Poor Ol’ Billy Bob

Sophia and Billy Bob

Spring Thomas loves to have a boyfriend or three. And eventually she tells them what she does for a living, which makes them either run for cover, or, like her more…and some who end up sticking around for a while have made a foolish attempt at porno stardom.

Enter poor ol’ Billy Bob.

I think Spring Thomas had a class with Billy Bob. I don’t recall now. He’s your average typical Joe, and like most of Spring’s dudes, I have no idea what she saw in him…but that’s another story. Anyway, one day Spring calls me and says Billy Bob wants to be in a porno flick.

“Is he sure about this?”

“Oh yea. And obviously he can’t be on my site, so will you hire him for Spunkmouth?”

“But who’s he gonna fuck?”


She answered without hesitation, which made me think she had something up her sleeve. I was right. Billy Bob had been bugging Spring to star in a porno. Spring gave in, and thought it would be a good idea if he fucked Sophia. I thought it might be OK, too. A total amateur dude and a super hot porn starlet would make for something interesting.

And it did.

Sophia ate him up alive, right on film, for the world to see. I’ll hand it to Billy Bob – he started strong. But one he was in the pussy, he couldn’t hold it anymore. Which is to say he lost his nut almost immeditately. Then he assured me he could get wood again and keep going. He’s a young buck, so I’m thinking right on…but he was wrong.

Sophia carried the scene best she could, and honestly, it turned out much better once I edited it. I mean it sounds like a bad scene, but it wasn’t.

And it taught ol’ Billy Bob a lesson – fucking on camera for money ain’t like fucking at home with the lights dimmed while listening to a slow song by your favorite country band and sippin’ on a Coors Light.

We wrapped, I paid everyone, and that’s the last time I saw Billy Bob. I think Spring dumped him not too long after.

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