Interview with a Porn Star (#18) — Tricia Marx

Tricia Marx

I’m taking the day off today, so I had my pal Faceblaster interview porno gal Tricia Marx. Please note her right eye. Faceblaster blasted her for The Dick Suckers just moments before this interview took place. It was a mighty blast! And in the backround? Cherry Poppens, my assistant, prepping model releases.

I Shoot Porn: You just shot a scene for TheDickSuckers. How do you feel about sucking dick?

Tricia Marx: I love the cock! I love having big objects in my mouth.

ISP: Do you remember the first time you had one in your mouth?

TM: I was in a field, with a blanket on the ground, and I could see the horizon. I don’t remember what his name was, but I was 14, and I was running away from home, and this guy was older – and a fuck buddy.

ISP: Did you fuck him, too?

TM: Nope, just head. When he came it popped right into my forehead. I was like UGH! I felt grossed out at the time. It was in my hair, and I knew what it was…I just really didn’t know what to do.

ISP: Remember your first swallow?

TM: It was in porn. No amateur swallows. I’ve only done it on film, and I think it was for Back Seat Bangers.

ISP: You’ve had it in your mouth before…but you’re a spitter.

TM: Yea, before I get into porn, even the taste of pre-cum made me vomit. Now, I love it.

ISP: Any girl-girl activity in your teen years?

TM: Oh yea. Like, two years ago I went through a “bi-phase”. I liked girls. I had a girlfriend for, like, 2 weeks. I’ve had girls get me off, too. I’m not bi, but I’ll make out with a girl. I love the cock, though!

ISP: What’s the easiest way for you to cum?

TM: The finger thing that Shane Diesel did on my pussy was crazy. Wow!

ISP: What do you do in your spare time? Besides sex, of course.

TM: I love to write. I write music and poetry. I like to sing. I sing with my kinda-sorta boyfriend. He does demos. He’s trying to get a record deal.

ISP: Can you give me a 4 line poem? Maybe a haiku. Come on!! Give me one about blowjobs.

TM: Gimme a minute. (She thinks…she paces back and forth.)

Blowjobs are good

they’re really great

after dinner

and very very late.

ISP: And afterwards I masturbate?

TM: Exactly!!!

Tricia Marx

My New Gal? (Part 5).

Jayma Reed

We left Bungalow 3 and walked the property a bit.

We held hands.

We got to know each other.

We kissed some more.

We snooped around, hoping for a celebrity encounter of some sort. (I was the one really hoping for a good celeb sighting).

We took pictures. (I took pictures).

We went back to our room.

I can’t being to tell you how soft and comfortable the beds are at the Chateau Marmont. Or the linens. Or her skin. We made out and talked and then made out some more. We laughed and discovered things about each other. We watched TV. We ordered room service. We made out and I touched her skin and it was soft and I started to take her clothes off. We made out like middle school kids after the dance.

“I wish I wasn’t broken,” she said.

She was still hurting, and I knew that. Her tonsils were swollen to the point she couldn’t really eat anything from room service.

“I wish I wasn’t broken,” she said, again.

“You’re not all that broken,” I said.

She stopped me when I tried to take off her panties and she said it again: “I wish I wasn’t broken.”

What’s that mean, exactly?

Well, for starters, it wasn’t just her throat that was broken, and after a minute or so of some oral pleasure, she was all done – because her throat hurt so badly. And it didn’t take very long for her to tell me that, in addition to her tonsils, her V-Jay Jay was broken, too.

V-Jay Jay is her word for vagina.

Ba-gina is my word for it.

Either word works just fine for me.

“Turn off the lights,” she said. “I have something special for you. Just lay back and close your eyes.”

“Now that’s what I’m taking about!”

In an instant the room was dark, and I was naked and my dick was hard enough to open a beer bottle. And I laid back on that wonderful bed after the lights went off and I closed my eyes. She got on top. She rubbed around a bit and then she slipped it in…to her open hand.

After she licked it.

And it took a few strokes before I realized that, while this tight wet thing kinda felt good on my weiner, it wasn’t her V-Jay Jay. Or her Ba-gina. Because it was broken.

She rode me a bit, and she moaned a bit, and she grinded a bit, and finally I asked, “um, what are you doing?”

“Almost sex.”

“Almost sex?”

“Almost sex.”

I looked up at her. I said it again. She confirmed. She continued to ride. Then I asked, “are you using Almost Sex as a proper noun? Like, did you name this thing you’re doing “Almost Sex”, or are we just almost having sex?”

She said, “I call it that. Almost Sex. It’s got a name. I do it to all the Mormon boys back home. They love it.”

I laid my head back in my pillow. It was the softest pillow I’ve ever rented for a night. She kept giving me Almost Sex while I looked up at the ceiling. It was dark, but not too dark to see her, or her swollen throat, or my dick going in and out of her hand as she rode me. It wasn’t too dark to see the ceiling either, and it was a very expensive ceiling. To my right was the $28 dish of spaghetti she didn’t eat, on the nightstand, next to the tiny piece of $12 flourless chocolate cake she didn’t eat, either. The powdered sugar on that cake looked like very expensive powdered sugar. Probably the most expensive powdered sugar in the whole wide world.

Then, I closed my eyes.

I did my best to enjoy Almost Sex.

I closed my eyes to Almost Sex and prayed for her to slip it into her V-Jay Jay.

Super Minion

Today’s Guest Blogger: The Minion (on Suitcase Pimps)

Super Minion

From time to time I’m going to have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

I think The Minion is the best-kept secret west of the Inland Empire…you know: all the lovely places that make up San Bernadino and Riverside county. I remember a porn whore once telling me she’d make regular trips to Riverside to score meth. Anyway, today The Minion defines, outlines, and comments upon The Suitcase Pimp.

Imagine you are a porn director and the following has fallen into place nicely: The female talent is locked in as is the male talent, the location is ready, your set is stocked to capacity with enemas and douches.

All of a sudden the whore shows up with her boyfriend/husband and you think that they are just dropping her off. However, the chick tells you that they are adamant about their suitcase pimp being on set.

A “Suitcase pimp” is a guy whose porn girlfriend/wife supports him, and all he has to do is make sure she gets to her sets with the necessary items. So she tells you he must be on set for whatever godforskaen reasons.

One of the first things you learn in porn is, “It’s a director’s set.” Whatever the director says goes.

So your faced with this dilemma of possibly having one extra person on set when it’s not needed. You have to understand how frustrating it is to film a whore getting fucked and then suddely having her eyes wander off to her man who is a few feet away. It takes away from the scene and is irritating as fuck. Take into consideration that most cameras are sensitive as fuck and most noises will be picked up by the mic. So then again, the possibility that it will pick up a slight cough or cell phone going off is greater.

In hindsight, I envy and fell bad for these guys at the same time.

I’m envious because their meal tickets are the whores we yank our meat to.

I feel sorry for them because they can’t seem to land a legit job and are doomed to a life or making sure their woman’s bag is packed with enemas, douches, and their current AIM test.

So make yourself useful and do a Starbucks run for us all.

(I’d like to follow up on The Minion’s wise words: I think he’s described the “newbie” Suitcase Pimp perfectly; there are other, more seasoned suitcase pimps, who have become, for lack of a better word, Stay At Home Suitcase Pimps. They’re kinda like the Mr. Moms for the Suitcase Pimp world. Wisened to the bone, they clean, and cook, and wait around for their Bread Winner to come home, usually while maintaining some sort of “freelance” job.)

Super fun e-mails.

Nikki Lynn

K writes:

Enjoy reading your Blog about the different girls you have shot over time. Did you shoot the scenes of Nikki Lynn on Spunkmouth??

I’ve never have seen her again, except for JOMG, did she disappear??


Hello K.

Yea, I shot Nikki Lynn, and for more sites than JOMG or Spunkmouth. In fact, one of the kookiest scenes I ever shot was with Nikki Lynn for Blacks On Blondes. Guess who her co-star was?

None other than her hubby!

Yes, that’s him, for real.

I did one of those cuckold scenes with them. I think you remember what a cuckold is, right? When Hubby watches Wifey get banged by a big, black cock? Anyways, I told Nikki and Hubby all about cuckoldry, and they were into it, and the scene went down – and it went down without a hitch!

And just when you thought that was crazy enough, I managed to drag the poor girl out to a filthy, dirty gloryhole, where, over the course of about 15 minutes, she managed to suck a stranger’s dick through a hole in the wall.

We got back to my studio, and Hubby was there to pick her up, and they drove off into the sunset, and that’s the last I ever saw of them ever again.

If you’re a fan of Nikki Lynn, check out those scenes!

Your pal – Billy

Makenzie’s Mad At Me

Makenzie Wilson

And I don’t blame her, honestly.

I’ve told her, over and over, I’d be a guest blogger over at her blog. I think I first promised her 3 or 4 months ago, and nothing’s ever gotten accomplished, so I made myself sit down and bang something out on my lapper, cause, well…she’s pissed.

She even called and told me so.

I think one of the big problems I was having is some sort of subject to write about. At first it was going to be something along the lines of how we met. I found her on Sexy Jobs, which is exactly what it sounds like – a place where producers and talent can meet. I remember e-mailing Mak, and showing her Spunkmouth, and she fired back with “I DON’T DO B/G!”

“Um, OK…what will you do?” I asked her this cause I really liked her girl-next-door looks, and just cause she wouldn’t let a dude put his pee-pee in her bagina didn’t mean I couldn’t hire her for Spunkmouth.

“I’ll suck dick,” she replied.

My perverted mind started wandering. “How many is your limit?” Cause I’m thinking the site is Spunkmouth, but that’s all we have to worry about, right? I mean there’s no rules, per se. As long as she’s got a spunk mouth, my members are happy.

She wrote back and said she’d be willing to suck off quite a few if I came up with a fair price.

I did, and she OK’d it, and the next thing I know I’m shooting a scene called “Makenzie’s Blow Bang” which, as it turned out, was one of the most popular shoots on my site…a site that’s going on 4 years old.

Since then she’s told me, on more than one occasion, that she regrets that scene, which always kind of confuses me. We’re all in the sex business, and we do what we do to make our money, and there are no regrets – only lessons to be learned. As far as I’m concerned, the only real reason we regret the things we do in the sex business centers on society’s rule that what we do is “bad” and “dirty” and “shameful” – among other things.

Of course they’ll point the finger at us right after wiping it clean from pleasuring themselves from whatever it is they’re condemning.

Porno Chicks and Their Orgasms (or lack thereof).

Super Minion

The ADT (Adult DVD Talk) topic was “why we never see women being eaten out in porn” – and my pal Faceblaster just showed me a post by a fellow calling himself Lazerous:

For a generation or so now–let’s say post-Max Hardcore–the wall-to-wall/all-sex porn genres have been increasingly oblivious to depictions of female pleasure, including any act leading up to or resulting in female orgasm.

So what we have now is a lot of young, passive, robotic “fuck dolls” who exist only to be receptacles for cocks and sperm (or as Max liked to call them, “cock-sockets”). Sexual fulfillment for the female in these videos is insignificant, and certainly never pursued. Any acts that show the female as anything but an obedient slave to the desires and fulfillment of the man or men in the scene fucks up this fantasy recipe. So they don’t often occur, except in those cases where a female performer is actually aroused by this type of role-playing.

On the other hand, most of the women who work as models in hardcore these days are perfectly happy not to pursue their own pleasure in front of the camera–they have no interest in kissing their co-stars, let alone sharing real orgasms with them (or the viewer). So the idea of being eaten out is as pointless to them as it is to the studs or the director; there is an unstated understanding that this isn’t about female orgasm to begin with (that, of course, has become its own specialty genre in porn). Also, many of these girls are very young, and seem to be pretty out of touch with their own bodies during the action. And they can’t be in touch with their co-stars’ bodies too easily, because the men are only disembodied penises (you may notice that in current wall-to-wall, women rarely kiss, lick, bite, or caress their partner’s bodies during the action–except for their cocks).

Add to that the practice of making the girls only look at the camera rather than their partner during the scenes, and you have the formula for what I call Cock Chauvinist porno. The test for whether you are watching a practitioner of CC (for short) porno is simple: once the explicit action begins (skip the tease stuff), the erect cock must be in the center of the shot at all times. It can never leave the center of the screen no matter what happens, and the only time from this point till the conclusion of the scene that we can see the girl’s pussy, face, tits, ass, or any other part of her anatomy is when it is attached to that cock.

(Obviously, I’m painting with a broad brush here, so forgive me for the exceptions you can think of in the wall-to-wall marketplace; on the other hand, I would guess that most of the best scenes you’ve watched in wall-to-wall porn departed from this formula? Unless, of course, this is the fantasy you watch porn to see.)

By the way, if the girls in these videos are “whores,” it is because they have traded in their own pleasure and orgasm for the role of being a cock attachment. That, rather than taking money for sex, has become the criteria for “whores” in porn these days.

To which I reply:

Lazerous is corrrect, up to a point…the whole recent (maybe not-so-recent as Artie Mitchell’s porno masterpiece The Grafenberg Spot is now coming up on 21 years old) squirting internet phenom he failed to mention…but, yea, all-in-all I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with everything he wrote. I will also add this – I know, first hand, of girls who refuse to get off on camera.

You read right…porno girls who refuse to have an on-camera orgasm…why?

It’s too personal.

They don’t want to reveal that much of themselves on camera. Oh sure, they’ll get naked, suck cock, get plowed in the ass, and let 15 guys jizz all over their face…but they won’t cum. No way.

And just when you thought these porno chicks were really nutty, I toss this one yer way.

Today’s Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Wilson (yet again)

Makenzie Wilson

From time to time I’m going to have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

My pal, Mackenzie Wilson, comments on her work for ManoJob. And if you click on her picture, you can check out her blog, too!

I don’t think I’ve ever felt 100% confident of my acting/modeling abilities in the 4 years I’ve been in the biz. Tag on all the little bodily insecurities to the fact that I was totally new to screwing, bisexuality, everything porno, sex toys, the whole sha-bang, and you’ve got one naïve, scared little girl that is just trying to become a semi-famous model and make a few bucks along the way. I had no idea what talking dirty even meant! Sure, I gained a lot more confidence by the 3 rd or 4th G/G shoot, but I was still uncomfortable just letting go and really getting into it. I even needed instructions how to masturbate. Haha, yes, I know you are all laughing.

As of this past Sunday, scratch that! I filmed what turned out to be, hands down, the hottest shoot I have ever done. Now, I do not mean hot as in the fact that it involved a lot of sex, multiple bodies, dual masturbations, toys, etc. None of the above, in fact. By hot I mean I have never felt as into and confident and real as I felt in this scene. I can’t even begin to describe what was going on in my head and my body. Oh, BTW, it was for Billy’s (whom I’ve mentioned before) co-owned website,

I’m not going to lie: I started off a little whiney. “Ugh,how long is this gonna take?” My buddy Billy, the pornographer shooting it and doubling as talent, said, “Not long, maybe 15-30 minutes. Cmon, you gotta work for your money!” LOL. A whole 15 minutes, yeah. Thats forking awesome, not really work, I know. First we had to take the stills so we didn’t interrupt the scene in the middle of it (like a lot of bozo photographers that are still learning do). I was still antsy. 80 stills? God damn. Hurry this thing UP! But in the middle of it by about the 20-30 th pic, I started to get turned on. I just felt SO good about my body cause I’d lost a bit of weight the week before, and I just knew I looked hot, which I hardly ever do during shoots. I usually feel like a huge disgusting pig when I catch a glimpse of my stomach, no matter how flat it might be. Not this time. I put on some make up, had my cute-little-girl look going on with some fun gym clothes, and I was ready to go.

So, then Billy gets the cam and runs through the scene.

“OK, heres how its going to happen. You’re going to introduce yourself. Seduce the camera a little, do a little striptease to get your clothes off, and then start workin’ it. I’m not going to talk much ’cause guys don’t like much mumbo jumbo from the dude. They wanna hear the girl. So, just talk really, really dirty. Tell me how much you love strokin’ it, talk about how you do it, and that you think you’re the best. Tell me stories about when you’ve jerked other guys. It’ll be a good 15 minutes of footage.”

“Uh, I’m not good at talking dirty! I suck! What am I gonna say for 15 minutes? Damn, this is hard.”

“No, its not. You’re a fucking pro at this, you know you are!”

“Yeah, OK. Ready!”

We start filming, and it hits me as soon as I say, “Hi, I’m Makenzie Wilson, and I’m the newest girl on I heard it come out, and the only thing I could think was, ‘God damn! Was that ME? That sounded SO HOT. From that point on, I was totally, 100% into it. As I went back and forth from camera to myself, I positively made love to that audience. Everything about it was real. The whole time Billy was in the background, tickled pink and making faces like, You are rocking! This content is going to be the SHIZ-NIT. When I watch the trailer, the only thing I can think is, ‘How in the hell could there be any other girl as young and cute as me looking that good doing that?!’ I felt like a fuck animal.

As he was getting ready to pop, I agreed to let him get a little on my cunny. And again, OMFG, that was the hottest pop scene I’ve ever both been in AND seen. It was hilarious. As it got on my cookie, we were both sitting there freaking out about how hot it was. Billy is all, “OMG! Dont move! Gimme the camera! Over there!” I’m laughing and giggling so hard that I don’t think I can move! Don’t you just LURVE that picture of it? I DO! Incredibly hot.

After it was over, we were practically high on ourselves. We could not stop talking about how perfect everything went, and that that content was going to rock the site. So, wanna see it? Sign up! I don’t give freebies J

I hate to bring gloom and doom, but you guys may as well never expect a better report from a shoot than this one. I said it once and Ill say it again: this was the hottest EVAR and there is little to no chance there will be another up to this par. This is my favorite pic, my stomach looks so taut.

Ok, all the males in the house, who’s jerking off already? Hehe.