I took this pic of Boo and Bella Donna in Dogfart’s backyard, a long time ago. Bella’s in the red pants; Boo’s in brown.

Boo is a natural beauty. She’s the kind of girl that makes you do all sorts of cliches: she takes your breath away; you fall in love with her on first sight; you wanna save her from porn; let’s get married and get the fuck outta LA and live in some rural place and die old together.

Those kinds of things.

We had just started shooting Spunkmouth scenes, and a Spunkmouth Boo scene would be my trophy. I had to make it happen.

My first instinct was to offer Boo more than I should. Like, instead of $900 for b/g, offer her like $1100. Be ready to go to $1200. I already knew Girl-Next-Door Boo was “thinking” about becoming porn star Boo D. Licious, but she wasn’t quite there – yet.

There was a better approach to Boo. I hadn’t been in the porno biz long, but I already figured that out. Porno girls love to be represented. To have an agent. When you’re represented by an agent, you’re SOMEbody. Agent=importance. Agent=clout. Agent=you’ve made it. Boo didn’t have an agent, but I’d approach Bella Donna instead…ask her to make the scene happen. I figured it would be my best chance. Better than offering her more money.

Well, I’d like to think I was right. I mean I got the scene. And it’s off the hook. To this day it may be the best scene on Spunkmouth…and the best scene I’ve ever shot. Dogfart shot stills; I directed and shot video; Brandon Iron and my pal S.S. were as obsessed with Boo, too. They gladly offered their services. In fact, Brandon cut his fee to work with Boo…and S.S.? Well, he did it for free!

By this time Bella Donna was a huge porn star, as was Brandon Iron. S.S. was making his name as a director, and doing scenes off and on. I was still shooting second camera for Dogfart and Spunkmouth wasn’t even a site yet.

And Boo? She went on to Porn Star Status, right? Wrong…I think I’ve seen her in two more b/g vids…some g/g stuff. And then poof! Just like that, she disappeared.

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