what you do. Thanks Mr. Billy. The girls are also cute, and by that I mean their personalities are pretty cool, and not like most prudes might imagine them to be. Hope that made sense.

  21. Hey Billy great to see your new updates here! Some great scenes Dixie Lynn sucking her thumb as you pounded her doggy was awesome. Gia looks amazing with her big eyes looking up as her tits get fucked. And the pornshop bukkake was great! How about a mashup of Gia or Dixie sucking their thumbs getting a bukkake? You killing it bro

  22. Hi Billy. As you may know, there are a lot of pernicious rumours on the internet about how people of Jewish descent are involved in pornography, especially interracial pornography. As someone who has worked with DogFart, what do you make of these claims? It seems silly to me that believe people interracial pornography wouldn’t have been a thing without Jews being involved – even if there were no Jews, someone else would have stepped up to create this content. Just wondering about your opinion on all this.

  23. Pervy old guy here. Loove all those cum-filled Dogfart girls, and I soo want to get on set, to eat them out and cum-pash them when those goo loads are still fresh in their holes! But how do I actually contact the Dogfart people?? Nothing on the web-page but affiliate stuff…

  24. Hey Pervy Old Guy! You’ll never, ever get on a set to do that…but it’s a fun fantasy!

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