Today’s Guest Blogger: Barbie Cummings (How I’ve Changed).

Barbie Cummings'

From time to time I have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

Barbie Cummings. What can I say? I first met Barbie about six months ago when I booked her for, and we’ve been friends ever since. I’ve shot her for JOMG, Eat Some Ass, Blacks on Blondes, and we’ve taken a trip to the Gloryhole; she’s also been on Manojob not once, not twice, but thrice. Some say she’s crazy, some say she’s hot…I say she’s a dirty, filthy slut. And that’s why I like her so; in addition, she gave me some pictures from her private life to post: the first is her first studio nude, and the second is a pic of her as a shooter girl, which she touches upon today.

I have to tell everyone reading right now that I was so very much excited about Billy Watson inviting me onto his blog. I am so excited about writing of all my lovely experiences, sexual escapades should say, throughout my life. “How I’ve Changed”… well let me begin with saying I wasn’t always a dirty whore. It started at a young age, a very young age that wouldn’t be safe to say on here, I will leave that to every pervy person reading this.

We’ll go by years, you can take it from there.

1986: Born.

2000: My first experience of all times. I, at the time, carried a nice rack of 34AA and wore braces. Me and my alcoholic, good for nothing so called mother went to a lovely, trashy tattoo parlor to get my naval pierced. We skipped a day of school, 9th grade to be exact, to what turned into finding the man that would take my virginity. I had all intentions on staying a virgin forever, because of course that would be the right thing to do. At the parlor we met a strapping man, age of 23. My mother flirted with him while I got probed in my belly button. My mother even took the liberty in inviting this man to our home later that week. Mike, Mike was his name. He wrote his phone number on a book of matches. I preceded to call Mike, not knowing what was in store. He came over later that week and took me to a shitty restaurant where we shared conversations about his school, his car, his life, etc.. We then went home to my house, where my mother invited him to stay the night. How exciting, a slumber party. We went to sleep, he asked me to sleep in just my panties and a white tank top, I agreed. I remember the feeling of laying there and the first time I felt him put his hands on me, I loved it. We had the black light on while he proceeded to slip his hand down my pink panties. He massaged my clit until my young, virgin pussy got soaked. I was a virgin but I was ready. I didn’t know exactly what to do so I did the same thing to him. I wrapped my hand around a cock for the first time and I loved it. He was only in boxers, but that didn’t last. He kissed on my double A breasts while finger fucking the tightest pussy he has ever encountered. There was no wasting time. My tank top was removed to reveal my young perky nipples and my panties pulled to the side. There was no asking, as he demanded me to get up, put one knee on each side of him and sit on his hard cock. It was a great size cock, in my opinion, about six or seven inches. I sat down slowly and boy did it hurt… it hurt so fucking good. I wanted more. I worked his dick, what I thought at the time, like a professional. I rode his cock, with my panties to the side until he came. You know the greatest part, this was a wonderful creampie! I was filled with cum and it was the greatest feeling ever. So… after that we had a few more sexual encounters, whenever I would get home from High School and my mother would have invited him over, nothing special. I later found out, not only was he fucking me but he was taking a turn on my mother too. How great is that? This all occurred when I resided in Peachtree City, GA. The days after my first experience I went out and fucked my very first black guy. I don’t generally admit to having experiences with black men before porn, because my former boyfriend would have flipped if he found out. So… since that is no longer here I am… I am openly admitting to have had 11 black sexual partners outside of porn.

2001: Not much later after my Mike experience I went to my very first party. I couldn’t drive, so once again my mother arranged for a ride from one of her lady friends who was also attending the party. I got to the party and everyone was at the least five to 10 years my senior. I was readily greeted by all the old men and offered my very first shot of liquor. I remember it was Tequila. I was given quite a few shots and I took them, just like all the big kids do! I ended up vomiting to the point where I thought I was going to die. I was drunk I remember removing my pants in the house with 20+ grown adults. I refused to put them back, there was no stopping me. I then decided I would lay down in the spare room. All I remember is waking up with two men coming in. I was eager to see what they wanted, it was no question. They were friends, I am assuming they knew each other, I have no clue what there name were. The took off my clothes and stuffed my mouth with their cocks. They decided to take turns making my a filthy whore. They tagged out as each one fucked me as hard as they could, I loved it. I can also recall that each one wanted me to punch them in the face while they spread my legs and filled me cock. I hit them, I hit both of them as hard as I could. It only made the fuck me harder. They came, they came all over me. I swallowed every drop that got in my mouth! They left. Thats not all. In the same night, maybe 30 minutes to three hours later a different man came in. I let him too have his way with me. He made me eat his cum. He left. Then again, another man followed… maybe they were drawing straws in the living room, but I didn’t care I loved it! He came in he fucked me, he filled me with cum. He fucked me one and two more times, all in which he filled me with cum. He left. I woke up the next day with a lovely headache and a cunt filled with cum. By the time I made it home, my panties were filled with all the cum I had been given and my mouth reeked of sperm!

2002: By this year I had turned into a filthy whore, which at the time I didn’t see anything wrong with. Wait… to think of it, I don’t see anything wrong with it now. I was into some legal trouble this year, already attending an alternative High School in Fayetteville, GA. I had been kicked out of school for fighting, I earned a simple battery charge for that. (She deserved it) I was given weekly drug tests. Well one week it just so happens that some how I failed… I should have studied! So, I was instructed to go home by my probation officer, and I was told to wait there. I was scheduled for court in the morning to be given my sentence for failing that damn test! Violation of Probation. Not me, I wasn’t going anywhere. There was a cop that drove by my house every hour from 10:00am until about 5:00pm. In between his drive bys I filled my car with clothing and shoes, I was leaving. After he drove by the last time, so did I. I drove straight to my friends house, C.C. was her name. We were leaving. We drove that night, from Peachtree City, GA all the way to Baton Rouge, LA. We got there that night, late and at the International House of Pancakes. Where we in fact met two lovely men, older gentlemen. They took us under their wings. The very first night, was introduced to Ecstasy. I had the very best sex, with the very best stranger. Me and my friend C.C. shared these two men. These two men had their way me the both of us anytime and as often as they pleased. I loved it. We ended up moving on to other men during our three week trip. There was one we met at the gas station, I thought he was so attractive I gave him oral pleasure in his car, behind the gas station. I don’t remember his name, I don’t care. I later got caught, when pulled over for a speeding ticket, and was escorted all the way back to the Macon Youth Detention Center in Macon, GA. I served my four months and moved on.

2003: During this year I gave up on one night stands and explored that of what was referred to as “cuddy buddies”. I had lots of cuddy buddies. The one that sticks out the most in my mind is Jake. Jake only preferred anal sex. He introduced me for the first time to anal sex. The only way we had sex was in my little virgin ass hole, I loved it. He also was the first to video tape me. He would video tape me while I sucked his dick, as he sat in the chair in front of his computer. He lived in Atlanta, which was about a 35 maybe 45 minute drive. I would drive to his apartment about three to four times a week to take his big load in my ass hole. Sometimes we would have anal sex up to six times a night. The best part is that I got a girlfriend of mine, my very best friend at the time, Nicole to go and experience this lovely man. He fucked her in the pussy while I watched and video taped. We loved it. I moved to Knoxville, TN.

2004: Now, living in Knoxville, TN I was determined to calm down. I didn’t. I met a man my very first month living in Tennessee. His name was Eric, he was a car salesman, he was great. He took me to his apartment the first night I met him. We cooked chicken and watched basketball. I told myself it wouldn’t be sex on the first night, I lied. We had sex five times that night. His cock was the biggest cock I have ever experienced in my life. He was mixed, his mother white, father black. He was hung. All I remember was him laying me on my stomach and putting my face into the pillow as he hurt me with his, at the least, 10 inch cock. It hurt so bad. I loved it. He too creampied me. He creampied me for a few months. Then it was onto the next.

2005: This was a great year. I started working at a bar in what is called the Old City, in downtown Knoxville. I was a shooter girl. I walked around in close to nothing, gave men lap dances and shots of liquor from my own mouth. Everyone who worked at this club “partied”. I partied with them. The greatest night had to be, and I remember the exact date, December 17th. It was the Christmas Party. Oh, I need to mention the whole time I was working there I was having sex with the manager, Manuel. He was a married man, but no one knew. I only fucked him when I worked. He would take me in the back of the store where all the liquor was kept and bend me over the table or up against the wall. I was creampied every time. Back to the Christmas party. There was a stripper hired, she was sexy. I decided to join, it turned into me eating here pussy in front of everyone. I let he keep all the tips. We then headed to the club across the street to a dance club where I danced my ass on stage. I danced with my new addition of breasts, now a 34D, hanging out and my skirt up. I went with my friend that night, Charlotte. We were approached by two gentlemen. I don’t remember their names. They offered each of us 200$ to have sex with each other, while they watched. We agreed. We licked each other and finger fucked each other in this mans apartment while each one watched. We even allowed them to put a finger in, here and there. We then gave each one a lap dance, over their pants we grinded. We grinded until they both came. We left. Charlotte went home, I went to my friend Andrea and Brads apartment. We had a threesome. I got fucked by her boyfriend while I ate her pussy. He came three times, it was great! He had me bent over, on my knees fucking me while I ate her pussy. He came in me. He drove me to where my car was left in the parking lot of the club I worked at. Well, how coincidental, when we pulled out, the owner Manuel and his lovely wife. This was a great opportunity. They jumped at the opportunity when I offered to have sex with both of them. We all three went upstairs in the club, in the office and disrobed each other. I ate her pussy, just like I had earlier ate Charlottes and Andreas! He fucked me. When he fucked me his cock was hard, when he had fucked his wife, he couldnt keep it hard. Her pussy isn’t as nice as mine. He came. They left. I was too tired to drive home and was left to sleep upstairs on the sofa, in the office. I slept and went home the next day.

2006: This is the year I discovered the world of pornography. I was approached on my personal MySpace account, which I later made one for my porno career… My Barbie Cummings MySpace account.. I was asked I had every considered in working in the adult industry. I said no. I hadn’t ever thought about that, ever. Six weeks later I was in Los Angeles for the very first time. We went to AIM, where I was tested for STD’s, and then we went on “Go See’s”. These Go See’s consisted of meeting producers, porno producers. My first scene was set up when a producer called my agent, because the original girl he had booked didn’t show up. My first scene was a Double Penetration. It was a for a movie, “Internal Discharge #3”. I took two dicks at once, one in each hole for the very first time. It was great. I straddled John Strong while Brian Surewood probed my tight ass hole. They were both creampies! I loved it.

2007: It is still earlier in the year but I recently had a wonderful experience. I got to fulfill one of my ultimate fantasies, and I got paid to do so. I was paid to put a big strap-on on and make a man bend over at take it in his ass hole. He loved it. I will fantasize about this experience when my lame boyfriends at home do their best to fuck me. I will cum thinking about the look on his face when I made him take it.

Well… I am headed home in the morning, headed back to Knoxville, TN. I hope you enjoyed my life, if you don’t… well, I don’t care. Mwah! xoxo…Barbie Cummings.

Write me! Barbie_CummingsXXX (at) yahoo (dot) com!

Barbie Cummings'

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