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Kinzy Jo

I’ve been told, over and over, that the more dicks you throw into a scene, the happier you make the porno consumer. I’ve even had debates with some producers that it’s better to toss in a whole bunch of dicks and just have the girl suck them than to just have one dick in the scene — even if she fucks the dick.

I tend to agree with the “more dicks the better” theory, and, in fact, I’ve officially named it: The More Dicks The Better is now a porno rule that I follow, even if she isn’t fucking all the dicks on set.

Say hello to Kinzy Jo, the latest porno slut featured on Spunkmouth.com.

Here’s a quick, funny story: I can’t remember how many mopes I had some in to drop a load on Kinzy, but one of them was having some trouble. He had shown up late, and was kinda hanging out on the back of the set, and struggled from the time he got there. In fact, he struggled so much, he just disappeared…in fact, I thought he went home after I didn’t see him on set.

He didn’t go home at all. In fact, after the scene was shot, and Kinzy was about to clean up, I heard a scream from another set: GET READY GET READY I’M ABOUT TO BLOW!

I had even turned my camera off, cause I thought we were done, so I jumped to grab it just as my final load dumper stormed on set, dick in hand, to let Kinzy have it right in the kisser.

And let her have it he did!

After he unloaded, Kinzy laughed. “That was a drive-by pop shot for sure!” she said.

It’s the kinda thing I wish I woulda said.

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