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I took this pic of Boo and Bella Donna in Dogfart’s backyard, a long time ago. Bella’s in the red pants; Boo’s in brown.

Boo is a natural beauty. She’s the kind of girl that makes you do all sorts of cliches: she takes your breath away; you fall in love with her on first sight; you wanna save her from porn; let’s get married and get the fuck outta LA and live in some rural place and die old together.

Those kinds of things.

We had just started shooting Spunkmouth scenes, and a Spunkmouth Boo scene would be my trophy. I had to make it happen.

My first instinct was to offer Boo more than I should. Like, instead of $900 for b/g, offer her like $1100. Be ready to go to $1200. I already knew Girl-Next-Door Boo was “thinking” about becoming porn star Boo D. Licious, but she wasn’t quite there – yet.

There was a better approach to Boo. I hadn’t been in the porno biz long, but I already figured that out. Porno girls love to be represented. To have an agent. When you’re represented by an agent, you’re SOMEbody. Agent=importance. Agent=clout. Agent=you’ve made it. Boo didn’t have an agent, but I’d approach Bella Donna instead…ask her to make the scene happen. I figured it would be my best chance. Better than offering her more money.

Well, I’d like to think I was right. I mean I got the scene. And it’s off the hook. To this day it may be the best scene on Spunkmouth…and the best scene I’ve ever shot. Dogfart shot stills; I directed and shot video; Brandon Iron and my pal S.S. were as obsessed with Boo, too. They gladly offered their services. In fact, Brandon cut his fee to work with Boo…and S.S.? Well, he did it for free!

By this time Bella Donna was a huge porn star, as was Brandon Iron. S.S. was making his name as a director, and doing scenes off and on. I was still shooting second camera for Dogfart and Spunkmouth wasn’t even a site yet.

And Boo? She went on to Porn Star Status, right? Wrong…I think I’ve seen her in two more b/g vids…some g/g stuff. And then poof! Just like that, she disappeared.

Taylor Kurtis


So it’s January ’05, and I’m in Vegas for the annual porno conventions – AVN and Internext – when I meet up with Taylor Kurtis. She’s brand new, and like most of the girls who first come into this biz, she’s got a smile on her face, she looks good, and she’s got no idea what she’s getting herself into.

It only took me about a second and a half to offer her a Spunkmouth scene. Her manager dude did all the talking. We set it up for that night.

I couldn’t afford any of the fancy hotels on the strip. Way outta my league. Instead I set up shop at the Budget Budget Suites (real name) on the very south end of the strip. Really, it’s not even the strip. It’s more like the last stop out of town, before you hit the desert all the way to LA. I had to pay extra for sheets, and when I got into the room it smelled like someone died in there. So I prop open the door to air it out, start putting the sheets on my bed, and I just about shit my pants when a pit bull wandered into my room.

Turns out the pit bull lived with my new next door neighbors. The dog was friendly; my neighbors were not.

That night I shot the scene. Taylor was obviously new. It was her first scene. Ever. And she did a great job. I was really surprised. I mean she didn’t work the camera like a vet, but that’s the beauty with first timers. We wrapped, I paid them, and they were off.

A few weeks later Frank Wank calls me. He’s interested in Taylor Kurtis, and what’s some info. I ask what kind of info, and he says she won’t shoot b/g scenes. She refuses. And he wants to know how Spunkmouth managed to pull it off. (By the way, to this day she only does solo and g/g).

“Vegas will make you do funny things,” I say.

He agreed.

Riley Mason

Riley Mason

When the studio doorbell rings, and there’s a new girl behind that door, I get all excited.

I get excited when any girl is ringing my doorbell, but when it’s a porn star, and she’s new, I’m even more jacked. Part of it is that first glimpse, and sizing her up against the pics I’ve seen of her, or the scene I’ve seen her in…or just matching a face with a voice on the other end of a phone. Plus, it’s cool to just see them as they truly are, without makeup, in their street clothes…I guess what I’m trying to say is when they’re real.

Cause once they step in front of that camera, and the lights are on them, and they’re made up and dressed to the hilt in their sexy stripper clothes, and they’re talking dirty and doing all that, it’s the furthest thing from real you can get.

Riley Mason looks amazing either way – when she walked into my studio, pulling her little porno girl totebag – or when James Dean was fucking her for Spunkmouth.

I shot a quick still of her in the make-up artist’s chair, about 1/2 hour before we started rolling. It’s the kind of glimpse you don’t really get to see too much, and that’s why I’m showing it to you now. Wait till you see her Spunkmouth scene.

Riley Mason is from North Carolina, she’s new to the business, she loves to fuck, and she was great to work with. And that’s all I have to say about that.



Kitty. She made the porno rounds for a while a couple of years ago, and then she just kinda disappeared.


Then, about a month or so ago, I got an e-mail from her. Last time I had seen her was at Sophia’s birthday party…and oh my God, what a party that was. It was the kind of party that deserves its own post.

I shot Kitty is a shitty hotel room in the Valley, and my partner took this pic of us at work. I’ll never forget that scene, cause when she got naked, it made me nervous. Seriously, she didn’t look of age, and if I hadn’t booked her through an agent, I think I woulda just sent her home. But like I said, she made the porno rounds, and I certainly wasn’t the first guy to shoot her. In fact, there’s a fairly popular clip of Kitty getting bench-pressed by a black midget porn star named “Lil’ Pimp”.

I wanna hire Lil Pimp.

Kitty gave me a helluva scene. We had her start in her street clothes, then get in a cute pink little number. We bring the dude in – and he was a total goof – but he just went to town. I kinda like hiring goofy guys instead of beefcake fags. Makes shit more real, you know? And this dude just pounded her, and then blasted her face with goo. Just good old fashioned porn, you know?

And for the most part, Kitty’s retired. She’ll do a scene every now and then, but she’s gone from the circuit, is married and starting a family, and she’s really happy.

I think I’ll hire her. And Lil Pimp. Just to see what happens on their next go around…



There was this cat named Antonio who lived in the ultimate bachelor-pad party house on the very top of a small mountain that overlooked the city. At night, the view was great. I met Antonio through some mutual friends, and when I walked into his place I had a pretty good idea he did more than sell toner cartridges for copy machines in order to pay his mortgage.

But he’s a really cool guy and loved to have people over to party…especially the strippers who worked at the joint on the bottom of the mountain. Sophia, for a time, was one of them. But she didn’t act like a stripper; in fact, when Antonio introduced us, I could sense she didn’t carry that invisible force field most strippers have turned on 24/7. In other words, she was really nice. Turns out her days as a stripper were over by then.

She was quickly becoming friends with Spring Thomas, too. Both Sohpia and Spring were hanging at Antonio’s, doing god-knows-what. And I think Sophia and Antonio were a “thing”, although I was never quite sure what that “thing” was.

I really wanted to shoot Sophia for Spunkmouth, but she wasn’t ready. The night we met we ended up driving all over town – Antonio and Me and Sophia and C – hitting strip joints, and drinking. The more I got to know her, the more down-to-Earth she seemed. We became fast friends. And I was right – she is genuine.

About a month later, I finally shot her first scene. Actually, I shot her first two scenes that day, and both of them turned out great. Beyond great. And we decided to use her nickname – “SoHo” – as her porn name, but she changed it to Sophia when she got to L.A.

You know you’re working with a pro when she takes on 4 dudes on her first porn set. Sophia is that good. A little later we teamed her up with Slim. Another amateur porn classic. (By the way…Slim, if you’re reading this, holler to your boy Billy! I wanna hire you some more!!)

That was almost three years ago. Since then, we’ve remained close. In fact, she’s not only one of my best friends in the biz, but she’s one of my best friends, period.

I have lots of stories to tell about Sophy…but first, I better ask permission. (Oh! And the pic I shot here is one we sent to her web designer for her site…and Sophy came up with a killer name/concept for her site – wait ’til you see it!)

Spring Thomas, part 1

Spring Thomas

Three years ago this month, I met Spring Thomas at the downtown Starbucks for an interview. I was interviewing girls for my new website – – and when I saw her pull up my jaw just about dropped. I already knew who she was from some of her previous work.

“You’re Serina from Amature Allure.

“No I’m not,” she lied.

These were the days before I knew about things like porno agents. We ran an ad in the local weekly, saying something like Porn Stars Make More in One Day that Most People Make in a Week! and for the most part, it worked. I’d get about 10 calls a day, and I’d set up meetings (usually at Starbucks) one day a week. I could usually set up 10 meetings, so I’d be there from noon till about 5.

Out of 10 meetings, 5 girls would flake.

Out of those 5, you wouldn’t want to see 3 of them nude, let alone fuck anyone.

That leaves 2. One girl would invariably change her mind, so we’d get about a girl a week. Sometimes more, most times less.

Spring Thomas looked like a porn star before she was a porn star. She just exuded sexuality, and watching guys watch her walk through that Starbucks made me laugh. She was 18, still in braces, and I felt something sitting there next to her I never felt through any of these other interviews – comfort. I was totally comfortable with her, and as we talked that day, I was getting the vibe she felt the same towards me.

So after that awkward opening, we ending up chatting for maybe an hour. She had no problem talking about the work she did on Sweet Apples, and I did something that day I never did on any of these interviews: shared stuff from my private life. She did the same, and I found out she went to high school not far from where I went, and, in fact, she knew some of the teachers I had long ago.

We cut a deal right there and then, and she ended up on Spunkmouth not once, but twice. These would go down as her first two sex scenes ever caught on tape.

And obviously, it didn’t end here.