Jasmine Tame, Supa Dupa Star

Jasmine Tame

For some reason, I feel an overwhelming need to write about Jasmine Tame tonight. For a couple reasons, one of which is she’s a heet. A total heet. Another cause she’ll do just about anything a director asks. She’s also great to work with. And finally, what stamina! She’s so good, in fact, I’ve named a special award for her. But first, on to her story.

She shows up at my porno studio for an 11 am call time. And she’s on time. That’s always refreshing in Porno Land. First up is a b/b/g scene for Blacks On Blondes. She shows up with her dude, who’s supposed to hang out in my green room and watch TV while Jasmine worked. So why not put The Dude to work?

I ask The Dude, “hey, you wanna watch Jasmine get pounded by two brothers? You just sit around and play with your winky while she takes two big black dicks…you down?

To my surprise, he agrees…and so does she. (Well, it helped that I paid him).

If you’re wondering does this sort of thing have a name? it sure does. Jasmine’s dude has now entered the wonderful world of a “cuckold”…something you may, or may not have heard about. The first time I encountered a cuckhold wasn’t in a porn studio…but in my Chaucer class in college. One of his Canterbury Tales (The Miller’s Tale, if I remember correctly) features a man who has an unfaithful wife…and he’s content with it. Hence, he’s a cuckold.

So Jasmine’s cuckold puts on a mask just so no one back home recognizes him, and we’re off for Scene #1. I wish I had a gallery to show you, but I don’t…so, to make everyone happy, here’s some free cuckold movies I shot with another cucky couple, Aiden and her man…whose name I forget.

Scene #2: Gloryhole Jasmine Tame. Well, we pack into the van and head out to a sleazy public restroom in a secret place near downtown Los Angeles for Jasmine’s second job. On the way there, we talk about where she’s from, and how she likes LA, and bladda-bladda-blah. We get into the bathroom, and sure enough, a dude’s there, and we roll…and 15 minutes later, we’re running out, jumping in the van, and heading back to the studio…just in time to meet her man for the next job.

Scene #3: Spunkmouth Jasmine Tame. I hired Billy Banks to pound Jasmine next. And what a pounding it was! Jasmine’s one of the girls in the biz who loves sex; hence, she’ll be around for a while. I don’t think Billy’s busted a nut in quite sometime, cause when he unloaded, boy, did he unload! We wrap, she runs back to the dressing room, gets cleaned up, cause her talent just arrived for the next shoot.

Scene #4: JOMG Jasmine Tame. Me and my pals were sitting around one night, thinking up something naughty for you, our beloved porn surfers, when B. suddenly blurted out “I have it! JOMG!!” J. looked at me, and I looked at J., and then J. took a long swing off his India Pale Ale and said “what the fuck are you talking about?”

“Jizz On My Glasses.”

B. said it slow and steady. He was very serious. It was obvious then he hit paydirt, so JOMG it was. And Jasmine’s glasses, after it was all said and done, certainly weren’t fit to see through anymore. On to The Next.

Scene #5: Mano Job Jasmine Tame. Here’s her first easy scene for the day. No big deal…just a quick handie for my new site, Mano Job…get it? Mano? My little bro came up with the name. He cracks me up sometimes. Since there’s no stills, we done in just under 15 minutes.

Scene #6: Top-Secret-Newest-Website Jasmine Tame. Our latest creation that will make most peoples’ heads spin. It’s such a naughty, dirty site I’m almost embarassed to mention it to anyone…even the dirtiest minds who read ISP. And since it’s not online yet, the only place you can see it is in the member’s area of Spunkmouth. Or JOMG.

Do I need to tell you Jasmine’s performance was unreal? That after 5 scenes she pulled off her 6th without a problem? Tired as she was, she performed, and there’s not a lot of talent out there that can pull off 6 scenes in a day. Even with help, I had a hard time shooting and directing…and that’s nothing compared to performing. And the dirtiest, naughtiest scene of the day! Way naughtier (in my opinion) than the Blacks On Blondes cuckold thingy.

That’s why, as of right now, I, William J. Watson III, hereby nominate Jasmine Tame, as ISP’s first Supa Dupa Star. I have no idea what that means, exactly…it won’t get her anything…and, in fact, she probably doesn’t care one bit about being my first Supa Dupa Star. It did get her a $2500 payday, so that’s kinda cool.

So here’s to you, Jasmine Tame. ISP’s very first Supa Dupa Star.

Jasmine, my love, do with it what you will.

Jasmine Tame

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