Kitty. She made the porno rounds for a while a couple of years ago, and then she just kinda disappeared.


Then, about a month or so ago, I got an e-mail from her. Last time I had seen her was at Sophia’s birthday party…and oh my God, what a party that was. It was the kind of party that deserves its own post.

I shot Kitty is a shitty hotel room in the Valley, and my partner took this pic of us at work. I’ll never forget that scene, cause when she got naked, it made me nervous. Seriously, she didn’t look of age, and if I hadn’t booked her through an agent, I think I woulda just sent her home. But like I said, she made the porno rounds, and I certainly wasn’t the first guy to shoot her. In fact, there’s a fairly popular clip of Kitty getting bench-pressed by a black midget porn star named “Lil’ Pimp”.

I wanna hire Lil Pimp.

Kitty gave me a helluva scene. We had her start in her street clothes, then get in a cute pink little number. We bring the dude in – and he was a total goof – but he just went to town. I kinda like hiring goofy guys instead of beefcake fags. Makes shit more real, you know? And this dude just pounded her, and then blasted her face with goo. Just good old fashioned porn, you know?

And for the most part, Kitty’s retired. She’ll do a scene every now and then, but she’s gone from the circuit, is married and starting a family, and she’s really happy.

I think I’ll hire her. And Lil Pimp. Just to see what happens on their next go around…

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