Back to Work…

Katie-Ray and Ruth

I returned to The Dark Side today around noon, on a flight out of Phoenix. I’m now referring to Los Angeles as The Dark Side, for a three reasons, just off the top of my head:

1) There’s so much smog in the air when my plane landed, it looked we were about to land in a bowl of diarrhea soup.

2) It’s the Porn Capital of the World.

3) It took me an hour to drive 3 blocks to the grocery store to buy some food.

Anyway, after the place touched down, I hurried to my studio to prep for the two scenes booked; one’s a site I can’t talk about yet, and the other is a Gloryhole. Besides dressing the set, I had to clean, which I usually don’t have to do…but Axel Braun shot here the last few days, and the place was a pig pen.

No need to digress any further.

Instead, take a look at Katie Ray and Ruth! They’re in the dressing room, getting ready for the first scene, – the site I can’t talk about. All I can say is I think the site’s gonna be huge, and as always, I’m trying to direct the dirty, nastiest scenes I possibly can. In fact, I will tell you today Katie Ray ate a pussy full of cum…does that qualify as nasty in your book?

Never heard of Katie Ray? Well, she’s a barely-legal, I think she’s a heet, and she loves black dudes. Ummm, she’s sweet and nice and loves sex. She smokes a whole lot, and she’s from the mid-west, and you’ll hear more about her soon, I’d imagine.

After Katie Ray cleaned up from scene #1, it was on to the secret Gloryhole! Sure enough, there were dudes all over the place, and it went down without a hitch. I guess you’ll just have to check her out on the site, once her scene goes up…should be about 5 weeks, give or take.

Lots happening this week during my stay at The Dark Side – Spring Thomas flies in Wednesday, and there’s her little sister’s new site, which is almost up, and the secret site I can’t talk about yet. And, of course, Gloryholes. I’m sure by Sunday I’ll want out, but I’m fresh and rested and ready to go. Who wouldn’t be, with all this pussy around me?

Oh…since the blog looks kinda skimpy today, here’s some free Spring Thomas movies. Since I talked about cuckolds yesterday, why not show you some more today! (And you thought I was kidding about cuckolds…yea, right). Anyway, this movie is interesting, cause it’s one of the few times a white guy has ever busted a nut on Spring…so enjoy, you fuckin’ pervs!

And here’s one last peek at Katie Ray and Ruth, before it all went down…

KatieRay and Ruth

2 thoughts on “Back to Work…”

  1. Sounds pretty nasty to me! ala Vanessa Chase in GBG 14? Anyways, like the site.

    Your writing is very good. Well structured, good sentence construction and spelling.

    I get a kick out of the emails you post. Why is it that people don’t know the difference between except and accept?

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