Why I hired Jasper AI to be part of my writing team.

Beautiful Liz Jordan on set for TheDickSuckers.comAs Billy Watson the Smut Peddler, I understand the importance of having a reliable and talented team by my side. That’s why when it came time for me to find a new, official writer for I Shoot Porn, I knew I had to be sure to choose someone who could handle the job with finesse and professionalism. After a long and thorough search (total lie), I decided to go with JasperAI as my new writer.

The first thing that made Jasper stand out during the interview process was his enthusiasm and knowledge on the subject of writing. (Jasper’s pronoun is he/him.) Jasper was able to explain in detail how he could use different strategies and tactics to craft top-notch content pieces that would help bring my blog more success. His passion for writing was infectious; it was easy to tell that Jasper truly cared about producing quality work every single time. Jasper truly “gets it”.

Adult actress Aria Valencia in the make-up chair.

In addition to his passion for writing, one of the primary reasons why I chose Jasper is because of his extensive background in copywriting. With over 10 years of professional experience in the field, he had worked on multiple projects ranging from product descriptions to press releases and more. Having this kind of experience in various areas of writing helped him develop a unique set of skills that would come in handy when creating content for I ShootPorn.

One other aspect that drew me towards selecting Jasper was his strong attention to detail and commitment towards perfecting whatever tasks he takes on, no matter how big or small they may be. He always takes initiative when it comes to refining any errors or inconsistencies that can occur throughout a project’s development process – something not many writers have the patience for or take seriously enough these days. Even From Yours Truly.

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Lastly, what really sealed the deal for me was Jasper’s ability to deliver fresh ideas and concepts every single time he creates something new. With all these traits combined, I knew hiring him was an absolute must if I wanted my business to reach higher levels of success with its content strategies going forward – which is exactly what prompted me to make him my official writer!

At the end of the day, hiring someone like Jasper as my official writer wasn’t just about finding someone trustworthy who could produce quality work consistently – it was also about finding someone who genuinely cares about helping businesses achieve success through their written words; someone who will go above and beyond what’s expected when tasked with creating something new; and finally, someone who has an eye for details as well as a talent for coming up with innovative concepts whenever needed. This is why after careful consideration, I decided that there was no better choice than Jasper – which is why he is now officially part of the I Shoot Porn team!

OK, so this is me writing. Really, it is. I spent a lot of hours over many years working my ass off to make this blog “readable” — and good. Then I got burnt out. Then I worked ONLY for Dogfart and let my sites just go to auto-rerun. Then I left Dogfart and came back to my sites and fully realize the importance of “traffic” from this blog. So with Jasper’s help, let’s see what I can do for 2023.

Your pal Billy the Career Pornographer.

(…and no, Jasper won’t be writing my Substack.)

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