Katja Kassin Has Left The Building.

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From Adult DVD Talk:

Hello everybody,

I wanted to take the time to thank everybody in the porn industry and also my fans for the support over the last (almost) 7 years. I decided 2 weeks ago to retire from the adult industry and from sex/adult work in general. The reason is that I have done all that there is to do in the porn/adult/stripper/escort universe.

This year I have finally bought my own house in the SF Valley, a fixer upper foreclosure that I renovated. I remember in March 2003 when I first came to the US with 200 bucks in my pocket (in the year 2010 I can apply for citizenship) – I have come a very far way since then and now I just want to make sure that in another 7 years I can look back and still say that, “wow, have I come a long way in the past 7 years”.

I am very grateful for everything that I have gained by being in this industry. It has taught me a lot about myself, made me a lot of money, got me a lot of free time, made it possible for me to achieve what I wanted to do in almost a blink of an eye compared to how long it takes regular people to to the same. I have met amazing friends and had many good times. But also of course you gain a little, you loose a little so there is a price that I paid for that. I will always have that past. I will always have to deal with judgments until I die. I will have to explain myself to new people I meet and their families. Now is the time in my life where the gain-loose priorities change. I have put the gains to good use in my life and now I am looking at the other side of the calculation and I am realizing I have grown up and moved into a different direction.

When you are 23 you don’t give a fuck about much. You are hating on your parents anyway, you think you don’t need anyone and people talking shit about you makes you feel more important. Now that I am 30 years old it does matter to me what people think of me because I owe it to myself to create different, new things that I can be judged by. Next time my mom goes to get her hair done I don’t want her to have to lie anymore. I want her to say with a proud tone in her voice: “my daughter teaches German classes in L.A.” or whatever it is I am doing.

I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in relationships anymore because of what I do. It is hard for any man to date a porn star, even maybe after you retire. But it is simply impossible to have a relationship while you are making a living fucking other people. It’s been a great ride and a part of my life that I will always look back to with no regrets and lots of funny, weird and crazy stories. It was something that was fun and fit into my life at a younger age but now I want different things for myself.

It was part of my journey and made me who I am today but when I look forward I do not see myself sucking and fucking to pay my mortgage. I see myself working a job that maybe doesn’t pay insane amounts of money but that fulfills me and takes care of my bills that need to be paid. I see myself enjoying a routine, showing up at the same office or place of employment every day at the same time. I see myself building new, stable relationships. I see myself taking on new responsibilities, committing to one person, getting married, starting a family together, making cup cakes and carving pumpkins for Thanksgiving with my kids.

I know I don’t owe anyone any kind of explanation at all but it was important to me to make this statement to show you my reasons.

I have been known in the industry for being professional, reliable, on time and organized and these things haven’t changed so since I am looking for a new challenge and a new job if anyone has any offers or suggestions for me I can be reached at meetkatja@gmail.com – I am very good working at an office desk but also organizing production and I am a good camera girl too.

Thanks again to everybody and especially to Mark Spiegler. Mark, I know you don’t realized it, maybe because I have never told you so, but I owe a lot to you. You were a great mentor and teacher to me and I am still thinking about what you would say in some situations in my life when I need advice. Thanks for your guidance! I will forever be grateful for having had you in my life at some point.

Thanks to all my co stars. There won’t be any juicy remarks now because I have always looked at working with you all as this: work and I think this is why many of you liked shooting with me.

I’ve never been a big attention whore and loved reading people’s comments on how great I am but if you have something good to say about me, if you have enjoyed my work over the last 7 years, please let me know. This is the time and place to do it! I have been looking forward to this very day when I would be writing this statement and now I am very happy but also crying. It’s always hard to leave something you know you’re good at.



24 thoughts on “Katja Kassin Has Left The Building.”

  1. Good Luck Katja und ich danke Ihnen für all die großen, hot scenes!
    Sie traf einmal in der Phoenix-Forum und Sie waren noch
    schön in Person. Klasse handeln!

  2. it’s intersting what she has to say and how she says it compared to how ginger lynn communicates. yeah, katja has spent many less years in the business and came up at a very different time than ginger did, but ginger retains this bitterness that apparently at her age she will never shake. it seems like maybe ginger got into something that was way over her head – and though she implies it was a concious decision and she loves her job – there is not much else for her to get into at this point in her life. katja got in knowing what the biz was about, reached a goal whatever that may be, and is quite positive about her future. she has a whole life ahead of her and it’s cool to see she is taking advantage, but i am sure like myself, others are wondering when the comeback vids will start…

  3. Wow, it makes me cringe to see her basically asking for a job.
    She probably has never done anything but porn so she has no other skill and she thinks she can finally live like a commoner, I’m speaking of the lower middle class – penny chasers. Well Just like the rest of you are thinking I’ve got a job for her RIGHT HERE! But for her sake I hope she can find one that’s dignified AND pays well.

  4. yeah, she seems to have more brains then the rest of the whores out there squandering their cash off the bet….while that’s a good thing, the fact that she is asking for work, it probably not a good sign……like themanshan said, she probably has not job skills outside the biz, so how she’s gonna maintain the lifestyle that she’s used to (esp. in this economy) is gonna be interesting to see…..at least she’s got the right idea.
    my guess is, after a year or so of scrunging around for work or from badly paid job to badly paid job, she’ll be back cause this is the thing she knows best and that’s that….plus after 7 years, my guess she’s too used to the lifestyle and finantial rewards to find anything similar ourside the biz making the same kinda of money….

  5. I’m subscribing for 3 months only because of cuckoldsessions …. but just the updates ….. I will cancel my subscription Billy …

  6. I’m just wondering how Katja has managed to obtain a greencard? It’s my understanding that they are very hard to come by especially if you do not have a university education (which I’m guessing Katja doesn’t).

  7. Good luck Katja.Congratulations on the house. I am skeptical that someone who has been in the biz & made some kinda’ money can really stay away from it…but it is possible.Consider this Katja: Cleaning businesses will ALWAYS be necessary.Yes they lack glamour,but they can earn six figures with minimal overhead in almost no time.Again…good luck however it shakes out.

  8. How does someone that,maybe wasnt the most famous porn star, but certainly incredibly well known manage to find decent employment? I wish her the best, it’ll probably be hard to find a place and not be immediately judged or taken advantage of- she’s been on just about most professional porn sites and worked for most if not all the major studios. Hopefully she can find a behind-the-scenes job while searching

  9. I bet Katja Kassin married one of them niggers she’s let fuck her fat ass over the years. That’s one way to get a green card, one that works for women who see sex transactionally.

  10. Maybe. I e-mailed Katja and asked her “I’m curious – how did you manage to obtain a greencard to allow you to stay in the US, considering you are not a citizen?”. For some reason she took great offence to this and interpreted the e-mail as me accusing her that she shouldn’t be in the country. She told me she went through the ‘legal channels’ using her lawyer. Right. If it was that easy to stay permanently in the US, your population would probably double overnight with every Mexican obtaining legal status. The fact is, it’s very difficult and unless you have good qualifications and skills that the US needs, they are not interested in you.

  11. I would be glad to give Katja a real, legitimate job in my office. But, like others, there would always be a nagging thought in the back of my head that maybe she wasn’t satisfied with the $3000-4000 a month that a junior administrative assistant makes. Considering a porn whore can make $10,000 in a few days letting black parolees choke-fuck her, it’s hard to compete with that wage level.

  12. Thank you Katja! We both enjoyed your videos very as you are/were one of our favorite porn stars!

  13. Hello Katja,

    I enjoyed your work. Its obvious you have a good head on your shoulders. I’m sure you’ll be a success at whaever you chose to do with the rest of your life.

    To the 9 to 5ivers. Believe it or not, it’s not necessary to work FOR someone else all your life. A lot of people are self-employed. A good business for someone with a lot of cash on hand is the loan business. Little overhead is involved and there are always 9 to 5ivers who are a few bucks short.

    One can lease a small office, hired a few people. And before you know it, one is making money off their money.
    This is the kind of business a smart women like Katja should look into.

  14. Katja you are the anal queen. I’m form New Zealand please come over and let me fuck you up the bumhole.

  15. Pretty sure you can obtain a legal visa through the entertainment industry. Entertainers and professional athletes come to the US and obtain a visa that way. It costs money and they have to pay for it, but demonstrating you’re an entertainer or athlete gets you the visa. And you don’t have to be some huge professional athelte, minor league baseball players, mini tour golfers all apply and get it. I’m sure a ton of entertainers have to do the same thing and you don’t have to be some huge movie star to obtain it. My guess is she hired her lawyer and went through the proper channels and obtained it as beinf an entertainer. Cost her probably a decent amount of money but her only way to stay in the country legally.

  16. Katja, I think your fantastic. I’d like to be given the chance to know u and hopes that you’d be interested in me being that guy u want to stay with. I’d be proud to have u as my lifetime partner. It think your gorgeous.

  17. She will be back got to have black cock up her ass and swallow black cum she seems to enjoy such vile behavior

  18. Once a whore always a whore. Yeah, start a family. See where that gets you when your son or daughter find out that mommy was in a 20 plus man gangbang swallowing all their loads. And do you wonder why the lifespan of a pornstar in 39 years?

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