Spunkmouth Kimmy


This is a true story, like all the stories I tell here.

Doctor Z, this cat I shot a few years back as male talent for some of the Spunkmouth scenes, called me one day. He was excited. Z said he was on a chatline, or maybe in an online chatroom, and he found this chick who called herself Kimmy, and Kimmy loved sex. She loved blowing and fucking and all that, and did I want to meet her and maybe hire her for a scene?

Well, I’ve heard this song and dance before, and the girls always turn out to be 300 pound circus freaks.

Not Kimmy.

I had to pick her up for her very first scene, cause she didn’t have a car, and she made sure to time my arrival after her mom left for work. She was still living at home, barely 19, and when I pulled up and saw her standing in the driveway, my jaw dropped.

We chatted it up on the way to set – which back then was a hotel room – and boy, she sure did talk. She had a lot to say about nothing, but that’s ok…I was thinking then she was probably nervous, and the banter just calmed her a bit. Her very first scene was a very amateur interracial sex scene, and I knew it would be worth its weight in gold. Turns out I was right. Man, she loved getting pounded in front of a camera. I was in awe, cause most girls put on this phony sort-of front, cause that’s the natural thing to do when you’re starting out, but Kimmy just lost her mind the minute Dr. E. starting licking her snatch. And when he jammed it home, she wailed so loud I was afraid the hotel security would toss us. And Kimmy made these fuck faces I’ve never seen before – or since – I’ve been making dirty movies. Those faces she makes are real, and that makes the scene even hotter.

A few month later Kimmy called me, and she was desperate for money. That’s usually the case, and I hooked her up for another scene, this time with Big Dick Nikel, who was still around. I decided to shoot an amateur creampie scene, and at first it wasn’t even really intended for Spunkmouth. We had shot her for the site, but I kinda wanted to help Kimmy out, so I shot the scene with the idea of selling it as content to some other site in the future. Turned out so good we decided to keep it, and it’s still one of the highest ranking Spunkmouth scenes.

When I started up Jizz On My Glasses not too long later, Kimmy was one of the first girls I called. She was totally down, and since I was still without studio, I decided to try something kinda risky. Well, really risky. In fact, downright stupid. We met at this medical office building cause it was right by both out places, and since it was a Sunday, the place was deserted.

“Wanna do this right here?” I asked.

“Why not?” Kimmy said. We went up to a top corner of the building, it was totally empty, and Kimmy ended up with a massive facial.

Then, just like they all do, Kimmy dropped off the face of the Earth. Cell phone disconnected – the works. Fast forward maybe a year or so, when Noah, our customer service rep, gets an e-mail from Kimmy. She wanted some work, and she lost my number, and bladda-bladda-blah, which means I’m broke and really desperate, so I hired her, or course, cause she’s one of my very favorites.

A few days later we reconnect, and it’s like we never really quit talking to one another, and the same old things in both our lives were still going on, and I found out all this on our way to one of the secret gloryholes I know near the airport. Kimmy, like most the girls I drag out to these places, was totally grossed out – as well as kinda turned on – and she did a great scene.

But she wasn’t done.

A week later I shot her for Blacks on Blondes with none other than BOZ The Animal. What a fucking scene. It’s one of my favorite scenes ever. I’m being serious. Kimmy had ever encountered anything like BOZ’s massive dong, and she took it the best she could. I mean it’s amazing to see how she reacts to 11 inches, and if you ever see this scene, you’ll walk away know that “size doesn’t matter” is just a myth…kinda like the same myth that all black guys are hung, or all black guys fuck like animals.

Boz does, however, fuck like an animal.

There’d be one more time with Kimmy, this time in another gloryhole, and if you click on her picture up top you’ll see the scene.

Oh, wait!

Two more times; she also worked for another site called The Dick Suckers; go ahead, click on her small pic below.

Anyways, that’s about it. We still talk; she comes over every once and a while for a popscicle. Kimmy won’t do any more dirty movies. Hasn’t for a long time…about the same time, I’d suspect, since she started dating her boyfriend. Which is totally cool.

But something tells me she’ll be back for more.


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  1. wow she was awesome in gloryhole the one with the black guy, his cock was so long and thick, she took good care of him, you can tell by the look in her eyes she was really ino it, and so was he. he was moaning in ectasy,[ no acting there] would like to see her do a big thick black cock again give an old black dude some head a guy old like king paul!!

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