Why, oh Why?


Every once in a while I’m asked “why do girls become porn stars?” I’ve thought about it a bit, and I’ve come up with my top 5 reasons why your favorite porn star became your favorite porn star (besides the obvious – money):

1) They were abused as a kid…not just sexually, either, although that goes a long way. I’m including abandonment issues here, cause I think they’re way more prevalent than sexual abuse. Wanna raise a porn girl? Just ignore her. Or haul ass when she’s just a wee baby.

2) Religion has been shoved down their throat…Christianity (or some form of it) of course. Wanna raise a porn girl? Make her go to your church 6 days a week…and have church study when she isn’t in church. Make her pray a lot, too. Then, repeat…while peppering her with the sinner rap.

3) Porn girls love to party! So much so they can’t control themselves…that’s how much they like to party. The porno lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with the party girl lifestyle, especially if they aren’t from a rich family. In other words, if Paris Hilton was poor, she’d be a porn star. Full time, that is…

4) They’re codependant, part of which means – in a nutshell – they love to give their dude all the money they make. I won’t even get into the maladaptive or compulsive parts of this point.

5) Believe it or not, some girls like sex as much as men! Too bad this is the rarest of the 5 traits.

This list is in no particular order; please feel free to combine any one (or all) of the above traits for any particular porn star; and I’m not saying that my old pal Chloe here was subjected to any (or all) of the above…I just found this pic of her before a party at Dogfart’s secret mansion, and it remined me of some good old times, and Brunos in Santa Monica, and how cute she is.

Finally, why do guys do porn? Think it’s to get laid? Well, in a round about way, yea…but mainly it’s because they’re sex addicts.

And who can blame them?

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