Taylor Kurtis


So it’s January ’05, and I’m in Vegas for the annual porno conventions – AVN and Internext – when I meet up with Taylor Kurtis. She’s brand new, and like most of the girls who first come into this biz, she’s got a smile on her face, she looks good, and she’s got no idea what she’s getting herself into.

It only took me about a second and a half to offer her a Spunkmouth scene. Her manager dude did all the talking. We set it up for that night.

I couldn’t afford any of the fancy hotels on the strip. Way outta my league. Instead I set up shop at the Budget Budget Suites (real name) on the very south end of the strip. Really, it’s not even the strip. It’s more like the last stop out of town, before you hit the desert all the way to LA. I had to pay extra for sheets, and when I got into the room it smelled like someone died in there. So I prop open the door to air it out, start putting the sheets on my bed, and I just about shit my pants when a pit bull wandered into my room.

Turns out the pit bull lived with my new next door neighbors. The dog was friendly; my neighbors were not.

That night I shot the scene. Taylor was obviously new. It was her first scene. Ever. And she did a great job. I was really surprised. I mean she didn’t work the camera like a vet, but that’s the beauty with first timers. We wrapped, I paid them, and they were off.

A few weeks later Frank Wank calls me. He’s interested in Taylor Kurtis, and what’s some info. I ask what kind of info, and he says she won’t shoot b/g scenes. She refuses. And he wants to know how Spunkmouth managed to pull it off. (By the way, to this day she only does solo and g/g).

“Vegas will make you do funny things,” I say.

He agreed.

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