Top 5 Spunkmouth scenes – #1: Boo, Brandon Iron, and S.S.

Here's Boo!

We had shot Bella Donna a couple times, so she was hanging around Dogfart’s Secret Mansion every now and then. One day she strolled in with this blue-eyed brunette that simply blew me away. She had these piercing eyes and was wearing a skin-tight brown sweat suit and she was a B cupper – maybe even an A cupper – and her ass was big and firm and perfect. My God! She looked like the hottie at the bank that took your deposit…or the super-heet grocery store gal that just rang up your total. That sort of thing.

Did I mention I’m a sucker for blue-eyed brunettes?

Turns out her name was Boo D. Licious, but everyone called her Boo. She had just done her first scene and was looking for more work. Thing was, she didn’t do IR…and that was fine by me. Spunkmouth wasn’t launched yet, but I already knew – just by taking one look at her – that Spunkmouth’s finest was standing just a few feet away from me.

I decided to approach Bella Donna and ask her about Boo. Turns out Bella would book the scene for me…but who did I have in mind for male talent?

No one really knows this, but for a while we were shooting these crazy anal scenes for a web site that, to this day, has never materialized. When I tell you these were the most extreme anal scenes I’ve ever seen – let alone even shot – I’m not lying…or bragging. I can’t even get into a descriptive narrative on these scenes, except to tell you there were brutal. And they bordered on disturbing. Bella had given us an anal scene for the site-that-would-never-be, and it was the kind of scene only a talent like Bella Donna could give.

My point is, Brandon Iron was male talent for a lot of these anal scenes. He was hanging around that day. And he had noticed Boo as quickly as I had.

“Wanna do a scene with her?” I asked Brandon.

He looked at me like I just asked him the dumbest question in the world.

“Dude, I want to fuck her so bad I’ll do your scene for a huge discount. Just book it!”

I knew I was on to something: Boo D. Licious and Brandon Iron. What could be better? How about throwing another dude in the mix? S.S. came up to me…or I approached him…and he was so excited to fuck Boo he did the scene for free.

Dogfart agreed to take stills, while I rolled tape, and Bella Donna directed. Well…she didn’t really direct too much, but she watched and nodded in approval as Brandon and S.S. pounded poor little Boo silly. Here’s the inside scoop: since S.S. really hadn’t shot a lot of scenes, he had some minor wood problems…which is common for amateur male talent. I didn’t mind, cause just his banter with Brandon on the set was worth having him around. But what S.S. lacked during the scene, he made up with his massive cum shot. He just about blinded Boo.

Not too long after, Dogfart would leave the mansion. I went home. S.S. moved on to grad school and making real movies. Brandon is still alive and kicking and churing out great smut. Bella got married and pregnant and shaved her head. And Boo? Well, I saw her once do a Shane’s World thing…and then, not too long after, her agent listed her as only doing solo/g-g work.

And then she just disappeared, like they all do…

Here's Boo!

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