Adrianna Nicole and her Manojob

Adrianna Nicole

I could blog about Valentine’s day, and the fact I really don’t have a Valentine…or I could make one up, or even dress up a porno girl in a red outfit and snap a pic of her and post it today.

Instead, I’m gonna talk about the most recent update.

Just like big girls do, Adrianna dressed herself up for the scene. We shot it last week, but when she stepped onto set in those fabulous red leather pumps and the beautiful bright red latex jerkoff gloves, she said, “You should make this a Valentine’s day update for the site.”

I’ve blogged Adrianna before. You even got to see her cleaning out her butt hole for an anal scene I shot with her and Lorilei Lee. I think it’s going to be live at Blacks On Blondes any week now.

There’s things I like about Adrianna, there’s things I love about her, and there’s things I hate about her:

I like that she knows the best eats in Los Angeles and we have good dinner conversation while enjoying our yum-yums.

I love that she sends me text messages me pictures of the doodies she drops in her toilet, along with the humorous messages she attaches to them.

I hate that she introduced me to Gia Paloma. Which isn’t to say I hate Gia.

‘Nuff said.

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