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Spring Thomas

Will D. writes:

Dear Billy,

I was just wondering, what do porn whore’s usually do when they are done with porn?

I enjoy reading your blog, but after reading some updates I was left with this question in my head.

I mean do super whore’s like Ruth, Barbie, and Spring ever want to setle down?

Write back as soon as possible please,I hate being baffled. lol

Will D.

Heya Will D.

Excellent question. I’ve always kinda wondered that myself…especially before I got into this biz. And I must admit…it’s almost as much of a mystery to me now as it was then.

I guess the short answer to your question is “yes” — super whores do settle down; however, I can’t tell you exactly when this happens. Again, it’s another mystery, akin to, perhaps, the existence of Sasquatch…or Nessy, The Loch Ness Monster.

Did I tell you that a few years ago I met Seka at AVN’s in Vegas? She’s bookable, too! Nina Hartley is, too! I’ve seen Ginger Lynn around more than once at porno meetings of one sort or another, as well as Christy Canyon.

I think, for the most part, once a Porn Whore retires from in front of a camera, most stay in the sex business, cause the money’s so good. It might not be the thing they spend the most time doing…but they dabble in it, so to speak: escorting and feature dancing immediately come to mind.

Some end up behind the camera, or doing make-up on porn sets, or PA-ing, or running a talent agency.

Some end up with their Sugar Daddy. Or they straight up marry a dude who has met the Porn Whore through some sort of sexual tryst, cause, for some reason, there’s dudes out there who love to “save” a whore.

I’ve heard of these dudes referred to as “Captain Save-a-ho”.

Others go back to school, which is usually where they came from. In other words, they were a college student, and they needed a little extra money, and they made a dirty movie, and they realized there was way more money in dirty movies than there was in whatever career choice they were studying in college, so they left college to make dirty movies all the time, and then, after a while, they got burnt out making dirty movies, so they wind up back in school, ready to move on to a “normal life”.

And finally, Will D., some simply just disappear and go on living their lives completely away from the sex business, cause they want their alter-ego Porn Whore Identity to go away forever…and since porn has such a short shelf life, they do, in fact, achieve this.

Hope you’re no longer baffled.

Your pal — Billy

Ruth Blackwell and Katie Thomas

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