A Portrait of Riley Reid.

A Portrait of Riley Reid
A Portrait of Riley Reid
I went out and bought one of those white back-drop thingys from my local camera store last month, and now I’m all about taking portraits of anyone who’ll allow me to do so. Sometimes I’ll take one when talent walks into the studio. Other times it’ll be after a scene. I’m shooting men and women, pornstars and people. I like the simplicity a portrait offers. I like that they’re simple on the surface, and I like how they reveal a person, too. I don’t tell them how to pose, or what to do; however, I do like shooting them while they’ve got something in their possession…like a cell phone, or a cigarette, or whatever personal tchotchke they might be carrying around. Riley might be my all-time favorite model to be around — whether we’re working or walking around LA.

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