Waiting on the Pop Shot.

Kinzy Jo

When I was a jock, I waited on hitting the right position.

When I was a student, I waited for the end of the semester.

When I worked security at concert venues, I waited for gate crashers.

When I was sold cars, I waited on “The Ups”.

When I was a bar room bouncer, I waited on the fake ID’s. And the fistfights.

When I sold stocks and bonds, I waited for the Social Security Number.

When I taught, I waited for The Excuses & The Lies.

When I labored on construction sites, I waited for the injuries…and the end of each and every day.

When I was unemployed, I waited for the state’s check in my mailbox.

Now, I wait for The Pop Shot.

Usually — but not always — in my flannel PJ’s.

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