Come Together: Colleen Del Rio is Serena Taylor is Heather Summers.

Ashley Jane
I dunno what I like more: my brand new Beatles box (mono-riffic!) or Serena Taylor. I’ve blogged them both before, so why not again?

My very favorite Beatle song is “Across The Universe”, but it’s not the one in the mono box, cause there’s no “Across The Universe” contained therein; forget about the version on the original Let It Be, too; you want to listen to “Across The Universe” off Let It Be (Naked). In fact I could go on and on about Let It Be (Naked), cause it’s my favorite Beatles album, and sure, Revolver and Rubber Soul and The White Album are awesome and probably “better”, but damn: “Two of Us” and “Dig a Pony” can bring me out of a blue funk anytime.

My very favorite Serena Taylor scene shows up on the world famous She was still Colleen del Rio, and not Serena Taylor, and certainly not Heather Summers. This is a more lo-fi Serena Taylor, as opposed to the later hi-fi version, and certainly not the polished, audiophile Heather Summers.

“Come Together” coincides with one of my very earliest childhood memories, thus making it my second favorite Beatle’s tune. I was a kid, and I was sitting in the passenger side of a van. Whether or not it was a van isn’t really important. My Uncle was behind the wheel. It really was my Uncle driving, and he is important, because he was a big influence on what I listened to, and this particular memory musta taken place when I was 6 or maybe 7, and as I sat there in the van or car or whatever, and, as the 8-track of Abbey Road played, he defined “Toe Jam Football” for me. I just wish I could remember what he told me it meant.

Serena Taylor’s second handjob sceneis a real doozie. She works a huge load from Stunt Cock, and she’s more Serena Taylor than Colleen Del Rio…whatever that means. I mean I know what it means, but I’m not sure that clarifies anything up for you.

I dunno if you can relate to “In My Life”, but it really speaks to me, so I’ll chart it as my #3 all-time Bealtes fav: All these places have their moments / With lovers and friends I still can recall / Some are dead and some are living / In my life I’ve loved them all for Lennon meant Stu Sutcliffe. And for me? Hmmm. Well…I’ll just leave it at Spring Thomas. Oh. And Barbie Cummings. And Jayma Reed. And Adrianna Nicole. And Audrey Elson.

In addition to giving hand jobs, Serena Taylor is a dick sucker. But that’s as far as she ever took it. I guess that’s where she drew the line in the sand. There’s a few girls who play this game. Maybe “game” isn’t the right word. They’ll jerk and suck on camera, but no pee-pee in the V-Jayjay. Makenzie Wilson and Ashley Jane immediately come to mind. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but hey…whatever is best for you is best for you. Serena’s scene at The Dick Suckers rocks.

You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I’m gonna stick “She’s Leaving Home” here, not really cause I think it’s the 4th best Beatles song I’ve ever heard, but because I can write about it. I mean in the sense that it brings back a distinct memory for me, this being the summer of ’77: I spent it at Grandma’s house, and she still had some of my Uncle’s 8 tracks there, and the one I played over and over was Sgt. Pepper’s while I built model cars in her basement. It’s weird, cause I never built a model after that summer. It was just something to do that particular time in my life, I guess. Granny drove me up to the hobby store, and I picked a few out, and I remember the one I worked on the hardest was a souped-up pick up truck that had beer barrels in the bed, and as I worked on it I really listened to Sgt. Pepper’s, and I could identify most with the girl in the song, mainly cause it was at the age I was starting to question my parents and their rules. Not that I’d ever run away…but still, it’s fun for a 14 year old to think about after getting in some trouble.

In addition to her trip to the Gloryhole, Serena Taylor having her glasses splattered in jizz is a real hootenanny. Isn’t it funny that Serena would never do a boy/girl sex scene, but she’s suck off an anonymous black cock through a hole in the wall? Or suck off two creeps until they rendered her reading glasses unusable?

Speaking of Sgt. Pepper’s, I gotta go with “A Day In The Life” to wind this down, and I’m not gonna say much, other than it really is in my top 5 Beatles’ songs, and, there’s nothing more I like to do that turn you on. After all, it’s my job.

7 thoughts on “Come Together: Colleen Del Rio is Serena Taylor is Heather Summers.”

  1. Honestly I don’t think Serena has the body for B/G porn. She’s a bit too curvy, which is fine, but in porn that’s a big no-no. She does have a pretty face, though, which explains why she can get HJ/BJ type work. I think she knows this, and she knows that the producers know this. Sometimes you just have to be realistic.

  2. My first Beatle LP was Revolver, bought by my grandmother for me right after John Lennon was murdered. And dude, I had to laugh so fucking hard reading your post. I’d listen to the thing while making models too, only I made ships and sci-fi ones!

  3. No, Serena has a great body, especially the tits. She’s a girl I would have loved to see in BOB. I’m with Billy though, I understand why some girls wouldn’t shoot more than hj/bj, but if you’re in porn it’s not going to make a difference I would think. If someone knows you shot a scene, they’ll look at you the same whether you did hj/bj/anal/interracial or what.

    Mackenzie is one that I would have loved to see some good scenes of. I remember when that spunkmouth episode came out, it was my favorite scene and still is. However, I can swear I saw ONE b/g scene with her, but it wasn’t shot by Billy. I don’t remember – maybe Amateur Allure – but I joined that website after seeing a preview somewhere and the video was nowhere to be found on the site once I joined. I wish I still had the video preview. It was obvious in it that she wasn’t that type of porn girl, but it was intercourse nonetheless

  4. I dunno Michael, it depends on the shot. In some shots she looks good, but her arms (upper) are quite thick. She looks like one of those girls who used to be really heavy and lost alot of weight. I’m not saying that’s the case but it’s possible.

  5. Well, she is now called ‘Heather Summers’ and does B/G work. It’s true, she is the freaking hottest babe around. Her JOMG scene and Gloryhole scene are superb.

  6. yeah,she’s on B/G now but not sure for interracial or gangbang. I would love to see you get her back especially on gloryhole, black on blondes or cuckold sessions..
    she seems to like tit-fucking & it would be hot to see big black cocks up & down between her jugs!

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