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D. writes:

Good Evening Billy,

I am a PSE [porn star escort] hobbyist with a severe penchant to film my encounters …. I just find it fascinating that I can laid if I put a camera in my hand and say that I am a legitimate porno producer!!

The only problem I foresee as being detrimental to my utlimate goal [sexing hot vixens on video with regularity and diversity] and being taken serious by these pornstars, aspiring pornstars and talent agencies is my age [I am 55], body type [bald, hairy and average endowment] and race [I am Asian]. Money and logistics are not my concern.

At this point will it be possible to speak with you in order gain more insider perspective on how magnetize top shelf talent to my video shoots? Have you ever thought about publishing a how-to book on shooting porn?

Thank you and keep up the great websites you run.

Hi D!

Cool new name – “porn star escort”. PSE. Did you come up with that? Ha. Funny.

Yes, you can get laid if you call yourself a porno producer. Just book the girl through an agency, get yourself an AIM test, and you’re good to go. For the most part. I mean you have to be legit, have some sort of production company, and show your wares before you can just book a girl, hold a camera, and fuck her.

Your only obstacle could be what you mention – having someone take you seriously. It isn’t about being an old, bald, hairy dude with a 5 and 1/2 inch dick…it’s simply that no one knows who you are. And until a few folks know who you are, you’re gonna have a tough time booking girls. And sorry, I can’t vouch for you. I mean you sound like an OK guy, with lots of fancy writing skills…but that’s just not enough.

I think I will write a book on Porno Land someday. Maybe even write a movie about it – Boogie Nights meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Or The Girl Next Door meets Girl, Interrupted. Something like that.

Oh, and thanks for the nice words about my dirty websites. I try!

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