A Brooklyn Lee Triptych

Brooklyn Lee Triptych
Brooklyn Lee Triptych

I’m fucking around with a Fuji “Instax Mini”. It’s a small handheld that spits out pics like the old SX-70’s used to. Since I had the white backdrop thingy already in place, I just ask the models to stand in front of it. This is after I show them my little arty-farty project so they get an idea of what I’m talking about when I ask, “hey! Would you pose for my arty-farty triptych project?” So far, only one girl has turned me down.

3 thoughts on “A Brooklyn Lee Triptych”

  1. Hey Billy, you’re blogging up a storm! You were serious about coming back!

    Thanks bro, I really like your blog.

  2. BTW…yeah welcome back Billy. My bet was around Memorial Day.No complaints that you got back a month early.You have been re-bookmarked.The LIB blog has been deleted…as have a coupla’ other industry sites that were average on their best days.Speaking of Brooklyns: Brooklyn Chase has become a bit of a star in the biz since you interviewed her last year.Have her back in for photos & chat too.

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