Lorilei Lee Ate Some Ass. And So Did Lefty.

Lorilei Lee

Who says you can’t have a little fun while you’re working?

Who says porno has to be scripted?

Lorilei Lee is our most recent update over at Eat Some Ass. I think I told you lately I’ve been all about hiring a bunch of dicks for a girl to blow, versus hiring one dick to fuck the girl. This week Lorilei takes on three dicks, and she did a great job sucking dick and eating ass.

Check out one of my favorite pervs of all time — Lefty. He’s eating Clare Dames’s ass.

Why’s Lefty eating ass off camera? And what’s Clare Dames doing there?

Lefty’s a total and utter pervert, and he’ll be the first to admit it. Clare was shooting across the hall at my pal Nicky’s studio. She was all done, and hanging out, and my PA, Cherry Poppens, was off running errands, so I asked Clare if she’d lend me a hand and hold the C-Light for me.

She did, for a bit.

Then she ended up getting groped by the pervs on my set — that’s Rocker X behind them, laughing his ass off. Clare’s laughing, too. And why not? Lefty’s using his tongue like a piece of toilet paper, and I’m sure Clare finds it more amusing than sexually stimulating.

Of course Lorilei’s on set, eating Alex Gunz’s ass.

Funny how serendipitous porn often is…and certainly all good porn is exactly that: an act of serendipity.

Didn’t count on a pornographer to use fancy words now, did ya?

Better yet, image a porno girl who can use fancy words, too…and line them up all nice and pretty in paragraph after paragraph.

If you don’t believe me, just click on Lorilei’s picture below.

Lorilei Lee

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