There was this cat named Antonio who lived in the ultimate bachelor-pad party house on the very top of a small mountain that overlooked the city. At night, the view was great. I met Antonio through some mutual friends, and when I walked into his place I had a pretty good idea he did more than sell toner cartridges for copy machines in order to pay his mortgage.

But he’s a really cool guy and loved to have people over to party…especially the strippers who worked at the joint on the bottom of the mountain. Sophia, for a time, was one of them. But she didn’t act like a stripper; in fact, when Antonio introduced us, I could sense she didn’t carry that invisible force field most strippers have turned on 24/7. In other words, she was really nice. Turns out her days as a stripper were over by then.

She was quickly becoming friends with Spring Thomas, too. Both Sohpia and Spring were hanging at Antonio’s, doing god-knows-what. And I think Sophia and Antonio were a “thing”, although I was never quite sure what that “thing” was.

I really wanted to shoot Sophia for Spunkmouth, but she wasn’t ready. The night we met we ended up driving all over town – Antonio and Me and Sophia and C – hitting strip joints, and drinking. The more I got to know her, the more down-to-Earth she seemed. We became fast friends. And I was right – she is genuine.

About a month later, I finally shot her first scene. Actually, I shot her first two scenes that day, and both of them turned out great. Beyond great. And we decided to use her nickname – “SoHo” – as her porn name, but she changed it to Sophia when she got to L.A.

You know you’re working with a pro when she takes on 4 dudes on her first porn set. Sophia is that good. A little later we teamed her up with Slim. Another amateur porn classic. (By the way…Slim, if you’re reading this, holler to your boy Billy! I wanna hire you some more!!)

That was almost three years ago. Since then, we’ve remained close. In fact, she’s not only one of my best friends in the biz, but she’s one of my best friends, period.

I have lots of stories to tell about Sophy…but first, I better ask permission. (Oh! And the pic I shot here is one we sent to her web designer for her site…and Sophy came up with a killer name/concept for her site – wait ’til you see it!)

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