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A Brooklyn Lee Triptych

Brooklyn Lee Triptych
Brooklyn Lee Triptych

I’m fucking around with a Fuji “Instax Mini”. It’s a small handheld that spits out pics like the old SX-70’s used to. Since I had the white backdrop thingy already in place, I just ask the models to stand in front of it. This is after I show them my little arty-farty project so they get an idea of what I’m talking about when I ask, “hey! Would you pose for my arty-farty triptych project?” So far, only one girl has turned me down.

A Portrait of Riley Reid.

A Portrait of Riley Reid
A Portrait of Riley Reid
I went out and bought one of those white back-drop thingys from my local camera store last month, and now I’m all about taking portraits of anyone who’ll allow me to do so. Sometimes I’ll take one when talent walks into the studio. Other times it’ll be after a scene. I’m shooting men and women, pornstars and people. I like the simplicity a portrait offers. I like that they’re simple on the surface, and I like how they reveal a person, too. I don’t tell them how to pose, or what to do; however, I do like shooting them while they’ve got something in their possession…like a cell phone, or a cigarette, or whatever personal tchotchke they might be carrying around. Riley might be my all-time favorite model to be around — whether we’re working or walking around LA.

Jessica Robbin & Vintage Smut

Jessica Robbin
The beautiful Jessica Robbin
You probably know I love flea markets. You might not know I collect vintage smut. I really like the innocence of the cheesecake / pin-up girl shot (mostly taken) in the 40’s and 50’s. Anyways, I scored a pretty cool poster at one of the fleas I frequent in Los Angeles, and I really liked it because the girl on the poster is beautiful, and she’s shaved…which, for 1973, is really rare. In fact, the poster is titled “SMOOTH”…how many girls in 1972 were shaving beave? This is why I shelled out $25 for it. The poster hangs in my office, and it has for months…and since then I often look at the model’s tits and so want so badly for one of today’s girls to show up to work with a set that resemble hers. And guess what? Recently, Jessica Robbin did.

Zoey Nixon is Daddy’s Girl

Zoey Nixon Manojob
Zoey Nixon -- Daddy's Girl
Here ya go…the closest thing (to date) you’ll see of me at work. I like taking arty-farty pics, especially after something special goes down in my studio. Zoey Nixon — one of my very favorite models to work with — had just jerked off 4 men, and she was a mess. So I had this idea of an image of Zoey and the aftermath, with something written on her in red lipstick. But I couldn’t think of what to write. “How ’bout ‘Daddy’s Girl’?”, she cooed.