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Jacky Joy

John writes:

I’ve often wonder if the myth of the porn starlet as an insatiable nymphomaniac who enters adult industry as a means of satisfaction is nothing more than a myth. Obviously, none of these girls would be doing what they do if it wasn’t for the pay but, I can’t help thinking (or maybe that’s hoping) that some of these girls really are insatiable nymphos. I would understand given what they do for a profession if sex is the furthest thing from these girls’ minds when the cameras off. However, I’ve heard stories of some these starlets blowing random strangers and being up for sex at a moment’s notice and of course when the camera’s on a starlet will always tell you how much she can’t get enough of sex. So I guess my question is have you actually encountered any of these girls? Do they really exist? Or are they just a myth?


Hey John!

Funny you should e-mail me this, cause almost to the day I got your e-mail, Jacky Joy called me up to say howdy and all that, and then she went on to tell me what a “nymph” she’s been lately. Her words, not mine. The conversation went something like this:

“Oh Billy, I’ve been such a little nymph lately. I’m fucking everyone I work with – girls and boys – as well as this cute boy who’s about to go to Iraq, and blah blah blah I’m such a nymph blah blah I’m horny all the time blah blah I’ve been so naughty blah blah blah but I LOVE it! blah blah blah…”

(Jacky Joy just visited my studio! Look at the BTS pics! I know how much the fans love BTS! We made another handjob movie! In fact, Jacky’s one of my favorite nymphs of all time…the other being Maggie, my Golden Retriever.)

I know it’s hard to imagine there are women who have the same kind of sex drive as a man, but some do. So, John, the “myth”, so to speak, is somewhat a reality.

But that’s not really what makes a girl get into porn, you know?

In fact, if I were to make a list of the top 5 reasons a girl gets into making dirty movies, here’s what it would look like:

5) They got a whole bunch of hard core fundamentalist religion crammed down their throat during their formative years, and, to top it off, a whole bunch of insanely strict rules to go along with their insane theology.

4) They got almost no attention whatsoever from their fucked-up parents.

3) Taking it even one step further, either mom or dad were completely null & void in their life — usually Dad.

2) They are promiscuous. (Which is a direct result from the lack of attention they received growing up, some sort of sexual abuse they received while growing up, or they really are horny all the time, which means they absolutely love sex, and, hence, are insatiable nymphs. Feel free to combo any and all in #2 — or let any single reason stand by itself).

1) Porn money is Easy Money! (But not so easy…but that’s another blog itself).

Remember, John, this is by no means a complete list, and you can combine any of the above to create your favorite porno gal. I also didn’t mention things like the girls who party too much, the girls who were adopted (which may or may not relate to numbers 4 and 5, the girls who are really lazy and love the idea of laying on their back for 2 hours a day as “work”, as well as the people in this world that simply cannot do a typical 9 to 5 thing behind a desk and have discovered sex as a business.

I’ve encountered them all…which is to say none of it is really a “myth”, is it?

In addition, I’m not making any sort of claims about Jacky Joy specifically…like I said earlier, she just called the same time I got your e-mail, and I took some fun pics of her behind the scenes, and I thought you’d like to see them.

Did I just ruin it all for you?

Cause if I did, I’m sorry.

Ignorance is bliss, eh?

Your pal — Billy

Jacky Joy

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