There’s Something About Barbie, Part 1

Barbie Cummings

Ever wondered what a porn whore looks like cookin’ up some late-night chow and flashin’ her thong?

Not a whole lot different than, say, your gal cookin’ up some late-night chow and flashin’ her thong.

Barbie’s ass might be a tighter, and look better. Maybe not. But there she is, just like your gal, flippin’ food (probably a bit tipsy) at 2 am after a night out on the town.

When I wasn’t in porn, I loved pics like this. I still do, too… but not as much as I used to.

Thought you’d like a peek.

One last thing — Did I mention how much I love Barbie’s blog? Now…don’t get me wrong: she’s not going to win any awards for her writing, or the syntax or punctuation or grammar found therein…but damn, there’s nothing like a writer who tells it like it is, no matter what it costs…and shows dirty pictures to boot.

And dirty pics are way better than grammatically correct sentences, right?

4 thoughts on “There’s Something About Barbie, Part 1”

  1. I could not help but to write to you. I happened to have bumped into your story with the cop and then I looked into you further and ran into this blog. Having read this, I think that there should be more people like you. Nobody has the right to judge no matter who they are in this world. I, like you, think sometime about what I want to do and while I know that my future is pretty much secure every now and then I think about how exciting it would be to do something like get into the porn industry just out of the blue. However, I can only dream of such things because I know what I need to do in order to be successful. I respect your decision because you have done the same. You decided to pursue something and made a successful career out it, and I am sure that whatever you decide to do in the future will be successful because you are determined and you do not care about what others say. Please understand that I am not some sort of creep I am actually a normal person if there is such a thing anyway. So if you happen to roll through the nashville area again let me know so we can party together, ad I’ll be sure to introduce you to exciting new people.

  2. Wow, I really like her look there actually! She looks even more beautiful than in some professional sets out there with different makeup.

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