Claire Robbins in Masterpiece of Ass

Pornstar Claire Robbins is featured in this episode of my short-lived video shorts I lovingly named Masterpiece of Ass Theater.

I know i’ve told you I have an obsession with paperback smut. I have an obsession with most old stuff, but  anything that pertains to my industry? I’m really obsessed.

The reason my series was short lived? YouTube nuked the channel. They never could specify which of their excessively ambiguous clauses that live in their TOS I violated.

But I get it.

Enjoy the lovely Claire Robbins as she powers through a reading of Satan’s Harvest by Sandford Aday. I shot this right before we went to set to shoot “Hand Luv’n” for the glorious ManoJob.

And finally, of course — for this reading Clair Robbins will be sitting on the most powerful vibrator invented to date: the Sybian.

4 thoughts on “Claire Robbins in Masterpiece of Ass”

  1. Is she still shooting, I remember when she first started they did little interviews after her scene

  2. I’m sure Jayma is living a happy life somewhere! I haven’t talked to her in a long, long time. And I don’t delete comments, unless they contain sensitive info about models.

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