Top 5 Spunkmouth scenes – #2: Spring Thomas and Dr. Z

Here's Spring!

I met Spring Thomas before she was Spring Thomas…when she was still Serina – or Ryan – depending on what dirty site you were visiting. She was maybe a month past her 18th birthday, and she was ready to jump into the game…head first. I arranged a meeting with her downtown, at a breakfast joint, and when I caught a glimpse of her looking for a parking spot in her purple car, my heart skipped a beat or two.

It was Serina in that purple car.

I knew the Serina scene, and I knew Serina was one of the hottest chicks on Amature Allure. And since I was still a beginner at this whole porno game, it made things that much more…exciting.

Amature Allure was the other show in town, and in a goofy kind of way, I always felt like Spunkmouth was in some sort of porno competition with AmAllure…which, looking back at it now, is really silly. Still, I wanted to book hotter chicks than he did, and his Serina score was a big one; if I booked Serina, the score was tied, as far as I was concerned.

Like I said…silly.

Spring and I hit it off right away, and I remember talking to her about things I didn’t really talk about in interviews…like what I did before I got into The Biz. I felt comfotable around her, and I’m assuming she felt the same around me. I didn’t even wait to ask my partner if we should book her…I just did.

Dr. Z was the lucky dude. He fucked Spring Thomas for the very first time on camera. Spring did the bj scene for AmAllure a few weeks before, as well as some topless/girl-girl stuff for Sweet Apples.

But we got her on camera taking a dick into that tight teen pussy for the very fist time. In fact, when she jumps up to do Z in cowgirl, she admits to the world it’s the very first time in her life “on top” of a guy! I don’t remember much beyond that. Except she had a nervous giggle throught her scene, and she admitted to a foot fetish as she sucked Z’s toes…and Z shot the load all over her face. I snapped these quick pics after she cleaned up and was on her way out.

I guess I remember more than I thought I did…hence, this scene rates #2 for all the Spunkmouth episodes.

We booked Spring again, before I introduced her to the Blacks On Blondes folks, up on the top of that hill at Dogfart’s secret mansion. It was in that mansion she went from Spring to Spring Thomas.

And as they say…the rest is history.

Here's Spring!

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