Pornstar Elise – rapist?


I shot Elise in late October last year for Blacks on Blondes. A sweet girl, really – for the amount of time I got to know her…which was about the 2 hours or so we worked together. I booked her with Jason Brown, and it was a pretty solid scene. I chose a typical cheezy porno storyline, but you know that’s the way I work.

For some reason it really turns people on – or infuriates them – when I have my black male talent make out with the white girls while they’re fucking. Which has its own term now: GFE. “Girl Friend Experience”.

This term doesn’t just apply to the interracial genre. GFE comes from any john who requests it from the whore he hired. I think the whores made up the term; after all, they’re usually smarter.

Anyway, I had Elise give Jason the GFE treatment – without a word of dialogue. I just start out shooting a hot and heavy make-out session that goes all the way. And then, after the scene was all done, she had to push Jason out the door cause her “real” boyfriend was coming over. Like I said, typical cheezy porno. But hey, it works. And the members love it.

The other day my pal Noah sends me this. He had no idea I had shot her, but since it was porno news making The Smoking Gun, he sent it.

Of course I’m going to blog this – but what angle am I going to take? I’ve decided against the whole “porn girls are dumber than a box of rocks” angle. Also a big fat no to “these girls are so fucked up that they stoop to this”…

Cause really, what did she do? Sure, the cops can write up a sensational storyline to vilify someone. That’s easy. They hit her with “California woman bedded 15-year-old, plied him with drugs”. Which might be true.

Don’t get me wrong, either. Elise fucked up. She needs to get punished, that’s true.

It’s also true 15 year olds have no problem scoring weed, E, and speed; they don’t have to go much further than the school cafeteria. Plying him with drugs in this case is a silly thing to say. In addition, what 15 year old dude wouldn’t bang any good looking older woman? Show me one that won’t and I’ll show you a future fag. When it’s an older woman banging a younger dude, what kind of emotional trauma is being levied on the 15 year old? And isn’t it that emotional distress that plays a large factor in how society bases its punishments?

Now our 15 year old is wearing a badge of honor among his peers. His pals are high-fiving him – and each other – over how he hauled ass across state lines, partying his ass off with a “porn star”. He’ll go to his grave telling his tale over a round at the local pub.

Meanwhile, poor Elise is in a lot of trouble. If she’s lucky, she might get off with probation and/or minimal jail time (and a very big lawyer’s bill). If she can’t afford a good attorney, she might end up in a shit can until 2016.

And won’t that make the world a safer place?


(Mug shots coutesy of the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Department).

3 thoughts on “Pornstar Elise – rapist?”

  1. Do you what happened to Genevieve Elise Silva after the rape charge? ( I totally agree with your post, that youth is sitting pretty)

  2. Good, question, what did happen to Elise Silva? Plenty about her arrest, nothing about her afterwards.

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