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Jimmy H.

a day at the office

Check out my pal Jimmy H. shooting Montanna Rae. He’s got a cool site called Brand New Babes; Montanna Rae is a super heet from the midwest who travels to LA to make bank.

I met Jimmy H. at Ron Ellis’s porn house about a year ago. We became fast friends. What can I say? We’ve got a lot in common.

Jimmy H. shoots for some huge sites – ATKingdom and Karups, for starters. And he shoots some fucking super hot babes: Cassia Riley, my pal Sophia, Tylar Jacobs, Amy Reid, Kelly Kline, and Jelena Jensen. After he shot Montanna Rae, we went out to Fat Burger and grabbed some grub. Besides the normal bullshit, we talked about being a pornographer, and how society views us – the dudes behind the camera, that is. For example, when Jimmy H. goes home (he doesn’t live in LA, nor do I), he likes to hang out at the local pub, where dudes fucking worship him. He’s a regular hometown hero. And the girls loathe his pervy ass.

I talked to him about not letting society fuck with your skull. How not to let other peoples’ morals fuck with your own. I mean we’re both good people, who treat our models with resepect. And what about the school teacher who fucks the student? The car salesman who slams a naive customer into a lease deal for a huge commision? The Priest and the Altar Boy? The televangelist and the elderly? The lawyer and the weak? The stockbroker who churns and burns??

For some reason Tony Montana comes to mind now…when he’s drunk at the posh Miami dinner spot. Everybody point your finger at the bad guy! Cause it’s the last time you’re gonna see a bad guy like this again!

Deep down, we’re all “bad” in one way or another. It’s just how ya look at it.

A Day in the Office

a day at the office

It’s time to put up or shut up.

Spring Thomas called me the other day, and she was kinda pissed. She feels I’m treading on personal ground here, and it’s already getting too personal for her. She’s a private person, and she wants it to stay that way.

Which got me to thinking…here I am, posting pics of Cherry Poppins, and Sophia, and Julia Bond, and Spring…and blabbing all about them, and since I have no problem posting pics and blabbing, why am I so reluctant to post a pic of myself?

I mean I really like this pic. I don’t even remember who took it. (No, I’m not a hunchback…I’m just leaning into the shot, right?) Anyway, it pretty much sums up what I do for a living. The pic’s funny, in a way. And it gives people a peek at something they usually don’t get a chance to see – BTS at a porno shoot. And still, I’m really hesitant to post it…why?

Well, that’s easy. Anonymity.

I’m hiding. I’m a big ol pussy and I’m on the DL. I use a fake name. I don’t show my face. I write about people and post their pics, all the while staying behind the tree, and not sticking my head out under any circumstances…


But when it comes to showing the world who you really are, well…that’s the line a lot of people in the business don’t cross.

And till now, I hid. And I still am, I guess. I’ll never post my real name here, and showing this pic off is probably a mistake, too. Maybe even a Big One.

Maybe not. Who knows…at this point, I don’t care.

So here I am, at work…in my office, so to speak. Shooting Jordan O’Neil for Gloryhole.

And I’m having fun. I mean who wouldn’t, right?

The whole purpose of this blog is to give you guys some sort of insight in to what it is I do for a living. Lots of people watch it, lots of people talk about it, lots of people buy it, and rent it, and use it again and again, but not a lot of people really know about it…so here’s a small piece of my insight. Do with it what you will…

Oh, and by the way, porn is work.

At first I didn’t really call shooting porn work, but now? It’s work. Looking at naked people having sex all day long is pretty much exactly like doing whatever it is you: working for the man, or working for the government, or working for yourself. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, none of which is like the porno biz (well, for a while I sold penny stocks, and that’s kinda like the porno biz) and so far, my work is fun…more fun than selling cars, or jewlery cleaner, or teaching, or selling stocks and bonds; it’s more fun than hiring (and firing) people, more fun than delivering furniture, bouncing people out of bars, or coaching.

So I guess I’ll stick with it. At least for now.

No Fuckin’ Way Am I Gay, bro…

No Way Am I Gay!

Ask most chicks why they got into porn, and they’ll answer “Money!”

Ask most dudes why they got into porn, and they’ll answer “To fuck!”

Ask most producers/directors/camermen why they got into porn, and you’ll probably get either/or: “Money”, “To Fuck”, “I’m a failed (actor, screenwriter, fill in the blank here)”, or any/all of the above.

I took the gig for money. Honestly, I did. Sure, I like to look at naked girls, and yep…so ’nuff, I like to watch people fuck. But it’s the green stuff that lured me to The Dark Side.

And where’s the most money in this biz? Well, from what I hear, it’s on the gay end of things. Lotsa green in gay. Gay For Pay. Gay DVD’s still bring $15 wholesale; can’t give away the straight ones…unless it’s a Jenna Jameson title. And gay sites convert like mad.

Here’s my problem – I hate watching dudes fuck. It’s pretty awful. It’s a lot like driving by a bad, bad car crash – you can’t take your eyes off the wreck, but it makes you kinda sick…and you end up with nightmares for a long time afterward. I know. I’ve been on gay sets. I’ve even PA’d on a few. I’ve seen guys blowing each other. I’ve seen a dude slip his dick in another dude’s ass. I’ve seen a guy with a big, bushy mustache catch a load in the face. (Ever see a string of cum hang off a man’s facial hair? It’s not a pretty site.) And sure, after a while, that weird feeling wears off…but you’re still stuck watching dudes fuck.

I first told my ex-girl, Sacha, I might be interested in owning gay sites. “It’s where the money is!” I quickly followed up, cause…well, I didn’t want her to think I was gay. She told me if I was truly working in the sex industry to make money, I shouldn’t have a problem shooting pansies. And I couldn’t argue with her.

But it’s watching dudes fuck.

So I came up with No Way Am I Gay. It’s kinda cheating, isn’t it? Instead of watching them fuck, I get dudes who are hard up for cash to whack it while I roll tape. That’s right. Wax The Carrot. Tug The Pee-Pee. Jack The Dong. And I make sure they’re straight doods, cause fags luv ’em.

It’s not all that bad, either. Not as bad as shooting full-blown gay scenes.

The gay guys at my studio said to hire good looking doods, and if they’re ugly, just hire guys with big wee-wees. While big dicks are easy to figure out (what a mighty dong Mr. Hunter has! Mofo is packin’. I had to widen my camera lens when Home Slice got it fully stiff) – looks are a whole different ball game.

I have an idea that, say, Brad Pitt is a good looking guy, but I’d sure as fuck have a tough time walking down the street, pointing out average doods to discuss their looks with a bunch of homos…or chicks, for that matter. I mean I can still sit around for hours and stare at girls. Even being in the biz doesn’t stop me from staring at chicks at the mall, or at a bar.

But not doods – cause no way am I gay.

Super Fun e-Mails: Simon’s a Virgin.

Simon writes: Age: 24 DOB: Feb. 5, 1981 Location: Los Angeles, CA — I don’t necessarily want to audition, however I would like to be on a set to see a taping. I am hoping to be around those beautiful girls to at minimum get a blow job. You see I have never had a blow job, nor had sex nor really kissed a girl before. I thought maybe if I was there one of them could just do a favor and give me a quick blow job. Please respond, and don’t just think this is an attempt by a virgin to “get some.” I’m not fat and not really ugly. I would appreciate a response. Let me know of a location and I will be there to watch and meet the people.

Thank you immensely,

Dear Simon:

Sorry bro, I don’t think I can help you out. I think peoples’ perception of what goes on at a porn shoot are whacky. Porno sets aren’t orgies. I mean while we’re working on set, we don’t walk around naked – fuckin’ and suckin’ – we wait to do that after we’re all done.

I mean I’d love to, honestly, you poor guy. You’ve never been with a girl — ever?

Wait. I’ve got an idea…maybe we can go partners and start a site. You say you’re in L.A., and that would make things pretty damn easy. Do you have wheels? Can you get around? I’m thinking something like Let’, and we do exactly that. I think there was this cat named Tubby Bob, and he was fat, and they got him laid a bunch. We could do the same for you! I’ll hire super hot porn girls to suck and fuck you (you don’t have to kiss them if you don’t want) and I’ll even pay you! All you gotta have are two forms of ID and a test that says you’re clean. Then, all you gotta do it let me point lights at you, and we’ll just take it from there!

But hold up…the more I think about this, the more I’m thinking no. See, there’s about 300,000 adult sites out there right now, and this business is getting harder and harder. In the old days – like 1998 – you could start just about any kind of site and make pretty good money. Some even made millions.

Then, everybody started to think they could do it. Even the Russians! Just like the supply and demand stuff you learned in Economics class, the more shit there is, the less it’s worth. And the harder it is to sell. There’s so much free shit out there now I don’t even know how I manage to sell ANYthing.

God, all this talk is starting to depress me.

How about I just take you to a whorehouse? Trip’s on me, pal.

Your pal – Billy.

Sophia’s Engaged!

she's engaged

I just got an e-mail from Sophia. She’s engaged, and she wanted to show me her ring. I’m so happy for her, and for Kevin, and the more I think about how happy I am for them, the more my mind wanders.

Which makes it wander towards commitments. Not Sophia’s commitment to her fiance, just commitments in general.

Cause I’ve never been good with them. Ever.

I’m not sure why, either. But I like to blame testosterone.

A long time ago, I was a jock, and a pretty good one. I worked really hard to make an Olympic team, and I took testosterone to achieve that goal.

It’s nothing I’m proud of, but hey, this is my blog, and it’s going to be honest, so there ya go. I took ‘roids for a while, and they turned me into one horny motherfucker. I walked around with a boner, even when I wasn’t thinking of sex. I’d wake up with a boner at like 4 in the morning, even when I wasn’t dreaming about sex. In fact, I woke up cause of my boner. It was so hard it almost hurt. And the whole time I was getting a million random boners a day, my body was loaded up on testosterone.

Anyway, the physiology of a boner is to have sex, and testosterone makes a boner, and God put dudes on this planet to spread their seed. Dudes with lots of testosterone in their body – about 100 times as much as a girl – even when they aren’t on ‘roids.

That’s why you’re here, reading about porn. It’s also why you like to watch porn. And cheat. Cause let’s face it – there’s nothing better than sex when it’s new. And a man’s sexuality is as dumb as it gets.

Sophia’s engagement. Commitments. Testosterone. Random boners.

What’s wrong with me?

Super fun e-mails.

To whom it may concern:

My Name is Ralph (single male) and dude I always wanted to try getting into the porn business but never got the balls to come forward until now. So how does this work? What can i do to make a flick and fuck the shit out of one of does nice and gorgeous ladies on spunkmouth? I was born 08/19/1982 I’m 23 and live in Miami (Hispanic). Let know the way or secret towards starring in a flick with the ladies from Spunkmouth.


Dear Ralph –

I wish I could help ya out, but you’re up against some tremendous odds.

First off, I don’t care what you look like (for the most part) just please have an 8 inch dick, or bigger. And please, don’t lie to me. Oh, and if you haven’t already (which I’m sure you have) make sure you measure your dick from the base to the head…no starting the tape around your asshole. If your dick is indeed 8 inches or more, pat yourself on the back…one in about 100 guys are packing as much heat.

But that’s not all, and before I get into it, I want you to ponder this: ever wonder why there’s been like 10 dudes in porn (Peter North, John Holmes, Marc Wallice, Ron Jermey, Randy West…etc etc) and like a million chicks?

(I know, I know…there’s been more dudes, but I’m talking about the ones who’ve made more than 3 movies.)

One of the very hardest things to do (and I’m taking into consideration things like climbing a mountain, running a marathon, flying a plane around the world by yourself) is fucking a super hot chick in front of a camera with really hot, bright lights glaring in your face while a bunch of strangers watch you.

Oh wait…before you get to fuck her, you get to pose with her for a bunch of pictures. Most of these pictures call for doing things you don’t do at home, with your gal, while the lights are out and you’re making love.

These stills can take an hour or so, depending on lots of different variables I won’t get into now. Oh, and by the way, don’t lose your hard-on, and you can’t shoot your load…just stay really, really still while a bunch of strangers take pictures of you.

Then you get to fuck – but not how you like to fuck. You have to fuck however the director tells you. And whatever girl he sends you, whether you like her or not. In whatever position he tells you, whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, tough shit. And better stay focused. Better not lose your woodie. And god forbid you cum…until told.

Once you spend about an hour fucking in ways that really aren’t too comfortable, you get to cum. In a certain place. Doing it a certain way.

Can’t do it? Oh well….next dude please! Or, hire dudes I know can do exactly what I just described.

If you’re still interested in fucking really hot chicks for and you meet the above requirements, please let me know if you can get to LA anytime soon.

Your pal – Billy



There was this cat named Antonio who lived in the ultimate bachelor-pad party house on the very top of a small mountain that overlooked the city. At night, the view was great. I met Antonio through some mutual friends, and when I walked into his place I had a pretty good idea he did more than sell toner cartridges for copy machines in order to pay his mortgage.

But he’s a really cool guy and loved to have people over to party…especially the strippers who worked at the joint on the bottom of the mountain. Sophia, for a time, was one of them. But she didn’t act like a stripper; in fact, when Antonio introduced us, I could sense she didn’t carry that invisible force field most strippers have turned on 24/7. In other words, she was really nice. Turns out her days as a stripper were over by then.

She was quickly becoming friends with Spring Thomas, too. Both Sohpia and Spring were hanging at Antonio’s, doing god-knows-what. And I think Sophia and Antonio were a “thing”, although I was never quite sure what that “thing” was.

I really wanted to shoot Sophia for Spunkmouth, but she wasn’t ready. The night we met we ended up driving all over town – Antonio and Me and Sophia and C – hitting strip joints, and drinking. The more I got to know her, the more down-to-Earth she seemed. We became fast friends. And I was right – she is genuine.

About a month later, I finally shot her first scene. Actually, I shot her first two scenes that day, and both of them turned out great. Beyond great. And we decided to use her nickname – “SoHo” – as her porn name, but she changed it to Sophia when she got to L.A.

You know you’re working with a pro when she takes on 4 dudes on her first porn set. Sophia is that good. A little later we teamed her up with Slim. Another amateur porn classic. (By the way…Slim, if you’re reading this, holler to your boy Billy! I wanna hire you some more!!)

That was almost three years ago. Since then, we’ve remained close. In fact, she’s not only one of my best friends in the biz, but she’s one of my best friends, period.

I have lots of stories to tell about Sophy…but first, I better ask permission. (Oh! And the pic I shot here is one we sent to her web designer for her site…and Sophy came up with a killer name/concept for her site – wait ’til you see it!)

How’s Your Work Ethic?

My friend Nicky M The Pro Photographer just left a message on my voicemail. I think it sums up the work ethic of porn girls brilliantly:

“Hey man! Why is it the only time a porn star feels well is when she’s looking for work?! I mean, when you’re about to work with them, they just started their period, they’ve got a head ache, a stomach ache, a foot ache; they’re hungover, they have the flu, food poisoning, they just got in a car wreck, or some close relative of theirs has just passed away…but when they’re looking for work, and they call to see if you have any, they’re feeling great…they’ve never been better…things are really going well.”

Ah Nicky, this is one of many Porn Star Mysteries.

Spring Thomas, part 1

Spring Thomas

Three years ago this month, I met Spring Thomas at the downtown Starbucks for an interview. I was interviewing girls for my new website – – and when I saw her pull up my jaw just about dropped. I already knew who she was from some of her previous work.

“You’re Serina from Amature Allure.

“No I’m not,” she lied.

These were the days before I knew about things like porno agents. We ran an ad in the local weekly, saying something like Porn Stars Make More in One Day that Most People Make in a Week! and for the most part, it worked. I’d get about 10 calls a day, and I’d set up meetings (usually at Starbucks) one day a week. I could usually set up 10 meetings, so I’d be there from noon till about 5.

Out of 10 meetings, 5 girls would flake.

Out of those 5, you wouldn’t want to see 3 of them nude, let alone fuck anyone.

That leaves 2. One girl would invariably change her mind, so we’d get about a girl a week. Sometimes more, most times less.

Spring Thomas looked like a porn star before she was a porn star. She just exuded sexuality, and watching guys watch her walk through that Starbucks made me laugh. She was 18, still in braces, and I felt something sitting there next to her I never felt through any of these other interviews – comfort. I was totally comfortable with her, and as we talked that day, I was getting the vibe she felt the same towards me.

So after that awkward opening, we ending up chatting for maybe an hour. She had no problem talking about the work she did on Sweet Apples, and I did something that day I never did on any of these interviews: shared stuff from my private life. She did the same, and I found out she went to high school not far from where I went, and, in fact, she knew some of the teachers I had long ago.

We cut a deal right there and then, and she ended up on Spunkmouth not once, but twice. These would go down as her first two sex scenes ever caught on tape.

And obviously, it didn’t end here.