Riley Mason

Riley Mason

When the studio doorbell rings, and there’s a new girl behind that door, I get all excited.

I get excited when any girl is ringing my doorbell, but when it’s a porn star, and she’s new, I’m even more jacked. Part of it is that first glimpse, and sizing her up against the pics I’ve seen of her, or the scene I’ve seen her in…or just matching a face with a voice on the other end of a phone. Plus, it’s cool to just see them as they truly are, without makeup, in their street clothes…I guess what I’m trying to say is when they’re real.

Cause once they step in front of that camera, and the lights are on them, and they’re made up and dressed to the hilt in their sexy stripper clothes, and they’re talking dirty and doing all that, it’s the furthest thing from real you can get.

Riley Mason looks amazing either way – when she walked into my studio, pulling her little porno girl totebag – or when James Dean was fucking her for Spunkmouth.

I shot a quick still of her in the make-up artist’s chair, about 1/2 hour before we started rolling. It’s the kind of glimpse you don’t really get to see too much, and that’s why I’m showing it to you now. Wait till you see her Spunkmouth scene.

Riley Mason is from North Carolina, she’s new to the business, she loves to fuck, and she was great to work with. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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