Spring Thomas, part 1

Spring Thomas

Three years ago this month, I met Spring Thomas at the downtown Starbucks for an interview. I was interviewing girls for my new website – Spunkmouth.com – and when I saw her pull up my jaw just about dropped. I already knew who she was from some of her previous work.

“You’re Serina from Amature Allure.

“No I’m not,” she lied.

These were the days before I knew about things like porno agents. We ran an ad in the local weekly, saying something like Porn Stars Make More in One Day that Most People Make in a Week! and for the most part, it worked. I’d get about 10 calls a day, and I’d set up meetings (usually at Starbucks) one day a week. I could usually set up 10 meetings, so I’d be there from noon till about 5.

Out of 10 meetings, 5 girls would flake.

Out of those 5, you wouldn’t want to see 3 of them nude, let alone fuck anyone.

That leaves 2. One girl would invariably change her mind, so we’d get about a girl a week. Sometimes more, most times less.

Spring Thomas looked like a porn star before she was a porn star. She just exuded sexuality, and watching guys watch her walk through that Starbucks made me laugh. She was 18, still in braces, and I felt something sitting there next to her I never felt through any of these other interviews – comfort. I was totally comfortable with her, and as we talked that day, I was getting the vibe she felt the same towards me.

So after that awkward opening, we ending up chatting for maybe an hour. She had no problem talking about the work she did on Sweet Apples, and I did something that day I never did on any of these interviews: shared stuff from my private life. She did the same, and I found out she went to high school not far from where I went, and, in fact, she knew some of the teachers I had long ago.

We cut a deal right there and then, and she ended up on Spunkmouth not once, but twice. These would go down as her first two sex scenes ever caught on tape.

And obviously, it didn’t end here.

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