Spunkmouth Mackenzie

Rainbow Brite

Mackenzie writes about her Halloween:

Hey! I’m Fucking Rainbow Brite! I had people yelling at me across the street that my costume was so good, and plenty of compliments the rest of the night. This is no doubt the best Halloween costume ever…How funny….I was actually going to suggest for IShootPorn putting some crazy ass story about me; either the 7 or 8 guy scene I did (when I unexpectedly got off MAD loud on the pool table) or one of the other ones we did (there are plenty!). Of course, you could always title it “You can be smart and retarded at the same time”. Haha. Of course, I’d be happy to be surprised with any story that came from you since I know it would be 100% true. You have my complete permission to post something about me with the pic (but please, be nice at least!). I suppose you probably have plenty from the stories I’ve told you, and the fact that I am the industry’s BIGGEST oddity in the business. Who else never masturbates before they’re on film and have sex only once before? Little naive me….. Porn was so good for me.


Makenzie is one of the industry’s biggest oddities, that’s for sure! She’s being serious about the “masturbates before they’re on film and have sex only once before” statement. Here’s another oddity: she’s actually using the sex business to her advantage and paying for a very pricey grad-school program…and she’s kicking ass and getting good grades!

Imagine that, all you Porn Haters…”porn was good to me”. And good grades from a porno girl? Imagine that.

Oh, and get this – the scene she’s referring to was on my site, Spunkmouth. We had to remove it for a re-edit. The scene was one of the highest rated in Spunk Mouth, so we pulled it down to polish it up a bit, add a full-length version, and increase the bitrate setting…so when it’s up, you’d swear you’re watching a DVD instead of a crummy little computer file.

The members have to wait to see cute little Makenzie suck off a whole bunch of guys. It was a super hot scene. Makenzie told me, during her initial interview, she would never have b/g sex on camera. That’s where it all ends for her…vaginal sex on camera. This kinda bummed me out, cause I wanted to shoot her bad…and all the scenes on Spunkmouth feature b/g sex. Well, all the scenes on Spunkmouth except Makenzie’s.

While thinking of an alternative to b/g sex, I don’t recall if Makenzie said “How about I suck off a bunch of dudes around a pool table!?” or if I came up with the sceanrio. But it went down. And she performed like a champ. Big dicks, small dicks, black ones and white ones, she went to town.

A few weeks later we dragged the poor girl out to a new house, still under construction, and she did a JOMG movie for us! How about that? In the middle of a new house, with workmen all around. And damn those pesky real estate agents!

So I dunno…maybe you can be smart and retarded at the same time…I guess it just depends on how you define “retarded”. For me it’s having an IQ at or below 80. For some, it’s doing something naughty in a dirty movie.

I’ll stick with the IQ thing. It makes more sense.

And Mak…you’re lucky I wasn’t around you on Halloween night, running around in that Rainbow Brite get up…I woulda been all over your shit.

Your pal,


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