Chelci Fox

Spunkmouth Chelci Fox

Check out Chelci Fox checking out her e-mail.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, as I’m wrapping another scene for, my pal Jimmy H. comes strolling in the studio with Checli Fox in tow. Chelci Fox. Chelci Motherfuckin’ Fox. Spunkmouth Chelci Fox. Here with Jimmy H. to shoot some porn.

I mean, does it get any better than Chelci? She’s the girl-next-door, she’s a real Georgia Peach, and, get this – she’s actually nice. And yep, those suckers are real. Not a drop of silicone.

Like I said, it doesn’t get any better than this. I shot her second scene for Spunkmouth, and it just went up on the site a cople weeks ago. She’s already got fans, too.

But get this – she’s quitting the porno biz. Yep, all done. Buh-bye. No mas. The end. She’s shot about 12 scenes, and she wants out. She doesn’t like a lot of the people. Her boyfriend is “o.k.” with her making dirty movies…but I know he really isn’t. And she’s made enough to buy a bad ass pickup truck, so from now on out it’s “pretty girls” only. (Pretty girls is an industry term for solo nude posing…kinda like Playboy stuff).

I can’t blame her for wanting out. This business is full of creeps, pervy-pervs, and all-around assholes. Sure, there’s a few good people, but not enough for Chelci. So as she’s telling me she wants out, I tell her the Spunkmouth scene is up, and since we gave her e-mail to the members, why not see if there’s any fan mail? Sure enough, there was.

So check out Chelci Fox checking out her fan mail. In the buff. Cause by this time, she’s already nuded-up and getting ready to change into some sexy lingerie for her first set of pretty girls.

Who knows…maybe I can book one more b/g scene with her?

And if I can, it’s times like this I wish I was talent.

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