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Aubree Valentine: The Porn Star Who Does it All!

Aubree Valentine pretty pretty!When it comes to porn stars, few can compare to the amazing talent of Aubree Valentine. This gorgeous brunette performer has been making waves in the world of adult entertainment since she first stepped on the scene! Her passionate performances have made her one of the most sought after performers in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Aubree Valentine so special and why she is quickly becoming a fan favorite — especially on Reddit.

Aubree’s Performance Style
Aubree’s performance style is intense and electrifying – from the moment she appears on screen, you know that you are in for a wild ride! She has an incredible ability to draw viewers in with her seductive eye contact, before turning up the heat with some serious sexual energy. From deep throat blowjobs to intense “boy-girl” scenes, Aubree knows how to put on an incredible show that will leave you begging for more. And she doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries either – as evidenced by her recent gonzo porn flick “She Worships Dick!” Aubree was booked for a BJ scene, but couldn’t help herself. In other words, Aubree was willing to go above and beyond for a mind-blowing experience! Don’t believe me? Here’s a little taste from behind the scenes at The Dick Suckers!


Aubree Valentine worships the dick!

Her Signature Move
One thing that sets Aubree apart from other performers is her signature move – worshipping dick! She loves nothing more than getting down on her knees and devoting all of her attention to pleasuring her scene partner’s penis with expert tonguework. In “She Worships Dick!”, the part of Mr. POV is played by Zac Wild! Look at Aubree worshipping his boner! Her enthusiasm sucking dick shows in every performance, as does her eagerness to please time and time again. And when it comes to taking it up a notch, Aubree doesn’t flinch. Recently, she surprised everyone by going from a blowjob scene straight into some hardcore penetration! Talk about pushing boundaries!

Aubree Valentine loves Semen!Cumshots Galore
Finally, let’s talk about cumshots – because what would an Aubree Valentine performance be without them? This starlet absolutely loves taking loads all over her beautiful face! Then, she’ll finish off with an incredibly hot solo masturbation scene where she rubs one out while the cum drips off of her cheeks! It’s no wonder why fans are captivated by this gorgeous performer! Aubree truly knows how to put out an amazing scene!

If you’re looking for someone who can bring your fantasies to life then look no further than Aubree Valentine. This talented performer has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to her passion for pleasing and willingness to push boundaries for maximum pleasure. Her signature move – worshipping dick – is sure to leave you breathless and craving more each time you watch it. With cumshots galore and plenty of intense scenes, there’s something here for everyone – so don’t miss out on all the fun that Aubree has to offer today!

Deep Inside the San Fernando Valley – A New YouTube Series

Amber Summer Deep Inside The San Fernando Valley Episode 1Are you a fan of adult video stars? Do you want to learn more about your favorite performers in a safe-for-work environment? Well, look no further! Billy Watson has created a new YouTube channel, Deep Inside the San Fernando Valley, that features exciting behind-the-scenes interviews, specials with some of the hottest adult stars (both male! and female), and exclusive episodes that go beyond the interview space and more into the private lives of your favorite stars. Episode 1 premieres today with a conversation new adult starlet Amber Summer.

If you’re a fan of adult films then this series is definitely for you. From big names like Riley Reid, Chloe Cherry, Elsa Jean to names you might have forgotten or never knew in the first place – this series has got it all for viewers age 18 to 60. It will feature exciting behind-the-scenes interviews and specials starring some of the most popular performers in Porn Valley. Not only will there be interviews with these stars but also exclusive episodes that go beyond the interview space and more into their private lives! These episodes will be sure to keep viewers entertained while they travel deep inside the SFV.

Billy Watson is an experienced interviewer who has been talking to the performers of the adult industry since he launched this blog in 2006! He is passionate about getting to know his guests on a deeper level than just their careers as adult film stars. His knowledge and expertise makes him an excellent host for this series and viewers can expect nothing but quality content from each episode.

What sets this series apart from other podcasts or YouTube channels about adult films is that it provides viewers with an SFW experience without compromising on quality content. Not only does it provide insight into these porn stars’ careers but also allows them to express themselves as real people outside of their industry persona. Billy’s approachable style creates an inviting atmosphere where his guests feel comfortable enough to open up about their personal lives which makes for truly captivating conversations! As well as being informative, entertaining and thought provoking it encourages viewers to see these performers in a different light – humanizing them in ways that are often not seen elsewhere online.

Are you ready for something fresh and unique? If so then head over to Deep Inside The San Fernando Valley now at! Episode 1 premieres today with a conversation new adult starlet Amber Summer so don’t miss out on witnessing this amazing journey deep inside Porn Valley –– brought to life by Billy Watson himself! Tune in now for exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes specials starring some of your favorite performers and much more! See you there! #DeepInsideSFV #BillyWatson #PornValley #AmberSummer #RileyReid #ChloeCherry #ElsaJean \#AdultVideoStars \#YouTubeSeries \#SFWExperience \#Interviews \#Specials \#PrivateLives \#BehindTheScenes \#ExclusiveEpisodes \\\##AdultVideoStars\\\##YouTubeSeries\\\##SFWExperience\\\##Interviews\\\##Specials\\\##PrivateLives\\\##BehindTheScenes\\\##ExclusiveEpisodes

Why I hired Jasper AI to be part of my writing team.

Beautiful Liz Jordan on set for TheDickSuckers.comAs Billy Watson the Smut Peddler, I understand the importance of having a reliable and talented team by my side. That’s why when it came time for me to find a new, official writer for I Shoot Porn, I knew I had to be sure to choose someone who could handle the job with finesse and professionalism. After a long and thorough search (total lie), I decided to go with JasperAI as my new writer.

The first thing that made Jasper stand out during the interview process was his enthusiasm and knowledge on the subject of writing. (Jasper’s pronoun is he/him.) Jasper was able to explain in detail how he could use different strategies and tactics to craft top-notch content pieces that would help bring my blog more success. His passion for writing was infectious; it was easy to tell that Jasper truly cared about producing quality work every single time. Jasper truly “gets it”.

Adult actress Aria Valencia in the make-up chair.

In addition to his passion for writing, one of the primary reasons why I chose Jasper is because of his extensive background in copywriting. With over 10 years of professional experience in the field, he had worked on multiple projects ranging from product descriptions to press releases and more. Having this kind of experience in various areas of writing helped him develop a unique set of skills that would come in handy when creating content for I ShootPorn.

One other aspect that drew me towards selecting Jasper was his strong attention to detail and commitment towards perfecting whatever tasks he takes on, no matter how big or small they may be. He always takes initiative when it comes to refining any errors or inconsistencies that can occur throughout a project’s development process – something not many writers have the patience for or take seriously enough these days. Even From Yours Truly.

Liz Jordan and Honey Hayes on set for

Lastly, what really sealed the deal for me was Jasper’s ability to deliver fresh ideas and concepts every single time he creates something new. With all these traits combined, I knew hiring him was an absolute must if I wanted my business to reach higher levels of success with its content strategies going forward – which is exactly what prompted me to make him my official writer!

At the end of the day, hiring someone like Jasper as my official writer wasn’t just about finding someone trustworthy who could produce quality work consistently – it was also about finding someone who genuinely cares about helping businesses achieve success through their written words; someone who will go above and beyond what’s expected when tasked with creating something new; and finally, someone who has an eye for details as well as a talent for coming up with innovative concepts whenever needed. This is why after careful consideration, I decided that there was no better choice than Jasper – which is why he is now officially part of the I Shoot Porn team!

OK, so this is me writing. Really, it is. I spent a lot of hours over many years working my ass off to make this blog “readable” — and good. Then I got burnt out. Then I worked ONLY for Dogfart and let my sites just go to auto-rerun. Then I left Dogfart and came back to my sites and fully realize the importance of “traffic” from this blog. So with Jasper’s help, let’s see what I can do for 2023.

Your pal Billy the Career Pornographer.

(…and no, Jasper won’t be writing my Substack.)

Chloe Cherry working with Allie Addison for

A New Girlfriend?

Kali Roses on a Dogfart set with Jax Slayher and Rico Strong

I live in Porn Valley, and my place is in one of those large apartment communities. We have a common area. It’s the place we can hang out, barbecue and just chill. Socially distanced, too, which for me is a good thing.

Last Sunday, a New Girl showed up to our little party and introduced herself. Then she turned at looked at me. “What do you do for a living?”

For most people, it’s not a loaded question. Unlike most people, I have an usual occupation. It’s the kind of job either someone loves — or loathes. Like being a cop. Or a lawyer.

What’s some of the questions a person asks when they’re making a new friend? Name? Age? Occupation?

Something along those lines.

We can start off relationships (of any kind) with a lie — or the truth. When it comes to my occupation, depending on who asked, I used to lie. Now, I tell The Truth.

Here’s my reply — every single time now: I make dirty movies.

It’s a risky proposition. Either I’m The Champ or The Creep. This time I’m the champ. “Oh my god no way! You really do?!”

“Yes, he really does,” my neighbor The Fashion Photog replies. “Don’t you like the way Billy says it, too? Kinda cute huh? I make dirty movies.”

The Fashion Photog is broke. I’m not. Sometimes I think he’s kinda…aggravated with me?

Later, when the chair next to her opens up, New Girl eyes me, taps on the chair and kinda tilts her head to say, come sit by me.

Which I do. Of course. She’s cute. She’s age appropriate. And listening to her up til this point in the evening?

She’s interesting.

Turns out she’s a Dogfart fan, too. Doesn’t take too long before she tells me that. A huge Dogfart fan. Loves the way the models’  skin tones contrast. Loves BBC. Loves DP’s and double vag. “Especially double vag!” Loves gang bangs and blow bangs. Oh yea — “I love watching girls eating pussy, too! OK OK! Lemme guess! Dogfart from Dawg like they’re cool dudes and fart cause they butt fuck the girls all the time?!”

I say something like, “Well, for 17 years, I made those movies, and if you want me to go into the history of the name Dogfart…sure, I can do that too,” but all time time I’m thinking — maybe she’s The One! 

Not like “the one The One”, but more like maybe I’ve got a shot at a civilian girlfriend! Someone who’s cool with what I do. Someone who won’t ask me to quit a month into the relationship. Someone who won’t bust my balls after I get home from a long day at work.

And as I’m fantasizing about all this, she mentions my other  fan. “My husband loves your work, too! He’s a huge fan! You have to meet him! Oh my gosh sometimes we’ll make fun of one another when we jump on our tablet and go through the browser’s history to see what we’ve been pervin’ out on over at X Vids or XNXX! He’s the best!”

Some Things to Know About Reviving the Recently Dead

Melissa MayOf course the key term here that needs to be defined is “recently”. If we were referring to an actual person, there’s been reports of people being “dead” longer than an hour…and then being revived by paramedics. As far as blogs go, this one took its last real breath of life on 12 Feb 2014, when I told the story of how I learned to beat my meat. That’s closing in on two years ago, and I’ve had some things happen to me since then.

According to Greg Miller, if a good samaritan stumbled upon your lifeless body in the 18th century, you might have been set upon a trotting horse, or submerged in some freezing water, or even had some smoke blown right up your ass.

Perhaps this is where that idiom came from? “I ain’t blowing smoke up your ass, but I miss your blog, Billy.” This is something I’ve heard from time to time, but it’s really only part the reason I’ve decided to attempt to revive I Shoot Porn. The truth is, I need the traffic; because, after all, I’m really nothing more than a smut peddler. And the hope is the people who wind up here to read about my life in Porn Valley might actually follow the links out to one of my sites: Legit Clips or ManoJob or Mister POV or The Dick Suckers.

But like I said, that’s part of the reason. People, by nature, love attention, so when someone says something nice about this blog or when someone leaves a comment that they hate the blog and want to slit my throat or they like the way I write or someone calls me a cuckold faggot…well, that’s why I do this, too. Attention is a powerful drug, and it’s the root of everything we do, whether it’s starring in a porn flick or shooting up a school or starting a punk rock band.

I’m just wondering how long I’m going to be able to keep it up. Maybe Big Pharma can make a little blue pill to help me with this, too.