Blacks on Blondes Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott

It’s October 16. Here’s what’s gone down so far today:

10:50 am. Hillary Scott shows up for her 11 am Blacks on Blondes shoot. (That’s her in the make-up chair). Even out of make-up and dressed in street clothes, she’s looking hot. It’s very cool she showed up early, too…it’s uncommon in Porno Land. Especially for anything that happens before noon.

Make up girl shows about 10 minutes late. No biggie! I’m on my way!

1/2 hour later, no male talent. And his agent isn’t answering the phone. Ugh. This is not good. 10 minutes later agent answers phone and lets me know he told the talent where to be – and when. But there’s more. Male talent phone number is disconnected. This is really bad news, and I take appropriate action.

As I’m starting the mad cell phone dials, male talent for my night shoot walks in – Boz The Animal. I tell Boz he’s about 8 hours early, but that’s a good thing. No, it’s a great thing; Boz is now my morning talent.

Hillary Scott now done with make-up and looking spectacular.

Then, the male talent for the morning shoots walks in. He’s an hour late. We talk; I tell him he’s been replaced, but he’s hired for the night shoot. All is cool, and I shoot the Hillary Scott Blacks On Blondes scene. It rules. All anal. A.T.M. Swallow.

That sort of thing.

4pm next, and the scene is for my newest site, It’s not up yet, so don’t bother trying to find it. I’ve got great female talent; she’s naughty as shit and I know she’ll toss this guy’s salad better than Julia Child. And I’m trying out a new dude, and he’s here, so we’re ready to rumble. Until female talent is out of make-up, and nude, and telling me to come over, cause she’s “got something to show me.”

Boils. And they’re everywhere. On her legs. All over her ass. On her hip. In other words, she’s unshootable.

Staff infections are going around Porno Land like wildfire. But it doesn’t end there. Staff is going about LA County like wildfire. It’s all over the place. My fem talent doesn’t know she’s got staff, and when I tell her, she’s really embarrassed. And apologetic. Ready to pay the make-up girl (which I don’t accept).

Cause I gotta kill the scene.

Kill fees: $50 to the male talent. And the make-up artist gets her $150, whether or not the scene gets shot. Now I’m reading the Sunday Times, waiting for my 7 pm talent to get here. It’s another scene for Blacks On Blondes, and it’s gonna be a doozy.

7 pm: New girl Bailey is here! Barely-Legal Bailey. And she’s just as hot as Hillary Scott, but in very different ways. And she’s going to do a double creampie scene.


And for the most part, the scene went well. One guy I’ve never shot before, and I can tell he’s nervous. He ended up nutting early, then had trouble finishing the scene. But you know what? He got the shit done, and that’s all that counts.

It’s 11.09 pm. I started 12 hours ago. I think it’s time to call it a day.

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