Jessica Robbin & Vintage Smut

Jessica Robbin
The beautiful Jessica Robbin
You probably know I love flea markets. You might not know I collect vintage smut. I really like the innocence of the cheesecake / pin-up girl shot (mostly taken) in the 40’s and 50’s. Anyways, I scored a pretty cool poster at one of the fleas I frequent in Los Angeles, and I really liked it because the girl on the poster is beautiful, and she’s shaved…which, for 1973, is really rare. In fact, the poster is titled “SMOOTH”…how many girls in 1972 were shaving beave? This is why I shelled out $25 for it. The poster hangs in my office, and it has for months…and since then I often look at the model’s tits and so want so badly for one of today’s girls to show up to work with a set that resemble hers. And guess what? Recently, Jessica Robbin did.

5 thoughts on “Jessica Robbin & Vintage Smut”

  1. Wow.Jessica looks reincarnated. Her body is a throwback to that era…a very good thing.

  2. I hope she more work for you and the sites. Please interview her. She’s arguably the sexiest natural newbie around with Kimber Day, Sadie Holmes, and i wish Maryjane Johnson was still doing scenes, gloryhole scenes of her swallowing are the best.

    Great photo, there’s a storyline for a scene right there.

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