A New Girlfriend?

Kali Roses on a Dogfart set with Jax Slayher and Rico Strong

I live in Porn Valley, and my place is in one of those large apartment communities. We have a common area. It’s the place we can hang out, barbecue and just chill. Socially distanced, too, which for me is a good thing.

Last Sunday, a New Girl showed up to our little party and introduced herself. Then she turned at looked at me. “What do you do for a living?”

For most people, it’s not a loaded question. Unlike most people, I have an usual occupation. It’s the kind of job either someone loves — or loathes. Like being a cop. Or a lawyer.

What’s some of the questions a person asks when they’re making a new friend? Name? Age? Occupation?

Something along those lines.

We can start off relationships (of any kind) with a lie — or the truth. When it comes to my occupation, depending on who asked, I used to lie. Now, I tell The Truth.

Here’s my reply — every single time now: I make dirty movies.

It’s a risky proposition. Either I’m The Champ or The Creep. This time I’m the champ. “Oh my god no way! You really do?!”

“Yes, he really does,” my neighbor The Fashion Photog replies. “Don’t you like the way Billy says it, too? Kinda cute huh? I make dirty movies.”

The Fashion Photog is broke. I’m not. Sometimes I think he’s kinda…aggravated with me?

Later, when the chair next to her opens up, New Girl eyes me, taps on the chair and kinda tilts her head to say, come sit by me.

Which I do. Of course. She’s cute. She’s age appropriate. And listening to her up til this point in the evening?

She’s interesting.

Turns out she’s a Dogfart fan, too. Doesn’t take too long before she tells me that. A huge Dogfart fan. Loves the way the models’  skin tones contrast. Loves BBC. Loves DP’s and double vag. “Especially double vag!” Loves gang bangs and blow bangs. Oh yea — “I love watching girls eating pussy, too! OK OK! Lemme guess! Dogfart from Dawg like they’re cool dudes and fart cause they butt fuck the girls all the time?!”

I say something like, “Well, for 17 years, I made those movies, and if you want me to go into the history of the name Dogfart…sure, I can do that too,” but all time time I’m thinking — maybe she’s The One! 

Not like “the one The One”, but more like maybe I’ve got a shot at a civilian girlfriend! Someone who’s cool with what I do. Someone who won’t ask me to quit a month into the relationship. Someone who won’t bust my balls after I get home from a long day at work.

And as I’m fantasizing about all this, she mentions my other  fan. “My husband loves your work, too! He’s a huge fan! You have to meet him! Oh my gosh sometimes we’ll make fun of one another when we jump on our tablet and go through the browser’s history to see what we’ve been pervin’ out on over at X Vids or XNXX! He’s the best!”

5 thoughts on “A New Girlfriend?”

  1. I am a big fan of Dogfart videos . ” We fuck black girls ” is the best . Yes , I like the the black chicks taking the white dic** .
    However , I think if I directed the scenes I would take another approach that I rarely see in porn …. the girl calling the shots . Not going into detail since I just stumbled on this page .

  2. Billy since you’re a white guy if a girl says she loves BBC it’s over for you lol.
    I have to ask do you think filming so much black on white porn has effected you in any way? Like made you more prone to being a cuckold? Most white guys would run a mile if a white woman said the shit your “new girlfriend” said to you.

  3. @Kevin, great points, and you are right. Billy is a pathetic, likely emotionally numb, brain-fried racist. He both pigeonholes blacks while simultaneously attempts to degrade whites. He is absolute filth. Porn definitely has a place in society and can be a great positive for many, but Billy does not represent any of this. Quite the opposite. His movies are not “dirty movies”, as he adorably likes to put it. They are full on hate. He likely loathes himself to some degree or another I’d have to think, and this industry is better off without someone who thrives off of causing divisiveness.

  4. @Billys Twitter Friend and at @Kevin
    You say he’s racist for providing content the US public porno consumers want but stay vigilant in keeping in the loop with it lmao. And you’re definitely white which is funny af to add to it. When white people complain about racist ir porn it’s cos they’re mad af that there’s porn of white women fucking Black men with huge dicks lol. Dick hard and brain angry and confused.

    Kevin, mostly the same thing but nah most white women who date white men (regardless if they date or fuck men of other races) still watch porn the same as men.

  5. @Billys Twitter Friend
    I honestly can’t imagine the mental hoops one has to hop through to watch so much porn they follow a pornographers obscure blog but also act like said pornographer is a horrible person for making the porn you beat off too lmao

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