The West Side Is The Best Side

The Crew

Dogfart took this picture, right before this Blacks On Blondes shoot at his secret mansion. So now let’s play Guess Who!

Guess who? Tony EverReady! (Tony just got out of the slam about a month ago for an assault rap. Someone called him out, and Tony knocked him out. I like Tony, but sometimes he makes me nervous. I think I was the first to hire him after he got released. Tony’s from the Inland Empire, and he’s O.G. The first time he showed up at the mansion, he didn’t even hide his firearm…instead, he wore it proudly on his hip.)

Guess who? the porn girl we shot! (I don’t even remember her name. I think it’s Renee. I remember she was from New Zeland, and she was really nice, and she put on a helluva scene. I don’t think she’s in the game anymore.)

Guess who? Byron Long! (He still lives and works in Porno Land. He’s a total pro, and a super cool cat. He likes to fish. A lot. He also has the best weed around. Strictly medicinal, you know…and his brother Kilo and I became fast friends, too. Kilo was Byron’s driver.)

Guess who? Wesley Pipes! (The most dangerous man I know, and I am not fucking around. I love shooting Wes, cause he’s Wes, and he has a rap like no other. He’s bad to the bone. He’s still in the game, too.)

Now guess which one is me.

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