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Taylor Kurtis

J. writes:

hi bill im a big fan of your manojob site particularly as its one of the only handjob sites out there to use black man. I just had an idea for a scene, could you do one where the man is tied up or restrained. for example we could have a scene with the woman dressed as a sexy policewoman (short skirts,low cut top) and the brotha is handcuffed so is restrained as he gets a handjob. Or you could have one with him tied to a cheer like he is being interrogated and his punishment is getting a handjob, I think that would be really sexy, having him tied or handcuffed to a chair or wall so he cant move while he is getting his dick whacked off is so fucking sexy and you know deep down inside everyone fantasises about getting there dick whacked off without there consent. peace

Hey J!

Interesting you bring this up.

When I started developing Manojob, I imagined a pretty simple, straight-forward, gonzo style site. It seemed, at that time, that all the dirty sites out there featured camera men who thought they were super funny…so funny they’d add commentary to whatever it was they were shooting. And they musta thought they were SO funny, or had such insight, that their commentary was more important than the scene they were shooting.

So when I starting filming Manojob, my only rule was NO DUDE TALK. Not once, on that site, would you ever hear a guy’s voice. No silly banter. No stupid jokes.

Oh, and the girl has to finish the guy. No jacking on dude’s part whatsoever.

I’ve learned now there’s a whole fetish thing happening with handjobs that’s submissive in nature. Just like the scenarios you outlined.

I was surfing around Clips 4 Sale, where I have a small clip store. And almost all of the handjob scenes feature restrained dudes getting jerked by dominant women…some scenes are really kooky, too. Like “orgasm denial” where the girl won’t allow the dude to cum…with dudes tied up and shit.

Kooky. With a K.

Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

I just don’t wanna turn Manojob into a BDSM thang, you know? But who knows…I just might have a few girls tie some poor sap off, and then jerk him silly.

Just for you.

Cause it’s all about the customer, right?

Your pal, Billy

PS: Check out Taylor Kurtis! I shot her a couple years ago for Spunkmouth, and we just recently got to work together again! Ain’t she grand? I shot the scene at a cheap hotel in Vegas, January of 05, during AVN’s. Here’s some free Taylor Kurtis movies from that scene just for you, my friend. And remember this…there’s not a whole lot of Taylor doing naughty things with a boy out there!

Now Peace out with your bad self.

Taylor Kurtis

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