Beaue Marie — Now You See Her, Now You Don’t.

Beaue Beau Marie

I got a call from David Cruz, one of the more mysterious agents playing the porno game. Don’t mistake “mysterious” for anything more than it is…he’s just a dude I’ve never met, nor has anyone else I know has ever met; Cruz simply calls directors from time to time, asks if they have time to meet a girl, and — if I do — we hang up, and literally an hour or so later, there’s a knock at my door.

Porn Whore!

Beaue Marie was a David Cruz referral.

And when I opened the door my jaw dropped. Kinda funny, huh? I’ve been around a lot of great looking porn whores, but I still get all geek-boy horny when I first meet a hot one. After niceties, I asked her to take off her clothes, so I could take a front and back nude, even though I already new I was gonna book her.

Kinda creepy, huh?

While she stripped, I got a boner.

Kinda creepy, huh?

I dunno if it was her super-hot voice (not enough people pay attention to the sound of a girl’s voice), or her natural, strawberry-blonde hair, bright blue eyes, or the Dali tat that ran down her side.

I don’t recall now, but I think she hadn’t shot a scene up to that point.

“Maybe we should start slow,” I told her. “Wanna give a Manojob?”

She did. Here’s some free handjob movies starring Beaue Marie. Now don’t say I never gave ya nothing. (I think that’s the second time I’ve used a triple negative in a sentence, but I’m not sure. They don’t even exist, but since I tossed “nothing” into that sentence, I’m gonna go ahead and invent the triple negative right now. And thank goodness I’ve got loyal readers turned editors to leave comments every time I fuck up my grammar).

Then came The Dick Suckers; she’s dick sucker #115, to be exact. For her scene I sat Beaue Marie down on the sybian.

She liked the sybian very much.

I case you don’t know what a sybian is…well, it’s a $1200 vibrator that Howard Stern uses on his female guests, and it’s an almost-guaranteed orgasm for whomever sits on it. Well, as long as it’s a girl, I guess.

Anways, after Beaue came a zillion times, I had her blow the stunt cock I hired; I had no idea she’d wind up marrying him a few months later…but I’ll save that later.

I hired another stunt cock drop a second load on Beaue’s pretty face. But here’s something kinda funny I thought you might appreciate: Beaue charged me an extra $50 for her facial. The reason why that’s so funny? Well, sometimes porn whores don’t care if they swallow or take the facial, but most of the time they take the facial over the swallow…and if they’re gonna charge more for anything, it’s the swallow.

Beaue hates facials.

She feels a facial is degrading.

Which is to say Beaue’s never taken a facial before.

Of course I shelled out the extra fiddy!

Fiddy — a bargain to get Beaue’s only facial on film!

And after Beaue Marie’s Fiddy Dollah Degradation, Beaue confessed she had never done a black guy. But by the time we wrapped the second shoot, she felt comfortable enough with me to jump in the white van and head to the dirtiest, filthiest adult book shoppe in porno valley to blow a stranger through a hole in the wall.

Free gloryhole movies starring Beaue Marie.

“That was so exciting!” she said. “I can’t believe how naughty that was!”

Yes mam.

Then she cooed, “I’d be willing to another interracial scene for you.”

Yes mam.

“But only a one-on-one. Nothing crazy…like a gang bang.”

Yes mam.

Free interracial movies starring Beaue Marie.

Right after her Blacks on Blondes scene (one of only 2 IR scenes in existence) I started shooting Cumbang. One by one The Rednecks would show up at my door, and one by one I’d let them in.

One of the last Rednecks to show up had a girl wrapped around him — Beaue Marie.

The Redneck said, “We’re going to Vegas right after this to get married!”

I said, “how long have you two been dating?”

The Redneck said, “who cares!”

Beaue Marie just smiled.

And that was the last time I saw either one of them.

Beaue Beau Marie

22 thoughts on “Beaue Marie — Now You See Her, Now You Don’t.”

  1. Hi, Billy. I’m writing to you, hoping that you’ll respond based on a few shared interests. 1) I’m an adjunct professor at a Los Angeles University 2) I’m a filmmaker and cineaste (viva Criterion!) 3) I’m a perv.

    Billy, I need some advice. I’ve just started dating a girl–we are both in our very early thirties, very good-looking and fun–who wants to get a three-way out of the way before we get too serious. When she told me this, I pretended like it was no big deal when really, inside, I was thanking God. She’s hot, wants to be with a girl and wants to see me with a girl. Awesome, right? Well, I can’t for the life of me figure out where to find a girl to join us.

    When she warned me that this was going to be difficult I thought Pah, you forget how smart I am! But, boy has it been a pain in the ass.Can you offer some advice, man? I’m being sincere here. You know what the life of an adjunct is, and how much this opportunity means to a silly little film geek. PLEASE! Thanks.

  2. Dear Previous, (can’t be bothered to scroll. oh, forget it),

    You have a new girlfriend who is hot, and wants to have a threesome. If you can’t make it happen, you don’t deserve for it to happen. And she will think you’re a pussy. Pull yourself together, man!


  3. Also, there is no such word in French, or any other language as “Beaue”. Beau, belle, bon, bonne, Bo, Didley, Squat, but no Beaue. She disappeared because she was too dumb to remain visible. Like Jesus. And she ran away to Vegas with a guy who does bit parts in “redneck porn”, a “genre” with so many “subs” before it, it exists even less than the word “Beaue”. She didn’t deserve to live, exactly as Mr. Previous-Previous, doesn’t deserve to see his girl getting eaten by a chick who then eats him. Life is cruel.

  4. dear mister Dougtheatre you are an idoit like no other Beaue Marie was born in spain and raised in germany then moved to the US when she was fourteen.

  5. hahahahah … you guys have no idea what you are talking about … non of you know anything about Beau .. or her husband .. who by the way has done ALOT more work than bit parts in redkneck racist porn … laughable shit here ..maybe she went away because of this very crap you pervs post … peace ..

  6. oh and yeah exactly like jesus .. died for everyones sins ..ohh hahaha the intro story up at the top of this page is sooooo not how the real world was .. but damn good scenario .. hopefully we are still friends huh … hehehe ..

  7. @Robbie James — I’m still wondering what’s so “laughable” here, Robbie. Or why you feel so insulted/angry about this blog entry. No one’s taking anything away from your career as male talent, and there’s nothing derogatory being said about Beaue. I have an excellent idea about what I’m talking about, as every word of this entry is true. You might not like the fact she did IR, but that’s your problem, bro…no one else’s. And as for your follow-up comment…the one that mentions Jesus…were you drunk when you wrote it? Cause after reading it a few times, I still can’t make sense of it.

  8. Oh no worries Billy . I am not insulted or angry .. some one else is .. your story here is good enough for porn .. I actually really like you as a person and always have .. the thing i meant when i say she died for your sins is .. in a post on this thread just up Dougtheatre say .. she does not deserve to live .. so i say she died for your sins .. because Beau does not exist anymore .. She went through some serious regrets for doing your IR scenes .. one of the reasons she vanished .. i just find it funny how people are still posting all over cyberspace about who she is where she is and the like .. and how the scenes that ran her from the industry as she knew it are now being recycled . sold out to other places as news scenes . not to mention she gets nothing from them .. it is just sad how this industry prays on on pretty women who get thrown to the wolves ya know old friend .. ? well please take no offense here . it was nice to chat .. peace oh and p.s. no i was not drunk but thanks for asking ..:)

  9. @Robbie — Beau’s insulted? Angry? Regrets? Hmmm…you know what it sounds like to me? Sounds like Robbie is pissed cause Beau did IR, and of course Beau’s not gonna side against you. Robbie regrets not “being there” when Beau made a choice to perform. That’s it, really. As for Dougtheater, he never said Beau does not deserve to live. Read closer, Robbie. Read it two or three times. And finally, since you’re such a vet in the porn industry, you know very well the industry “prays” on no one. (You meant “prey”.) Beau’s scenes didn’t run her out of the industry, Robbie — you did. Cause no one’s gonna hire a girl who only works with her BF…and you know that better than anyone my very good friend.

  10. Yes she is all of those things .. you still have no idea . I didn’t run her out of nothing . Exuse me for using the wrong pray my bad . But you above all know what I mean . But I promise you that I never ran her out of anything . And I assure you that she isn’t just siding with me . She is very bothered that you sold her scenes . But she knows she isn’t some dumb girl anymore . You think you know this person but you really don’t . Anyway. .. wish you all the best . Old friend .

  11. Robbie, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    She’s upset I “sold her scenes”? What does that mean? I am a hired director for Blacks on Blondes…have been, since 2002. I never owned Beaue’s scene — I simply shot it. And I booked Beaue from her agency to be female talent, as she was bookable at that time to shoot B/G IR scenes.

    I stand by my statement: Robbie is pissed cause Beau did IR.

    That’s that.

  12. Oh dear, I’m not bothered or upset about anything. I’m more or less embarassed about some scenes I did. At 19, I didn’t know any better as far as making wise desicions in the industry. A little misguided as well. I carry no grudges or ill towards anyone in the biz. And if the name “Beaue” which doesn’t exist, bothers those intellectual, sophisticated type……pardon me and my spelling…it’s just a name.

    Off to disappear again 🙂


  13. Funny fact is that my girlfriend looks a little bit like her, but we start dating way before i even saw a scene from her.
    I’m originally from south america, just a young working guy that came to work to the US, not a sotisficated or pervert as many here.
    As a normal guy that watch porn, i can say this girl is amazingly beautiful, sometimes i feel bad for watching (in my subjecive opinion) such a pretty girl making porn, i would definitely marry her and take her out of the bussiness (which i think it happens with her husband).
    Now that we have no more updates from here, is almost impossible to find an autograph, and is the first timeni actually want one.
    Good luck!

  14. I see why there is a small argument here….. heh…….

    Beau however I think should not feel ashamed or anything like that. People make mistakes and if she thinks she made one then so be it. (I don’t think she did tho) As to running of with another actor, well….thats her choice….if she loves him then what is the problem.

    It seems to me some people are upset they lost one of the most beautiful porn actresses ive ever seen. Especially for redheads!!! omg.

    As for me, I think she is a beautiful woman. She looked so hot and cute in her BoB scene. Even tho im not totally into interracial porn its one of my fav scenes.

    Mainly because of the way she looks and acts……shes just so…..nice………….

    To the guy who has this woman by his side, im so jelly. 🙂

  15. If she did an OnlyFans account nowdays she would BLOWUP and make crazy money
    I hope she is doing fine.

  16. Like most of the models who come and go in and out of Porn Valley, I’m quite sure Beaue is living her best life!

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